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"Everyone is a moon, and has a dark side which he never shows to anybody."

Cordell Hutchison

Human - Thaumaturge - Apostle of the Dark One - College Student


Apparent Age: 20
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Dark Brown
Occupation: College Student

Path: Apostle of the Dark One

Intelligence: ••••
Manipulation: •••
Occult: ••••
Empathy: •••• (Sense Weakness)


Teenagers always think life is a struggle. Cordell Hutchison is no different. Born on the opposite coast in California, his parents split when he was seven. It was not at all amicable and there was a fight over who took the kids - Cord and his sister. His mother got Cord, his father kept his sister and then everything got split up. Cord moved several times, progressing ever eastward as his mother struggled to keep a job or moved for a man. It never lasted until they settled in Fallcoast when he was sixteen. High school was shit. Bullied, harassed, ignored. The last might have been the worst. All he wanted was someone to like him. Someone to pay attention. That happened senior year.

She was in college. Just a year or two older but she seemed more than that. She drew him into her orbit over time. Gave him the attention he desired, made promises of a life worth living. She told him he could have what he wanted, that he could take what he deserved, that he could make other people pay for his own benefit. This was a siren's song he couldn't pass on and so he learned the ways of the the Dark One. As often happens, interpretations differed. Methods didn't align once he was initiated. By the time he graduated and went to college himself, he broke away in a bitter fit of anger and decided to forge his own path. He didn't need her. His communion with the unknown being was enough. An entity deep in the woods in the dark places that existed before the light. He'll find his own way, lead his own movement, do whatever he wants for himself. No one else.


Unwilling and unwitting, but he's been settled for a few years

A lone Apostle of the Dark One.

College Student
A sophomore at St. John's University. Major undecided.



No one yet: Maybe soon


Me Too - Meghan Trainor

Try Everything - Shakira


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