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“Oh for the love of blood! A hippy vampire! Well how do you expect us to take over the world then? A major leafleting campaign?”

– The Vampires of Bloody Island


xxxxx Charlize Scaccia was drawn into the world of flower power just as her criminal family was being turned over by the FBI. But as the summer of love drew to a close, the gang she ended up with proved to be the kind that would give Manson a run for his money. By the time she was embraced in 1975 the coterie were full-on revolutionaries in the Symbionese Liberation Army mode. It was a short step to Carthian.

xxxxx Returning home to Fallcoast and pretending to be her own non-existent daughter and now granddaughter, Charlize has just woken from her latest torpor (it's a bloodline thing) and is seeking to combine her interest in family, illegal activities and kindred future.

RP Hooks
  • Scaccia Crime Family - Originally the daughter of a made man in the family, she is now acting as her own granddaughter returning to Fallcoast after a long absense.
  • Criminal - It's in the blood. Charlize will often employ teams of criminals for special missions - Charlize's Angels.
  • Kindred - Recently out of torpor it's time to get back into the swing of the Praxis...though she's never been a huge political mover and shaker.
  • Carthian Movement - A hippy from way back, Charlize was always leaning towards the revolutionary and the new so she ended up falling into Carthian. They are rare around Fallcoast though.
  • The Salty Seaman - Charlize owns a waterfront bar in Moosetown. A very working class clientele.
  • Daeva - Free love is where it's at, man.
  • Erzsebet - The bloodline that gets very worried about getting old. Beauty sleep essential!



The Undead Family (Coterie)

Ariah - Frenchy. Works for my cousin - poor thing. We share interests.

Destiny - Classy Carthian - it's not all anarchy and rebellion.

Songbird - Fellow Daeva who can sing pretty nice. Even her screams are musical. Shame being a pop star is difficult for us. I think we could be best buds.

The Undead

Absinthe - Carthian dynamo. Crazy and a lot of fun - she should be in our club (see above).

Dove - Entertainer. I think we'e going to get on rather well. She can perform at my place any time she likes.

Freja - From Europe - they seem to have a healthy attitude to things. Check out her club for examples.

Haze - DJ in the house! Come play at the Seaman again. You liked it the last time you did.

Larry - Daeva with a club. One where you dance not the one you hit over heads. He seems cool.

Lazarus - This guy definitely looks like he came back from the dead...and then went back. Has an interest in merging bodies together - just not in the same way as me.

Lubes - Daeva Priscus - just goes to show we come in all shapes and sizes. That hair is just crazy, man!

Perfume Man - Tall, dark and handsome...and likes to create scents based on himself. Kinky.

Between Two Worlds (Ghouls)

Juliette - Selene's companion. The one who isn't afraid to speak her mind and good for her. Now that Selene's gone, I hope she's safe.

The Living (Poor things)

Regan - Used to be Doc's but she got butchered...yet I think she's still around.

Reiz - Works at the club. Great singer with a surprise or two up her sleeve.

The Family (Scaccia)

Bella - Honorary Scaccia and has all the prerequisites. Where does Constancia find them? And I hope she never runs out of them.

Matteo - No respect. You don't think I hear the things you say about me? The walls of your club have ears...and those strange holes in the bathroom cubicle walls.

Dearly Departed

Ada - Selene's companion. I think she may even be a fellow hippie! But she left with Selene.

Alldrich - A boxer who I used to watch in the 80s. Hired him to work security at the bar and watch over Lexi - all totally legit. But he ended up going his own way - like the Mac.

Allison - Super model. She may not be able to dance but she looks great doing it. Nice tang to her blood. She will be mine! Except that Vik stole her first. Oh dear. What will we have to do about this?

Benjamin - Vampire. Talks funny...and about butterflies. An honorary daeva? Ran away.

Brigid - Newbie from Germany. Seems nice enough. Need to hook her up with Freja. Didn't last long.

