Demidicus Dragulesci

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 About Me

Demidicus has been in Fallcoast for quite some time. He's an elder Ordo Dracul of clan Mekhet.

 RP Hooks

General Hooks
1. Demi is a psychologist. He provides counseling here and there.
2. He has connections with the Criminal Justice System. Maybe someone needs help dealing with it, or is court-ordered to receive a few sessions.
3. If you have blood, he may need that from you.
4. Independently Wealthy - are you an artist, or performer, or someone else who needs someone wealthy to bankroll a personal project? He might invest in your stuff.

Vampire Hooks
1. He's an elder. Need to talk to an elder? Cool.
2. Want to talk to a Mekhet? Cool...dunno why.
3. Ordo Dracul - He's one of the oldest sworn members. Not just in Fallcoast, but period. He is a Dying Light member, and Twilight Judge. Want to learn about the OD in-character? He's the guy!

  • name - Thoughts
  • name - Thoughts
  • name - Thoughts
  • name - Thoughts
Apparent Age: 30s or 40s?
Full Name: Demidicus Dragalesci
Occupation: Psychologist
Titles: Doctor (Mundane/Mortal)
Master of the Dying Light
Grand Wyrm

Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Bloodline: Tismanu

  • (2020.09.26)
A Dangerously Gray Area
  • (2020.09.30)
Hunting The Spider