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“It's not too late to run, my dear Snow White. You're acting like I'm taking you to hell where the devil is going to burn you alive on a frying pan.”

– Tatiana Vedenska, Two Months and Three Days

Brief History

xxxxxChristel tends to adjust how she behaves according to who she is with. She was born a couple centuries ago and has held various jobs in her life, often preferring to work in jobs of a very adult nature (pornos prostitute, etc) over anything else. She has had children and likely had grandchildren.

Lookie Loo:

xxxxxThough quite the small person, barely even five feet, this girl makes up for it with the alluring way she carries herself, it seems as if it is part of her. Her waist length, midnight black hair is a mass of curls that has been swept back into a long ponytail, secured by a crimson hair tie. A few strands escape their hold and frame the heart shaped of the girl with naturally tan hued skin that is silky soft. She has almond shaped eyes that are a deep forest green. She has large golden hooped earrings on and her face has make up that compliments her features beautifully.

xxxxxAdorning her slender neck is a narrow white leather collar with a D ring that sports a pendant. The pendant is a red rose that is encased in vines. Further inspection shows that she wears a top that is nothing more than a silken, wide band of dark crimson. It stretches tightly across her fairly large breasts, the thin fabric just wide enough to give a sense of modesty. A second band curves around the center of her flat stomach, clinging just as tightly as the top band. Around each wrist are chain bracelets inset with little crimson rubies that are rounded. She wears several rings that are various levels of bejeweled and styles.

xxxxxClinging to her narrow waist and large hips is a pair of blue jeans. They hug her long, shapely legs and her perfectly round backside. The fabric runs down her legs to her ankles, where the meet a pair of strappy high heels. The heels themselves are opened toed with slender straps that buckle around the ankles. The heels look to be, roughly, three or four inches high. On the inside of her left ankle is a black heart tattoo.

RP Hooks
  • Blood Bather: Christel is an immortal blood bather. Blood Bather's aren't known for their pleasant deeds.
  • Quite Evil: Christel has morals that are sketchy at best.
  • Age is a just a number: Christel has been living since the mid-1600s
  • Do you want to play?: Christel is a person who once worked as a call girl. Through her life she has preferred to work in various forms of the adult industry.
  • What's your pleasure?: She deals in selling adult goods (from toys, to clothing, to movies). She's been known to occasionally deal in creating pornography.
  • Children are a thing: Christel has children. Even some grandchildren (of varying greats too).
  • Can you love the darkness too?: Christel has had former lovers, potentially has (is?) married. Want to be married to someone who is, by the very nature of her immortality, evil?
  • We are family, are we?: She could have had any number of relatives. Both blooded and adopted. Relatives not children, that is.
  • Acts of Violence: Her immortality makes her, by her very nature, an evil person that does violent things (blood bather and all).
  • Lured to your almost demise: Christel doesn't need to kill the people she bathes in the blood of (though, she likely has several times). You could have been one of the survivors.
  • Help me bath?: She needs 1 attendant for her blood bath. Want to be it?
  • A pirates life for me: Christel was a pirate, several times, in her past life. Pillaging and plundering is the best way to find blood.
  • Why can't we share the blood?: She will happily work with vampires to get her victims. It can be fun to play together when it comes to blood.
  • Does my presence tempt you?: Effect of her blood bathing is that she is quite the looker and something about her presence is very intoxicating (Striking Looks and Intoxicating Presence from pgs 34 and 35 of the Immortals Book).
  • Cult of Chalices: Christel is a member of the cult and will tempt people into joining.

OOC: While Christel might act like she is in love with someone it is unlikely she is. She's not exactly the most well rounded of people. She fakes being a caring person most of the time. There are people she does, though. I'm happy to discuss the possibility of one.

Christel Lewis
Date of Birth: July 4, 1640
Apparent Age: Late teens
Occupation: Owner of Pulse
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Greed

Family: None
Immortality: Blood Bather

Emiliana Torrini - The Sound of Silence

Hello darkness, my old friend
I've come to talk with you again
Because a vision softly creeping
Left its seeds while I was sleeping
And the vision that was planted in my brain
Still remains
Within the sound of silence


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