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“When all else is lost, the future still remains.”
Christian Nestell Bovee
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Danielle "Dani" April Olsson
Camren Bicondova as Dani
Played By: Camren Bicondova


Alias(es): "Dee the Elvis Fan",
"The DAO"
Appears As: Dani
Seeming: Beast
Kiths: Hunterheart, Hushwight, & Playmate
Keeper: The Cait Sith
Freehold: Sentinel Rock
Court: Spring
Entitlement: Barony of the Lesser Ones
Positions: Member of the Sentinel Militia and Spring Defender
Motley: none
Family: Wagner
Geneology: Family Tree
Date of Birth: April 1st, 1940
Occupation: semi-employed Seamstress
Virtue: Loyalty
Vice: Gluttony
Sheet: view here
[edit overview]


"Don't You (Forget About Me)"
Simple Minds

xxxxxLove's strange, so real in the dark
xxxxxThink of the tender things that we were working on
xxxxxSlow change may pull us apart
xxxxxWhen the light gets into your heart, baby

xxxxxDon't you forget about me
xxxxxDon't, don't, don't, don't
xxxxxDon't you forget about me

"I Won't Back Down"
Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers

xxxxxWell I know what's right
xxxxxI got just one life
xxxxxIn a world that keeps on pushin' me around
xxxxxBut I'll stand my ground

"Take on Me"

xxxxxI'm odds and ends
xxxxxI'll be stumbling away
xxxxxSlowly learning that life is OK
xxxxxSay after me
xxxxxIt's no better to be safe than sorry

xxxxxTake on me, (take on me)
xxxxxTake me on, (take on me)

"It's My Life"
Nightcore (Bon Jovi cover)

xxxxxBetter stand tall when they're calling you out
xxxxxDon't bend, don't break, baby, don't back down

xxxxxIt's my life
xxxxxAnd it's now or never
xxxxx'Cause I ain't gonna live forever
xxxxxI just want to live while I'm alive

[edit soundtrack]


xxxxxDanielle "Dani" April Olsson is the child of Annika Wagner and a distant Icelandic cousin, Dominik Olsson. She was born and raised in Fallcoast in the 1940s and 50s until she was Taken by a member of the Fae in 1958. She has only just escaped from Arcadia at the end of 2020 and during her absence her Durance has transformed into a Beastly Changeling with the Hunterheart and Hushwight Kiths. (As her Wyrd improved she has since also developed aspects of the Playmate Kith.)
[edit intro]
Wagner Changeling Beast Seeming Spring Barony of the Lesser Ones


The following are some of the ways you could hook into RP with Dani.
  • Freedom: Dani has a love of freedom that was born from the lack of it: freedom of choice and freedom of will; while this is possibly a bit self-centered, there are hints of the desire to help others to gain and maintain the same... as long as it doesn't restrict her own in the process
  • Hobs and the Hedge: Since escaping Arcadia, Dani has begun feeling an affinity for hobs and the hedge they reside in which steered her toward the Barony of the Lesser Ones.
  • Spring's Defender: Dani is the Spring Defender. Should she be needed anyone in the sphere can have her number, it is posted at both Firefly Fields Retreat and the Harvest Lounge.
  • Wagner: Danielle April Olsson is a (formerly) long lost member of the family, most of the family members believes her to be a namesake of the woman they remember (her fetch!) who has recently come to Maine from Iceland (with impeccable American English skills!)
  • Hunting and the Outdoors: Stalking, pouncing, and catching (death is not the only end of a hunt...); also camping, hiking, and parkour (running, jumping climbing!)
  • Sailing: Although she didn't become a competent sailor until escaping Arcadia in the 21st century, Dani has taken to it like a cat to fresh fish.
  • Boutique Brynhildr: Dani is the silent partner in the ownership of the boutique formerly known as Hargreaves.
  • Needlework: As a child in the 50s, Dani's grandmother taught her a variety of needlepoint techniques including basic sewing, applique, crochet, embroidery, knitting, etc. To this day she enjoys these activities.
  • Fashion: Dani always had a tendency to design and make her own clothing, but it wasn't until the 21st century (after her Durance) that the breadth of the world of fashion was introduced to her by her now missing friend and mentor Lucinda.
  • Blades: Blades, especially knives, fascinate Dani
  • Felines: She loves cats, big and small, do you?
[edit hooks]


As a changeling, Dani has two descriptions. One that is seen by most of the world (her mask) and one that shows her magical nature (her mien). She has the first level of both Striking Looks and Striking Voice as noted in the +glance information both on the MUSH and below (in order to see her full descriptions click the expand links). For more information on a Changeling's Mien read this page.

