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Connie DiCesari


5' 6"
Late Twenties
Trophy Wife
Fallcoast Society for Esoteric Epicureanism


Constancia "Connie" DiCesari. Wife, step-mother (wicked or not) and homemaker.
Slightly connected to the Scaccia family, by virtue of marriage. Slightly bored, as housewives tend to be.


At 5' 6", she's hardly the tallest drink of water, but she carries her coke-bottle curves with adroitness and grace. Her hair's a deep, delicious red and usually coiffed carefully to roll down her back in effortless curls, her brown eyes frequently glint with an impish glimmer, and her make-up's done to emphasise the pout of her cupid's bow lips. Her curves are dangerous enough to require special handling - so of course, she enhances them with expensive fashion accessories and under-bust corsets, tight-fitting outfits and stiletto heels.


Notable Stats



Professional Training (Trophy Wife)
Status (High Society)
Status (Mafia)
Status (Underworld)
Striking Looks (Sexpot)
Striking Voice (Honeyed Words)

Prurient Perfume
Sinful Girth




Rp Hooks

I've Been Everywhere..

In the last decade, Constancia has had a lot of weird jobs, before she settled into the married life. Did she sell you flowers for a date? Get catty with you at an audition? Deliver coffee to your meeting with that guy from that company that folded six months later?

The Fallcoast Society For Esoteric Epicureanism

Do you like the finer things in life? Do you have a sense of history and an appreciation for philosophy? Do you just like good food? Or perhaps you have something to offer, something a member of the Society for Esoteric Epicureanism wants. If so, Connie may want to seek you out, or have set up a meeting with you. Or, hell, maybe you're looking to become a member and she's the one interviewing you. What is the society? Well, if you have to ask...

Married, with Children

Constancia is the second wife of Scaccia captain Archangelo DiCesari, after the first wife died tragically a few years back. She's closer to the age of his adult sons, though. And, as a former goomar, she's more used to being around family business than most. Perhaps you saw her on Archie's lap five years ago, in the private room of some club. Perhaps you got invited to Sunday dinner, if you're the more respectable sort.

Mother of Monsters

Somehow, Constancia has been involved in the corruption of others - Aline, Emily, Bella, Trip, Gideon and more - when it comes to opening up others for new experiences (and Possession!) she's an enabler. What vice of yours can she feed?

Hedonist, Sensate, Degenerate

Connie enjoys a diverse range of hobbies - she frequently goes club-hopping, though she tends to enjoy the classy over the blue-collar bars. She enjoys treating herself with spas and retail therapy in boutiques. She checks out gyms, for their range of personal trainers and quality. She drifts from place to place. Where are you going to bump into her?


A protegé to be proud of.
A Friend to envy.
It's cute how you thought you were xxxxx the dangerous one.
I think I'd like to see you mad.
She wants it bad.
Far too easy to get tangled up in your xxxxx business.
Bloody-minded, competent... And fun.


The Husband

Archangelo DiCesari. Archie, to his friends. Long-time union representative for the dockworker's union, though now retired. Ostensibly a private entrepeneur in imports and exports. Convicted felon (assault and battery), released early on good behaviour, and that was decades ago.

Archie's in his late sixties, and the father of three children, two boys who have joined the family business and help out in their father's crew, and a daughter who's gone on to better things. He's buried one wife, and then raised a few eyebrows when he, less than two years later, married his former mistress, the buxom Constancia. He is, alledegly, per court records and old newspaper clippings, connected to the Scaccia syndicate, and depending on the kinds of voices one listens to and the resources one marshals, a major player in terms of contraband entering Fallcoast. Focusing primarily on the docks and interstate highways, Archie DiCesari maintains a semi-neutral facade, willing to transport for anyone not actively at war with the Scaccias, as long as he gets his cut of the action. War may be profitable, but for Archie, Peace is better business.



Ain't No Rest for the Wicked - Cage the Elephant


But even still, I can't say much
Because I know we're all the same
Oh yes, we all seek out to satisfy those thrills

You know there ain't no rest for the wicked
Money don't grow on trees
We got bills to pay, we got mouths to feed
There ain't nothing in this world for free

I know we can't slow down, we can't hold back
Though you know, we wish we could
Oh no, there ain't no rest for the wicked
Until we close our eyes for good
Personal Jesus - Depeche Mode


And you're all alone
Flesh and bone
By the telephone
Lift up the receiver
I'll make you a believer
I will deliver
You know I'm a forgiver
Self-Destruction; Final - Nine Inch Nails


I am the needle in your vein (and I control you)
I am the high you can't sustain (and I control you)
I am the pusher, I'm a whore (and I control you)
I am the need you have for more
Come With Me Now - Kongos


Confused what I thought with something I felt
Confuse what I feel with something that's real
I tried to sell my soul last night
Bitch Better Have My Money - Rihanna (NSWF)


Kamikaze if you think that you gon' knock me off the top
Shit, your wife in the backseat of my brand new foreign car
Don't act like you forgot, I call the shots, shots, shots
Like brrap, brrap, brrap
Pay me what you owe me, don't act like you forgot
Starfuckers, Inc. - Nine Inch Nails


I have arrived and this time you should believe the hype
I listened to everyone now I know that everyone was right
I'll be there for you as long as it works for me
I'm playing a game fucking insincerity
Sin City - Genitorturers (KMFDM remix)


The Devil's home for the depraved
Where the souls are never saved
That's why the holy rollers say
Get on you knees and pray
Sympathy for the Devil - The Rolling Stones


Just as every cop is a criminal
And all the sinners saints
As heads is tails, just call me Lucifer
'Cause I'm in need of some restraint
So if you meet me, have some courtesy
Have some sympathy and some taste
Use all your well-learned politesse
Or I'll lay your soul to waste
Catatonia - I am the Mob


Stop blowing the Don, put his kecks back on
'Cos I am the mob
Stop muckin' around with the brand-new sound
'Cos I am the mob
The Pretty Reckless - Going to Hell


Please, forgive me, Father
I didn't mean to bother you
The devil's in me, Father
He's inside of everything I do

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