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Date of Birth: February 16, 1987
Apparent Age: Late 20s
Occupation: Restaurateur
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Sloth

Sphere: Mage


Tiësto, Mabel - God Is A Dancer

God is a dancer 'cause I heard on the radio
And she always goes harder
She's keepin' you on your toes
Perfectly focused
Lost in the moment

Delfina de Fiorentini
xxxxxDelfina, Fina to friends and family, Del to those who don't know she dislikes it, is an Italian-American with a heaping portion of attitude, a few side dishes of sass and play, and a sprinkling of flirtation just to spice things up. Granted, she only tends to 'sprinkle' THAT toward customers, to keep them coming back... Old men like restaurants with pretty women.

Much to the despair of her very large, very vocal family, most especially her darling mama, she shows no signs of settling down and providing them with new grandbabies. This would be why she, and not her cousin Ricardo, was the one saddled with moving to Fallcoast and opening the new branch of the family restaurant there.

Anyone from <insert unnamed town west of Fallcoast!> and more could attest to Fiorentini's excellent Italian food, cooked in traditional ways with traditional ingredients -- more or less, a happy culinary heart attack waiting to happen. Butter. Pasta. Garlic. So much basil and oregano. So much.

xxxxxNot known overmuch outside the family, she inherited more than her nonna's eyelashes. Much more. She doesn't bruit it about overmuch, but she is a reliable, albeit still learning precog, and has been known to catch snippets of postcog, too, now and again. Word to the wise: don't tell your brother that his girlfriend's going to cheat on him tomorrow. It never turns out well.

RP Hooks

  • SMCC Graduate: Did you go to Southern Maine Community College? Fina did. She was in the culinary track there, and has the degree to prove it.
  • Italian Food: Do you love Italian food? Good. Come by her restaurant, or make friends with her so she can foist endless food off on you.
  • Running, Yoga, Burn burn burn, Calorie foes!: Yeah, well, what do you expect from someone who COOKS so much and still looks so skinny? Do you run? Maybe you can, har har, run into Delfina.
  • Psychic: As mentioned, she WAS a pre/postcognitive psychic. That has since changed, but as far as her family and friends are concerned, she still is. She wasn't open about it to the general public, but her family and friends were well aware.

  • Acanthus: She is one!
  • Mentor: Odin found her shortly after she Awakened.
  • Adamantine Arrow: Since Odin is one, he's tugged her along to be a Prospect.
  • Thor: Odin's choice of Shadow Name for her. She is dubious.


  • Odin - A one-eyed, mysterious pain in her posterior. Mentor. Huginn is going to be one very, very fat raven.
  • Anna - Met her abroad when Anna was a child, and hopefully won't continue the streak of needing to save her!
  • Broker - Strange, but useful. A little unnerving.
  • Gregor - Quiet and helpful.

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