Glance Information

Height : 5'2" (157.5cm)
Weight : 115lbs (52.2kg)
Apparent Age : early 20s
Hair : Light Brown
Eyes : Coppery Amber
Skin : Smooth and Fair

The Mask

Short-Desc: wild hair, captivating eyes, fair complexion

xxxxxThe young woman you are looking at is a bit shy of average height, at five-foot-two, has a trim and well-toned figure, and appears to be in her early twenties. Her captivatingly wide, coppery amber colored eyes gaze about her from beneath narrow, expressive eyebrows while flanking a pert nose from which an observer's eyes tend to be drawn to her bow-shaped lips. Her hair forms a nimbus of light brown ringlets around her oval-shaped face and, at its longest, brush against the tops of her shoulders.

The Mien

Short-Mien: wild hair, beguiling eyes, cat ears and tail!

xxxxxThis slender, five-foot two-inch tall young changeling woman may be approaching twenty-five if her features reflect the true passage of years she has experienced. Her trim and well-toned figure suggests a sense of feline grace with her every movement. A mane of loose, light brown ringlets frame an oval face from which captivatingly wide, coppery amber eyes with vertically slit pupils gaze about beneath narrow but unkempt eyebrows while flanking a pert nose. Tips of sharp fangs appear from behind her bow-shaped lips when she speaks or otherwise exposes her teeth and a relatively short (about fifteen inches long) furred tail can be seen behind her sticking out of a flap-covered hole designed into her outfits. About this young Beast is a faint but heady mixture of the scent of damp soil after a light rain (which the well learned would call petrichor) and the sharp sweet smell of freshly cut grass.

[edit appearance]


Like any other Changeling (and the Fae who molded them), word-bonds have a real and nearly tangible effect on Dani. No oath is given lightly, not even a simple promise, without considering how the Wyrd could twist the words and cause them to shape her destiny. Below are the pledges Dani has taken.


xxxxxDani is bound by two of the seven vows she is currently capable of having at this time.
Vow #1: Forged on 13 Feb 2021 between Dani and her hedge beast companion (Jorgee), this pledge establishes their relationship as protector and advisor.
xxxxxDani, spoken to Jorgee: "We're going to be buddies, Jorgee, so I'll do everything I can to keep you safe and you'll be my confidant and crony. In exchange for my protection you'll advise me in all matters you are capable of and act as an agent and go-between for me performing tasks as negotiated upon my request. While we adhere to this agreement my ability to be a threat, both in and out of combat, will be honed and you will find it easier to find things, conceal yourself and objects, as well as getting by in the wild. Should either of us prove to be untrue we will suffer setbacks in the same areas. Are you good with agreeing to this for the length of a year and a day?"
xxxxxJorgee responded with: "Yup, and thankfully we can stop having to do this weekly finally as that's starting to become tiresome."
Type Vow between Dani and her HBC
Tasks Dani: Endeavor, Greater (-3): protect Jorgee
Jorgee: Endeavor, Medial (-2): advise and assist Dani; Forbiddance, Medial (-2): don't share things about Dani and her family without permission
Boons Dani: Adroitness (+1): Intimidation; Blessing, Lesser x2 (+2): Area of Expertise (Knives), Fast Reflexes +1
Jorgee: Adroitness x3 (+3): Investigation, Stealth, Survival
Sanctions Dani: Poisoning of the Boon (-1): Adroitness (Intimidation); Poisoning of the Boon x2 (-2) Blessing: Area of Expertise (Knives), Blessing: Fast Reflexes (-1)
Jorgee: Poisoning of the Boon x2 (-2): Adroitness (Stealth), Adroitness (Survival)
Duration All: Year and a day (+3)
Vow #2: Forged on 9 March 2021 between Bjorn and Dani, this pledge establishes an alliance between the two Changelings.
xxxxxDani says, "Bjorn, I'm with you thick or thin and will keep secret anything you haven't told me I can share unless it will violate another oath as I know you wouldn't ask that of me; do you agree to the same?"
xxxxxBjorn nods in agreement.
xxxxxDani continues, "Then this pledge we make to do those things shall last from now, the ending of one season, until the beginning of the next. For myself I ask that the Wyrd bolster my natural grace in all things and especially in combat and if I break this vow may it interfere with my combat abilities," and then asks Bjorn, "If you agree state the blessings you ask from the Wyrd and what you expect it to cause to happen should you break this vow."
xxxxxBjorn's response confirms his agreeing to the vow by saying, "I want the Wyrd to help me better apply my strength as well as improving my clandestine and pugilism abilities. Should I violate your trust I shall be vulnerable to your every physical attack, Dani."
Type Vow between Bjorn and Dani
Tasks All: Alliance, Greater (-3); Forbiddance, Medial (-2): "Keep secret things the other hasn't said don't have to be secret except where it would violate another oath."
Boons All: Adroitness (+1): Brawl
Bjorn: Adroitness (+1): Stealth; Adroitness, Greater (+3): Strength
Dani: Adroitness (+1): Weaponry; Adroitness, Greater (+3): Dexterity
Sanctions Bjorn: Vulnerability to Violence (-2): Dani
Dani: Poisoning of the Boon x2 (-2): Adroitness (Brawl, Weaponry)
Duration All: A Season (+2)


