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"If you gaze long enough into an abyss, the abyss will gaze back into you."

― Friedrich Nietzsche

Cillian McLoughlin

Date of Birth: September 17, 1828
Nationality: Irish
Occupation Club Omen
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Envy

Sphere: Vampire
Covenant: Carthian Movement
Clan: Gangrel
Bloodline: Bruja
Coterie: Coming Soon

  • Cillian McLoughlin is born on September 17, 1828 to Aodhan and Caoimhe McLoughlin. He is the eldest of 3 children.
  • Cillian enjoys a simple, happy life until 1842 when both of his younger sisters Roisin and Saoirse, would begin suffering from fevers. Both would pass away within a month of one another. Cillian's mother would die a short time later of what would one day come to be known as broken heart syndrome. This left Cillian and his father to fend for themselves.
  • In 1848, when Cillian is 20 years of age, he would begin tending the grounds of a wealthy, welsh woman named Aoife Bithel. He would work for the woman for 7 more years. During these years Cillians father passes away, leaving Cillian alone.
  • In 1855, at the age of 27, Cillian is ghouled by Daeva, Aoife Bithel.
  • In 1860 Cillian immigrats to America alongside Aoife.
  • After arriving in New York, Aoife quickly submerged herself in American vampire politics, making both friends and enemies. One particularly unforgiving enemy was made of a Nosferatu by the name of Sonny.
  • In 1865, Cillian was stolen from Aoife in a show to establish political dominance. Now in Sonny’s care, Cillian meets Mercy.
  • In 1880 Sonny meets final death by the hand of gangrel, Darragh, who in return embraces Mercy before declaring himself Prince. Mercy’s first act as a vampire is to embrace Cillian. In support of Mercy’s impulse-embrace, Darragh takes on Cillian as well as Mercy.
  • In late August of 1893, facing the potentially destructive winds of the Hurricane that would come to be known as the Midnight Storm, Mercy and Cillian chose to leave New York City in what would begin a near century long journey across the US.
  • 1894 - 2020: The couple spends the next years wasting time in every major city within the US, placing themselves at the centerfold of many historical events and happenings.
  • 2020 - Present: Following a rumor of strange happenings in a small town in Maine, Mercy and Cillian decide to give the area a try by settling in and purchasing a recently closed club.

Club Omen


Club Omen is a new trendy industrial club that is co-owned by Mercy Cavanaugh and Cillian McLoughlin. The club caters to a specific set of clientele and is considered to be a safe place for gathering. Feeding is restricted in these areas and granted by permission of the owners only.

  • Mercy: The ride or die. The long time companion. The partner in crime. Forever.
  • Ivy: Information Coming Soon.
RP Hooks
  • Carthian Movement: Cillian has been a part of the Carthian Movement for almost as long as Mercy, and alongside his companion has had a hand in more than a few movements of change in more than a few cities. Like his companion, Cillian is not overly radical in his political views, nor is he content to be complacent.
  • Luck of the Irish: He's not stereotypical but a few seconds around the man and it's abundantly clear where he comes from.
  • Nightcap: When the sun goes down the bars open up, and among the crowds that fill their dance floors one can normally find Cillian. More commonly he'll be found behind the counter at Club Omen, but he's been known to darken the doors of many a Fallcoast establishment.