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"Warriors are those who choose to stand between their enemy and all they love."
  • Summer ogre: (Legends Never Die) , (Centuries) , (For The Glory) . Reckless, aggressive and undisciplined. She is quick to friendship, to laughter, and to fight. Her Wrath is an eager gleeful excitement. Yet she is loyal to friends, court, and the Freehold. Her "Greek Hero-Orc" theme has her chasing glory in building her legend.
  • Squire of the Broken Bough: (Believer) , (Whatever it takes) , (Warriors) She serves her conscious in how to defend and avenge other Freeholders and Lost, rather than any chain of command. A Knight Errant of sorts. She believes in sarifice and hard work to help others and make things better.
  • The Lord Champion: (Survivor) , (Fighter) , As her Wyrd grows, her semi-wrongly memories of various lives in the arenas and wars changes. She remembers more archaic yet further evolved lives she had, and her Wyrd evolves her along the path to match. She remembered being a northern raider, then a Mycenaean themed gladiator, and now an Orc-ish barbarian. Escaping during war: She is fuzzy on which Keeper and Realm but her Orc tribe was sent into the hedge to kill enemy Loyalists, and stop their gaining reinforcements. Finding a Lost child, she refused capturing and instead fled with it.
Mask: Corinthia Achillea Wagner
  • Persona: Vibrant, vivacious, Vehement, Valiant, and Voluptuous.. But also Vainglorious and Vociferous. :) She loves life, seeing it as a grand adventure, something to be grabbed, ridden, and fought for. She is quite friendly but likes to fight, is loyal to friends but rebellious against authority. Reckless but compassionate.
  • Family: Greek Shanties When they split, Mom kept Cordelia while Dad(Wagner) took Corinthia to be raised in Greece. Though she was occasionally brought to the US so maintain Wagner family connections. She loves her family, both the US(Wagners) and Greek sides, considering all to be friends automatically. She came to FC to meet her sister.
  • Job/Hobbies: From the Wagner island's forge(Or the Summer Hollow), she makes custom metal/leather/wood work, such as jewelry, clothes, armor, weapons, etc. When not working, life is a party of athletic/fight training(considered partying by her).
Enemies WIP
  • Loyalists: A force of various Greek themed monstrous hobgoblins from The Lord Champion's realm that have begun raiding into the local Hedge. Lead by Echidna/Angrboda, a Loyalist Gorgon, they track escapees, hunt for Changelings, and simply raid to enact battle. Cori has fought and killed them many times before and after escaping, so is hated.

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  • Privateers: Lead by Orcusa/Heldottor, these hobs make up a war like tribe, hunting the Hedge but also acting as slavers and mercenaries. Worse still, these brutish hobs have Masks and sometimes make mortal side raids. Cori does not much remember being part of this tribe but Orcusa wants her back in the fold, captured and converted.

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  • Family:
  • Cordelia #Nervous! Always knew I had a sister, am here to meet her!
  • Dani Olsson #Giggles! Hugs did research, my new friend is my great grandaunt LOL!
  • Asger #Viking Wolf. Likable and well meaning, must fight something together!
  • Sonja #Boss. Liking to be knowing her better, respected and liked.

  • Motley:
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  • Summer Court:
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  • Freeholders:
  • Bah #CoolCrown. Laid back but a get stuff done guy. Liked and respected.
  • Finlea #PrettiestSpring! And yet a Gorgon, eek!
  • Wish #FriendlyWolf. Chill feral, want to see her in action!
  • Vernon #Dower Doer. No fun and games, working to do good things. Respected.

  • Others:
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