xxxxxnone as of yet


xxxxxnone as of yet

Freehold Fealty Pledge

xxxxxDani swore the Freehold Fealty Pledge on January 11th of 2021 to Bah. She then renewed it on March 20th of 2021 when Primrose was crowned Spring Queen.

xxxxxDani to Bah (who accepted as the Winter Crown of the Freehold): "I, Dani Olsson, swear to Sentinel Rock, to obey the crown and its laws for a year and a day. I will be protected by its aegis, and find safety and shelter in its lands, allied with those under the Freehold's banner. Should my tongue prove false, I will be forsworn and banished; at the mercy of those I betray."

xxxxxWhen Dani took the Sentinel Rock Freehold Oath it bolstered her Mental Attributes giving her a +1 die for those three attributes within the Freehold borders as defined here.

[edit pledges]

Companions, Connections, and Contacts

The following lists are people Dani have met since escaping the Hedge on 31 December 2020 (with links to the first scene that she met them during).

Wagner Family

Blood Talon Tribe Asger is a member of the Wagner Family (and a werewolf) who is a distant cousin(?). Dani met him on 31 Dec 2020 and has become close to him as a friend and confidant.
Bastet Kirsikka is a member of the Wagner Family that Dani met on 9 Jan 2021 and got to know each other better while shopping on 2 Feb 2021.
Psychic/Mortal+ Maud Olsson (and her partner Caroline Stephens) are more connected to Dani and her business (Boutique Brynhildr; which they technically own) than to the family proper but, family is still family.
Ghoul Plate, identified as a Ghoul(?) and an adopted member of the Wagner(?); stated as having ties to Janeen by Asger (who is his friend); Dani met him on 19 Jan 2021.
Summer Court Changeling Sol and Mane Wagner are a married couple, both being Changelings (he's a member of the Summer Court and she's Courtless currently). Owners of the Bifrost and a fishing boat called the Warlord.
Thyrsus Path Mage Sonja was the head of the Wagner family (and a distant cousin?) when Dani met her on 1 Jan 2021. She is a druid-like mage and has been helping Dani get adapted to the modern century, she also brought the Lost her father's overseas cap recently.
Gone But Not Forgotten
Summer Court Changeling Corinthia was an Ogre of the Summer Court and a Wagnercousin (great-grandniece actually?) that Dani met on 31 Dec 2020 while she was going by "Rieka". She was briefly a mentor to Dani, helping her meet and learn about the people and culture of the local Freehold. She went missing on 10 Jan 2021 or 11 Jan 2021 and hasn't been seen or heard from since.
Phocidae (Seal) Oceanborn Alexander was a member of the family (and a wereseal) who is a native born Fallcoast Wagner. Dani met him on the beach at Rising Moon Island on 15 March 2021.
Dawn Court Changeling Sarissa was a Changeling of the Dawn Court and a member of the Wagner family though some connection that Dani has met (on 21 Feb 2021).
Spring Court Changeling Freya was a distant cousin as well as a member of the Spring Court here in Fallcoast who chose to return to Arcadia!