Cleopatra - Our (Carthians) once and future noble leader? Not too bad for someone who's had millennia to get bossy. We'll do great things.

Constancia - And I thought I was depraved. Ended up marrying my boyfriend from the 1960s to get into the family. Respect. I miss her.

Doc - What's up, Doc? NEVER gets old! Unfortunately I don't get to say it anymore.

Helena - Hubba hubba. Fellow Carthian and once a regular at the Seaman. Makes me wish I did more push-ups before I was turned.

Kindle - Scaccia who got a little too close to the fire and now she loves to burn. Went missing but returned not as my ghoul but as her own kindred. Then left again.

Lexi - Oh where oh where has my little ghoul gone? Oh where oh where can she be? She keeps disappearing! And coming back.

Lulabelle - Carthian mover and shaker...and who doesn't like shaking it? The first among equals (as long as the collective body support her of course). Just up and disappeared one night.

Nari - My little Asian buffet. There is a lot more to her than meets the eye...and plenty that meets the eye. She may have been abducted by her criminal family.

Brat - Confused and not as obedient as they should be - but that's the fun part! He's been in and out of town like an aluminum salesman (they still have those, right?). I was all set to rescue him but...he rescued himself. Then he left again.

Obie - Seems friendly enough for The Man and he did go along on one of my jobs so he can't be all much as he would like to be. Was the Sheriff but after the Prince died, he quit.

Paulette - Larry's companion. Has more curves than a circle and is apparently a lawyer. Speak up, girl! You're one of us - a Carthian not a lawyer. Left with Larry.

Poppy - Very natural. And very much a wonder of nature. I do love when she comes to visit.

Reginald - A sweet boy with an interest in esoteric exotic erotica. You dabble in dangerous waters, Reggie. Isn't it fun! Couldn't stand the heat?

Sasha - Shy little thing...for about five seconds. Welcome to the Praxis.

Selene - A little bit hoity and a little bit toity. We had a business arrangement but she left.

Sev - Carthian. Quiet...and he was wearing a suit. Don't people understand that a suit is a sign of oppression?

Tre - Keep running into him but I think he's avoiding me.

Wacko-Jacko - Bit of a stick in the mud but I have the feeling that if he ever let himself go then there'd be a mess left behind. He's cool though.

Wicky Woo - An intelligent, well-spoken Gangrel? It's twisting my melon, man. Too strange to stay.

Will - Computer repair. Can always rely on him supplying a hard drive with plenty of RAM. Might draft him permanently - if he hadn't run away first.

The Angels (People I've used on a job)

Benecio - Newbie.

Deckard - Umm...not sure what he is.

Felix - Driver; any vehicle but the faster the better.

Free - Meatshield (deceased)

Hawker - Blows things up that he shouldn't.

Howell - Techo. Has all the gadgets known to man.

Isrieal - Magic. Can do a lot of strange things.

Jarod - Planner and it's usually needed.

Jayde - Driver.

Kilo - Safecracker; it's almost like she can walk through walls.

Leander - Stealthier than a breeze in a hurricane.

Melody - Stealthier than a mouse at night walking on feathers.

Morgance - Morale; she brought along an extra member too.

Rictus - Famous. Must do it for the kicks.

Sage - The Quiet One...and the wise one.



Criminal Jobs

The Delphin Diamond Job

The Rocket Job

The Pyramid Job

The Goliath Rising Job

The Pegasus Job

The Aardvark Job

The Phoenix Job

The Vanquish Job

Charlize Scaccia 
Date of Birth: December 29, 1951
Apparent Age: Early twenties
Virtue: Hope
Vice: Envy
Striking Looks: ** Sweet
Played By: Alison Brie

Covenant: Carthian Movement
Clan: Daeva
Coterie: Les Reines du Sang
Bloodline: Erzsebet

Toto Coelo - Dracula's Tango

Giorgio Moroder - I Wanna Funk With You Tonight


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