Changing Breeds/Species Adjustments

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Changing Breeds
Species Adjustments

Species Adjustments

In the interest of general flexibility within the sphere, both for players choosing a new species and for ensuring fairness in the future should be decide to add any additional species, the current allowed species underwent a thorough examination for balance.

Most changes are mild and oriented on flavor or minor adjustments to existing bonuses and should not be noticed in any dramatic way.

This is not to say this was an attempt to make everyone precisely even, but after a numerical analysis of stat bonuses, social bonuses, starting aspects/favors, and species bonuses in the scope of a freshly created Feral, before any XP or merit points have been spent, there was a guideline established. The mid-range point value was just over 100, and species were given a 20-point buffer to allow for any gray area in numerical representation. At completion, a few species were outside the buffer, either above or below, and have been adjusted slightly to correct this.

It is possible that further adjustments or changes to this list may need to be made. If you have questions of concerns, contact the sphere lead.


  • +1 Str in Beast form, up from 0
  • Hound's Honor 1
  • Territory Bond 3 (Minimum value)


  • Stash 1
  • Burrow 2


  • +2 Dex in Beast form, up from +1
  • Grave Misfortune 2


  • Fortune's Favor 2


  • Free specialty in Swimming


  • Removal of Call Water Elemental


  • -1 Dex in Beast form


  • -1 Dex in Beast form
  • -1 Stam in Beast form


  • -1 Dex in Beast form
  • -1 Stam in Beast form
  • -1 Str in Beast form