Members of the Freehold

Winter Court Changeling Bah is a Draconic Fairest who, when Dani met him on 1 Jan 2021, was the Lord of Winter to whom Dani swore her oath of fealty to the Sentinel Rock Freehold on 11 Jan 2021.
Spring Court Changeling Bjorn is a Changeling of the Spring Court who Dani originally met on 14 Feb 2021. They were both intrigued by each other's notes at that event and have begun spending time together since.
Second Sight Jesse is a mortal medium and relic maker who is sworn to the Freehold that Dani met on 26 Jan 2021 and started having a friendship on 17 March 2021.
Summer Court Changeling Mane Wagner is a Changeling of the Summer Court who is a member of the Barony of the Lesser Ones. She is a Wagner by marriage.
Spring Court Changeling Richard is a Wizened Seeming Changeling of the Spring Court who Dani met on 28 Jan 2021. He's a goldspinner also.
Summer Court Changeling Sigil is a Changeling of the Spring Court and the owner of Glyph. Dani and he met on 9 Feb 2021.
Summer Court Changeling Sol Wagner is a Changeling of the Summer Court who is a member of the Tolltaker Knighthood. He is a Wagner by birth.
Summer Court Changeling Thorn is a Ogre who belongs to the Summer Court that Dani met on 26 Jan 2021.
Autumn Court Changeling Vernon is a Changeling of the Autumn Court that Dani met on 3 Feb 2021.
Dusk Court Changeling "Visnja" is a Beast who is a Councilor of the Dusk Court that Dani met on 11 Jan 2021 and who bore witness to her swearing her oath of fealty to the Freehold.
Courtless Changeling Victoria Vaughn is a courtless Changeling that Dani has met a few times.
Gone But Not Forgotten
Summer Court Changeling Corinthia was an Ogre of the Summer Court and a member of the Wagner family that Dani met on 31 Dec 2020 while she was going by "Rieka". She was briefly a mentor to Dani, helping her meet and learn about the people and culture of the local Freehold. She went missing on 10 Jan 2021 or 11 Jan 2021 and hasn't been seen or heard from since.
Spring Court Changeling Lucinda Hargreaves was a Wizened Artist of the Spring Court who Dani originally met on 5 Jan 2021; she announced that she was starting a guild-like clothing boutique on 15 Jan which Dani discussed with her on 20 Jan. For a time the woman served as a mentor for the Beast but at the beginning of May 2021 she abruptly left Fallcoast leaving nary a trace of herself except in the memories of those who knew her.
Dawn Court Changeling Sarissa was a Changeling of the Dawn Court and a member of the Wagner family though some connection that Dani has met (on 21 Feb 2021).

Personal Companions

Jorgee the Ladybeetle Jorgee the Ladybeetle is a hob-insect that Dani rescued in the Hedge on 23 Jan 2021 who became her (near) constant companion after that.


Spring Winter
Spring Mantle
Winter Goodwill
[edit contacts]


Even when she first exited the Hedge, Dani was in possession of items special to her. Here you can read about any persons (NPCs), places or things that fall into that category.

