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“75% of quotations are made up on the spot and attributed to someone who sounds credible but who's really full of it.”

– Baron von Munchausen


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xxxxxDippin' Donuts is a modern building of glass and wood. Located on its own block, the store has drive-thru facilities but no designated car park. Two sides are made predominately of toughened glass that allows the sun to stream through into the consumer seating areas. The external walls of the back room areas have only one horizontal slit window high in the wall to allow sun into the main office. The general ambience is welcoming and clean, the store being open 24/7, 365 days a year; Christmas donuts a specialty. Double sliding doors allow customers entry.

xxxxxUpon entering, the customers find themselves in the base of an L-shaped cafe area; an empty area where people can queue up to be served at the pristine counter in front of them. Glass display cases alongside the serving area and continuing down the leg of the L-shape show off the wide variety of fresh donuts and other pastries available for purchase. The front of the store is all glass and the sun shines straight in during the morning to keep early customers warm and snug as they wait. The walls and ceiling are predominately white though the floor is covered with colorful images of dancing donuts.

xxxxxBehind the counter, two pristine and gleaming coffee machines burble away behind the counter along with a fridge for cold drinks and two microwaves for heating some of the offerings. There is also a donut producing machine that continually rolls off fresh donuts to then be iced, filled, decorated or served hot and spiced with cinnamon. The sweet aroma of freshly cooked donuts filling the store. There is a window in one wall where drive-thru patrons are served. A 'Staff Only' door leads into the store office.

xxxxxThe leg of the L-shape consists of a number of booths up against the wall that can sit four people apiece. There is a 1950s motif in the furnishings so that this section looks like something out of 'Happy Days'. Adorning the walls are various images of movie and pop stars both past and present; some of them autographed by the celebrities. At the end farthest from the front door and the service counter is a special booth that can sit up to twelve. The decorations here show that this is reserved for members and associates of the local police department when they are dining. Photos of police, fire and other legal heroes who have done great deeds or fallen in the line of duty line the walls in this section.

xxxxxBathrooms are available at the rear of the store near the police section. They are cleaned regularly and are largely free of scrawled offers of sex.

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