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A Female Deer..
Name: Darcy Hart
Date of Birth: November 3, 1988
Apparent Age: Mid Twenties
Occupation: Conservationist
Virtue: Mercy
Vice: Pride

Breed: Wind-Runners
Species: Flidaisin
Accord: Den-Warder
Band: None


Doe A Deer…

xxxxxMy name Darcy Hart and I am more than just your typical California girl. For starters, I didn't grow up on the sandy shores of SoCal. I was born and raised in the Northwest region of California bordering Oregon. My playground was my sanctuary otherwise known as The Redwood National Park. Both my parents are National Forest Rangers and the great outdoors gave us everything we needed. You can say we were 'home' schooled when it came to traditional academics but the world was our classroom. We traveled hither and yon, we made our home wherever we camped. Yes, we kept a mortar and brick house that we occasionally returned to but we were not home bodies.

xxxxxI never knew my life or my family was different from anyone else's until I was about twelve. That is when I learned about my family lineage. My Aunt Tilly would take me and my siblngs out on camping expeditions every year to give my folks a much needed break. One year she took me out on our own, just the two of us. Little did I know I would be returning home completely changed. Like, literally changed and shifted into a doe. Let me back up there; I didn't actually step onto my front steps with hooves but I had gone through my first change on that trip and mentally and emotionally I was different. My aunt became my mentor. I met the folks she ran with, her band and of course the other Flidaisin she was close with. Her Flidaisin leader who then become my leader is a man named Gavin Jacobs. Fair and just but certainly not prancing around like most would assume a buck would be. I spent a good while with them. A good long while that is. It's the longest I'd ever stay in one area even if that area is hundred upon hundred of acres deep. It was time for me to venture out and soothe the nomadic tendencies I seem to have. My destination was East; To Fallcoast, Maine.


  • Conservationists Others who love and want to protect wildlife. This is Maine after all.
  • Shifters This is a no brainer. Let's be friends. I'd be deerlighted to meet you.
  • Wind-Runners In particular since we could you know, run with the wind together.
  • Hunters If you enjoy hunting as a sport, maybe we can be frienemies. Mostly enemies but I'm trying to be nice here.
  • Others If you have a hook for me, bring it.

Ray, A Drop of Golden Sun…

  • MooseMan - "All good things are wild and free." - Thoreau
  • Shark Bite - "Don't rock the boat."
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Me, A Name I Call Myself….

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Fa, A Long Long Way to Run…

This is why we fight| The Decemberists

This is why we fight
And when we die
We will die
With our arms unbound

Sow, A Needle Pulling Thread...

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