Hedgespun Items

  • Boots Of Balance And Bustle

xxxxxOriginally named the Boots of the Well-Balanced Armsman, Dani was given these boots as part of a military uniform by a member of the Gentry her keeper loaned her to. Still wearing them after her escape they had come to represent the first steps of her escape. After gaining her entitlement into the Barony of the Lesser Ones she approached a hedgespinner friend in Sentinal Rock Freehold (Lucinda) about having them re-spun for cosmetic changes. Once that change was done the two of them decided the old name no longer fit and a new one became part of their story: Baroness Dani's Boots of Balance and Bustle
xxxxxWhile their mien used to be a pair of black suede boots with thick but still soft soles that lace up the inside of the leg the re-spinning changed this. Now, the boots are hand-crafted, over the knee boots made of semi-hardened leather with brass rivets holding them together and matching lacing loops. The structure of the boots is an alternating pattern black and dark mahogany brown leather panels that are reminiscent of shadows playing on a tree trunk and almost vine-like, black leather laces running up the outside of the shaft. In the front at the top they extend to partially cover the kneecap with an upward pointing angle. The hardened while still flexible soles have a minuscule one-inch lift to the heel.
xxxxxTheir mask is still that of Doc Martin boots, but now they are knee high with a slight platform to their black rubber soles attached to the boot with dark, coppery brown stitching holding the hardened and shiny flexing and toecap from which the softer leather shaft extends. Brass eye-loops run up the shaft and are laced with black leather cords.

xxxxxStats: Armor 1/1, Str 1, Def 0, Spd 0; +1 to Initiative (activated); +1 to Balance-related Athletics rolls (activated)

xxxxxBuild Notes

xxxxxItem and Level: Boots 1-dot (0 base, +1 for Surperior Quality)

xxxxxOriginal Item Stats: Armor 1/1, Str 1, Def 0, Spd 0, BP 2

xxxxxImprovements: 1 BP Swift, 1BP Athletics (Balance)

  • Egis Of The Crafty Commando (Jacket)

xxxxxWhile on loan to another member of the Gentry Dani was given a uniform. Part of this uniform is an armored Hedgespun coat called the Egis of the Crafty Commando. Its mien is a long sleeved jacket which buckles up the front with a button on panel of further reinforced leather which stretches from the level of the collar bones to waist and completely conceals the buckles behind it. Its mask is actually fairly similar looking, having an appearance reminiscent of a black colored version of the jacket from the 1991 movie The Rocketeer; main differences are that the leather looks distressed in the mask and the buckles look like simple clasps. (It looks like this but black instead of brown.)

xxxxxStats: Armor 4/3 (Bulletproof), Str 1, Def 0, Spd 0, +2 to Stealth (activated)

xxxxxBuild Notes

xxxxxItem and Level: Leather Coat 3-dot (2 base + 1 for +3BP)

xxxxxOriginal Item Stats: Armor 2/2, Str 1, Def -1, Spd -1, BP 6

xxxxxImprovements: Improvements: 1 BP +1 Unencumbered, 1BP +1 Limber, 1BP Bulletproof, 1BP Fortified, 2BP Stealthy

  • Midnight's Edge (Combat Knife)

xxxxxAs a Hunterheart, Dani's armed even without a weapon. That said, she earned a Hedgespun combat knife called "Midnight's Edge" during her Durance. In its mien, the dagger has an almost seven-inch long, blackened, double edge spear point blade with sparkles with captured starlight as if it was forged from the metal of a moonless sky; when not drawn it resides in a leather scabbard that is such a dark charcoal gray to visually be more of an "off-black", the weapon's hilt is composed of textured ebony scales. Its mask is extremely similar looking, minus the stellar sparkles and the scales appear to be composed of some synthetic material rather than the Arcadian wood that they actually are; the scabbard's mask is a simple looking, distressed black leather sheath.

xxxxxStats: 3L, Size 1, Str 1, Def +1; 9-again attack quality (activated)

xxxxxBuild Notes

xxxxxItem and Level: Knife 2-dot (0 base, +1 for Superior Quality, +1 for additional +3BP)

xxxxxOriginal Item Stats: 2L, Size 1, Str 1, BP 5

xxxxxImprovements: Improvements: 3 BP 9-again attack quality, 1 BP +1 Defense, 1BP +1 Damage Bonus

xxxxxCrafted By:: Richard Ravenwood (decided on OOCly by both players)

