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“This is an incredibly pithy quote, the page's owner will change me or everyone will know they left the default quote in.”

– Abraham Lincoln

Seasonal Casual Dress

Danielle is young and short. She's 5'2", with an hourglass kind of figure that is only accentuate by her compactness. Her hair is a deep, dark purple highlighted in a lighter shade two stages on the colour wheel shy of pink. It's styled in an undercut, shaved on just the one side and kept at full length otherwise. Her right ear is pierced, with small black hoops set into the upper portion. They are joined on her face by a small shiny steel septum piercing, and two snakebite studs just below her lips (with a subtle shade of purple lipstick to only further apparent attachment to this colour). Her eyes are wide, gray-green, implying a sort of innocence in tandem with her button nose, which can only serve to make her desire for body art look unrealistically 'cute'.

She's dressed for Summer, with a polka dot bikini top worn under a sheer white tanktop for tasteful yet ineffective layering for when she's out of the water. On display, in the crevice of generous cleavage is a tattooed Hylian crest across her chest. With a tattoo sleeve of musical notes, and video game health bars, she's left uncovered otherwise, so far as tattoos go.

She wears a pair of cut of black denim jean shorts, giving up most of the length of her legs to the suns warmth. Only to be offset by stylized combat boots that go as high as halfway up her thighs, and have more buckles than sensible use. Her only accessory, a leather collar around her neck with an empty stainless steel loop centered in front of her.

RP Hooks
  • King Family: No, not the horror writers. The real estate moguls out of Vermont. They were living in Fallcoast when scandal hit their company for their duplicitous practices. Dani's mom got arrested, her dad fled to Canada to work a proper job in the tundra.
  • Odd Jobs and Crime: Dani isn't just doing what it takes to get by. She wants her old life back, and not at the pace part time jobs will let her get there. Driven, she's willing to do whatever it takes to get back on top; and has no attachment to the law that cut her family apart. Rumor has it, she's even been hired on for training as a dancer at Bella Gentleman's Club.
  • School: Dani went to public school in Fallcoast. Though, she was offered the best in tutors and instructors by way of her parents money had home. For the entirety of her grade school life, Dani didn't want for anything. Abandoned by criminal parents and overlooked by the law for her recent entry into adulthood, however, she doesn't have those resources to fall back on anymore.


  • Mr. Scaccia, sir: "Our mutually beneficial relationship is progressing quite well, I'd say," Matteo Scaccia
  • Mr. Goldman: "Courage is taking the risk, when it's what you have left to get ahead," Danielle King



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Danielle 'Dani' King
Date of Birth: July 12, 1996
Apparent Age: High School Grad
Occupation: Ambition
Virtue: Mettle
Vice: Greed

Eat Sleep Rave Repeat

It was raining
It wasn't raining, we were raving
And I don't know whether
He was really saying it
But all he kept saying was
Eat, sleep, rave, repeat
Eat, sleep, rave, repeat
  • (2015.07.21)
The Margin of Error