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“It's absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.”

– Oscar Wilde


Clay grew up in the trailer parks of Hanging Hills, a member of the extended Skinner clan or maybe just a hanger-on. Sometimes it was hard to tell the difference between family and family friends.

Even growing up, he was uncommonly smart. He excelled in school, despite his insistence on spending his time cutting classes, stealing, drinking, and engaging in the ambitious and resourceful undertakings of the systemically poor. He avoided real life by agreeing to go to college for free. Ultimately, he completed a pharmacy program and began working at St. John's Hospital.

A few years ago, he was prodded and cajoled into applying for a scholarship to Harvard Medical School. There was a battery of tests and an essay. He was the perfect overlap in the Venn Diagram of disenfranchised and brilliant, so he spent three years off at med school. Now, he's passed up more prestigious opportunities to complete his residency at St. John's, where his career started. There is, of course, still the opportunity for the Skinner curse to rear its ugly head.

RP Hooks
  • Hospital: Clay is an ER doctor at St. John's Hospital. He works a lot of nights and weird hours... the ideal times to meet weird people and to tend to their injuries.
  • Skinner: Clay is in the extended Skinner family tree and he maintains his ties despite improbably being college-educated and holding down a professional job. Of course, now that the word is out, he's likely to be asked even more often to misappropriate drugs from work.
  • Black Market: Clay used to steal and peddle black-market drugs. Those days are behind him, or so he says. Well, at least the peddling part.

Contact List (Active PCs only)
  • The One: My best friend, hero, and soulmate all in one. Mrs. Moore-to-be.
  • The One's Plus One: Fiancees best friend. Oh God, the things she must know. It says a lot about her that she doesn't misuse the intel.


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Clayton Moore
Date of Birth: Early 90s-ish
Apparent Age: Late 20s-ish
Occupation: ER Resident
Virtue: Something, maybe.
Vice: Some things, definitely.
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