  • Steadfast Steel Skewers (Set of Throwing Knives)

xxxxxDuring her Durance, Dani acquired a set of matched Hedgespun throwing knives which are collectively called Steadfast Steel Skewers. In its mien, the set consists of 6 six-inch long, blackened metal knives that possess a three and a half inch long, double edged leaf blade and a hilt wrapped in suede-like vines eternally warm to the touch; additionally, the knives come with a set of 6 black leather scabbards mounted on a leather and lace garter that she wears buckled to her right thigh. The set's mask a nylon leg sheath with knives which, for the most part, match their mien but the vines appear as nylon cord.
xxxxxIn addition to the magic in the blades, the garter and scabbards are magical as well. The Return quality, rather than returning the knives to the wielder's hand, returns the knives into their "home" scabbard and require to be drawn again. Also, when and if one of the knives is destroyed its scabbard collapses into the pieces of leather, leaves and spider webs it was made from; when and if the last of the knives and scabbards are gone the garter will remain as a 0-dot, Hedgespun geehaw.

xxxxxStats: 2L, Size 1 Str 1, Thrown Aerodynamic Range; 9-again attack quality (activated), Return ability (activated)

xxxxxBuild Notes

xxxxxItem and Level: Throwing Knife 2-dot (0 base, +1 for Superior Quality, +1 for additional +3BP)

xxxxxOriginal Item Stats: 2L, Size 1, Str 1, Thrown Aerodynamic Range, BP 5

xxxxxImprovements: 3 BP 9-again attack quality, 2 BP Return quality

xxxxxCrafted By:: Richard Ravenwood (decided on OOCly by both players)

Other Magical Things

  • An Uratha-made Skeleton Key Fetish
xxxxxDani possesses an artifact imbued with a bound spirit, aka a Fetish, made by her Uratha relative Asger. This specific Fetish is a magical Skeleton key made out of bone (human, donated by Asger himself and denaturated before being crafted further). The Fetish is in the form of two keys one larger than the other (the is larger is two and a half inches long by two inches wide at the ends while its smaller twin is five-eights of an inch long by a quarter inch wide); the pair are held together by a small loop of braided metal wires: one yellow gold, one white gold and one rose gold. (As can be seen here.)
xxxxxBy activating this Fetish (either with Essence use for those who can use it that way or though the ban listed below for Wolfblooded, Changelings or others who can use Fetishes this way), the user of the key can have the spirit housed within it to open any fully mechanical lock (from the tumbler lock on a house’s front door, to an old combination safe, to a simple hooked latch). No damage to the lock is occurred and a second use later can cause the lock to be secured again.
Action: Instant (Resolve+Occult roll)
Ban: In order to activate the key without having to use Essence, the user must say, "Open. Says Me!" in the First Tongue (this can be whispered, also, for the re-locking saying "Close. Says Me," is accepted by the spirit).
xxxxxAdditionally, once a month something must be done to maintain the spirit's chiminage. As Dani doesn't know what this requires she must give the key to Asger for him to perform some sort of ritual (although another Uratha could likely do this for her as well).
Source: Signs of the Moon, p31

Mundane Wearables

  • Clothing (various items purchased or made)
xxxxxDani favors a style of skirt made from dark blue jeans that have been split along the inner seam with a section of paler denim fabric added in the gap. An image of such a skirt can be seen here. This gives her all the pockets of a pair of jeans without constraining pants legs. Her skirts of this sort have a slit in the pocket material that she can reach though to get access to her garter-mounted throwing knives.
xxxxxRarely formal, Dani often wears T-shirts she has acquired; these include a gray shirt with an abstract representation of a cat's face on it and a white shirt with the image of a space shuttle trailing a rainbow twisted into a loop which encircles "`81" and has NASA emblazoned above it. Less practical is a transparent, mesh over-shirt with a holographic blue-green sheen which can be work with any close fitting undershirt but was purchased with a tie dye tank top of soft pastel colors.
xxxxxAdditionally, she prefers to wear tall socks which cover the entirety of her shins. Her current most favorite ones are a pair of gray and pink argyle socks that were given to her by Lucinda.
  • A braided leather rope belt with tassels
xxxxxThis braided leather rope belt was made for her by her "cousin", Asger; it's a double strand leather rope which can be worn as a belt, choker, necklace or a skinny scarf. As a belt it casually wraps around her waist or hips; wrapped once around her neck it is a necklace or a scarf, twice it serves as a choker. At the ends of the doubled rope are tassels which allow it to satisfy the catch for her first contract from the Contracts of Wind.
xxxxxOOC Note: This belt is based on one IRL which can be seen here.
  • A pair of opal earrings
xxxxxDani will rarely ever not be found wearing her five millimeter, circular white opal stud earrings with titanium backs, posts and settings. She acquired these earrings in Fallcoast on 10 Feb 2021. They serve to satisfy the catch for her first contract from the Contracts of Color.

