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Deborah -Sybil of Retribution- Wagner
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In her hand, our very history becomes a weapon.

Blonde, just under 5'6", and fit! Like, muscle-y, but not super muscle-y. With clothing that changes based on the weather and other assorted circumstances!

Descs are hard.

 xxxxxRP Hooks
'ARRRROOOOO' (Werewolves)
Deborah is a Cahalith of the Meninna tribe.
Sybil of Retribution (Werewolves)
She has also been initiated into the Lodge of the Empty Den. The one that can only be joined if the Uratha has suffered the loss of that which is *most* sacred: one or more of their children.
That's not my name! (Wagner, Four Towns High Aug 2004-Dec 2007))
Named Walkyria at birth, by a pair of wannabe-viking parents, for the longest time she went by Kyrie. Then, in her rebellious youth, the same age goth kids decide their name is Silver Ravenblood or Lilith Nightshade... she decided to change her name from the Norse Pagan roots of her family, to the more Judeo-Christian Deborah. To this day, people mix it up.
School Sucked (Four Towns High, Aug 2004-Dec 2007; Fallcoast High Aug 2008-May 2009)
Deborah was a bit of a partier during her High School years, and missed enough classes due to family stuff that she dropped out of Four Towns in December of 2007. She transferred to Fallcoast High to restart her senior year, and graduated the following spring.

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 xxxxxAllies, Cohorts, Family, & Friends
  • Bente - Big Sister.
  • Lou - Land Lady/Boss.
  • Charles and Jesse Wagner - Twin boys. You will be forever missed.

Date of Birth: May 04, 1990
Height/Weight/Build: 5'6"/130/Fit
Virtue/Vice: Hope/Gluttony
Occupation: Shelter Worker
Played By: Catherine Vandareva
Auspice/Tribe Cahalith/Meninna
Lodge Empty Den
Pack: Minivan Marauders
Notable Stats
Empathy: ● ● ● ○ ○
Subterfuge: ● ● ● ● ○
Striking Looks (Robust): ● ●
Primal Urge: ● ● ●
Glory: ● ● ● ○ ○
Honor: ● ○ ○ ○ ○
Purity: ● ○ ○ ○ ○