Mundane Things

  • A collapsible (or "telescopic") bo-staff
xxxxxThis is a custom weapon (approved by Teuton) which is a Spear-class melee weapon with the following stats: Damage 3B, Size 4/N, Durability 3, Cost 2, Collapses to Size 2/J. As can be seen on the page linked above it is 60" (five feet) fully extended and collapses to a length of 22". She's made a cloth sheath for it that she can hang beneath her skirts or wear across her back.
  • A cell phone was finally acquired on 20 Feb 2021!
This image shows the case open while this one shows the striking surface and certain accessories that came with it.
  • A hand-crafted day sailer
xxxxxThis boat was made, by hand, for Dani by her cousin Asger and given to her by him on 10 Feb 2021. It has a visual appearance reminiscent of viking longboats but has an emergency motor in the back and is a functioning, modern sailboat with a figurehead which looks just like a mermaid if the woman parts were replaced by the forelimbs and head of an African lion who is in mid-roar.
Durability Size Structure Acceleration Safe Speed Max Speed Handling Occupants Cost Reference
1 8 9 * * * 0 1+2 1 Armory, p146

Mundane Places

xxxxxThis is a pair of keys (one to the shop itself and one to the door to the upstairs apartment) given to Dani by Bjorn on May 8th, 2021. The keys are on a ring which is attached to a ring from which a space-shaped fob bearing the images of Catwoman (original and New 52) are displayed. (Pictures of the key fob can be seen here
xxxxxFormerly owned by the Wizened Artist Lucinda, Dani acquired Hargreaves and renamed it with the assistance of her niece, Maud.
[edit possessions]


The following is a summary of Dani's background as well as links to logs of her scenes.

Her Mortal Existence

Family History and Birth (Born on 1 April 1940)

xxxxxDanielle April Olsson was born in Fallcoast at St. John's Hospital on the first of April in the last year of the fourth decade of the 20th century. Her mother, Annika, was a native born scion of the Wagner family best remembered by the family for her green thumb with which she nurtured a combination vegetable and sitting garden with a prominent shade tree that still stands on a property owned by the family. Her father, Dominik Olsson, came to America from Iceland with his widower father, Oli Bertramsen, where they were accepted by their American cousins; Annika's family specifically providing them a place to live amongst their apple orchards.

xxxxxBeing relatively close in age as children (conceived less than a year and a half apart, Dom almost immediately in the wake of the First World War), Dominik and Ann became close in feelings as well during high school. Dom took a job as a fisherman after graduating and waited for Annika to graduate as well; having sought permission from her father a weeks before she graduated high school together, Dom proposed to Dani's mother at the family gathering to celebrate the graduation of a handful of Wagner-kin. They married on the 22nd of June 1939 (the day of the Summer Solstice that year). Within a week Ann was pregnant and less than three months later came the news of Germany's invasion of Poland, sparking the First World War.

Childhood (12 June 1944 to circa 1953)

xxxxxDani has no true memories of her father because she was less than two when he joined the Marines after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor; however, she has clear memories of the day when she was four and two men in matching green uniforms came to their home to tell her mother, who was holding her little brother (Dominik Junior, who had been conceived the night before her father shipped out from leave after completing basic training) in her arms when she opened the door to greet them, that her father had died on a beach on Normandy during the D-Day Invasion. Following this loss, Dani and her brother were raised by their mother and their extended family. While she had friends her age, her closest friends were her grandparents: "Afi Oli" and her maternal grandmother (Diana Wagner or "Dinana" as Dani called her). Her grandfather would regal her with tales of the hidden folk and trolls of Iceland as well as other staples of Scandinavian folklore and her Dinana taught her needlework; sometimes these activities would occur at the same time even.

Highschool (Fall of 1953 to the Spring of 1958)

xxxxxDani came to the attention of The Cait Sith on the winter solstice (Dec 21st, 1957) when she knocked on a tree on Fallcoast High's campus that school legend stated housed protective spirits and begged them to protect her boyfriend, Alex (who she'd met the summer before her senior year), after mixed ancestry came out and racist members of the student body had begun bullying and assaulting him on a daily basis. When this behavior suddenly stopped, Alex attributed it to his becoming a star member of the school's basketball team but Dani knew it was because of her promise made the night of the school's "Snow Ball."

Being Taken (Spring Equinox of 1958, March 20th)

xxxxxThe night of the Spring Equinox started like any other night. The next day, Friday, was going to end the school week before Spring Break and it was the night of the new moon. Dani had gone to bed and gotten some sleep before a noise in the otherwise quite house woke her. The glow of her clock hands showed that it was just before midnight and she saw faintly glowing eyes which were gathering the starlight from outside the window.

xxxxxThe being in Dani's room was The Cait Sith, a member of the Other who had taken interest in with it heard and answered her request at the Winter Solstice. She was overwhelmed by the sense of being prey to a powerful predator and then it spoke, saying "It is time for you to serrrve, promise maker." A moment later the being, in the form of a great cat, stood over her bed with its feet at the corners of her mattress. It picked her up in its maw and tossed her though the wall of her room as if the wall as if it wasn't really there.

xxxxxThe absolute last memory Dani has of the real world is laying on the ground in her yard as the Gentry approached her. She noticed another presence near her and the Old God cut off some of her hair and handed it and the nightgown it stripped off her form to that figure saying "You saw where to go. Be and forget," to it before picking Dani up in its maw again and stepping out of the real world into Arcadia.

Her Fetch's Life in the Mortal World

xxxxxThe night The Cait Sith took Dani it left a Fetch behind. It was a pre-made blank made from twigs and twine with cobwebs and cattail fibers with a repurposed chimpanzee skull at the top and grave moss for stuffing. Before leaving it he took a lock of Dani's hair for the blank to integrate into itself so which, with the nightgown stripped off the original, transformed it into a near-perfect facsimile of Danielle Olsson. It also promptly forgot it wasn't who it looked to be, acting on the last order it ever received from its maker: "Be and forget."

xxxxxThere were no real problems, but certain members of the ever superstitious Wagners were beginning to express discomfort around the Fetch within a couple of months. In the fall of 1958 she left Fallcoast to attend college in the South after which she returned to marry Alex (in the summer of 1962) after which they moved to Seattle and, after a few years, they began adopting children ("Danielle" was found to be sterile by medical science).

xxxxxThe Fetch and Alex never stayed away from Fallcoast too long but she also never stayed too long either (unconsciously this was to help it assuage the concerns of the generally wary Wagner family); more than three thousand miles cross country distance makes for a lot of distance for the growth of fondness. Her adopted children gave her grand children and onto further generations.

xxxxxWhen Alex died in 2005, the Fetch's grown children helped her move "home" to Fallcoast. Senility settled in quickly so the family didn't interact with her much, nor was she a concern for the more apprehensive members. She died about three years later on the Autumnal Equinox in 2008 and was buried next to her husband in a local graveyard.

Her Durance

xxxxxHer stay in Arcadia's time twisting grasp made 62 years, 9 months, and 11 days go by during a period of nearly 5 years and 1 month subjectively.

xxxxxDani fulfilled many roles for her Keeper, The Cait Sith. Primarily she was involved in hunts as prey or hunting companion, on an almost equal spilt. She was also sometimes loaned to other Fae, usually to those who participated in war games that The Cait Sith personally forsook for use as a stealth commando.

xxxxxAttack, concealment, evasion, furtiveness, pouncing, stalking, these are the impressions that almost always color Dani's memories of her durance when they come to her.

Her Escape from Arcadia

xxxxxThe Cait Sith encourages cunning and dare in those it has taken which creates greater risk of escape attempts. That said, it treats the security of its stables as paramount. Dani, once remembrance began thoughts of escaping, capitalized on a loan situation to make her move. Taunting a squad of canine-like dogs to their breaking point she engineered a situation where her squad (all felines) were attacked by allies and thus scattered. Hoping for a "blame the dogs" situation she fled the battle field and hid. She was alone for what seemed time unmeasurable but ended up stepping out of the Hedge into a world that seems almost as alien itself.

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