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Changing Breeds
House Rules


Game Wide House Rules, Clarifications, Etc

Don't forget the generic all spheres House Rules


Blank Burrow (••••)

Instant action and must be concealed. 50ft range.

Burrowing (•• or •••)

This is an individual form of travel. Your tunnel closes up behind you, and you cannot take others with you or have others follow you.

Durga's Blessing (•• or •••)

This healing is reflexive along the same lines as your normal lethal healing. The aspect gives you the ability to heal agg per those normal rules, up to your FH score a scene.

Earthbond (••)

Instant Action. This is a 'Pulse' meaning you get an idea of where everything is in range during your turn. It is not an active ability, you do not get constant updates on subsequent turns unless you activate it again.

Hybrid Forms (••••)

  • Additionally, with Staff discretion this merit can be taken by breeds with limited forms, such as only a dire form, to fill in two missing forms of their choice.
    • The exception to this is if the book says a form is given up for other benefits, such as giving up War Form which several species explicitly do.
  • Stats will be determined by the book as appropriate also with ST discretion dependent on form.

Keen Sense (• or ••)

Old: Keen Sense 1 is purchased independently for each of the available 6 senses (Sight, Smell, Taste, Touch, Hearing, 'Energy') for 5xp (Aspect Cost), each can be upgraded to Keen Sense 2 for 10xp (Aspect Cost).

New: Keen Sense 1 is purchased for the first sense at 5xp, and more senses can be added for 5xp apiece (Aspect Cost). Keen Sense 2 upgrades all purchased senses for 10xp (Aspect Cost), as a one-time cost.

Explanation: 10xp per sense feels like too much of a cost for what is effectively just an increase in range, so instead you purchase each sense like normal, but the ability to increase the range/clarity of your senses is only purchased once. Even if you have purchased Keen Sense 2, you can still add more senses to the list for 5xp apiece.

Visual Example

Old Purchase, format and order New Purchase
Keen Sense: 1 (Sight) = 5xp
Keen Sense: 1 (Hearing) = 5xp
Keen Sense: 2 (Sight) = 10xp
Keen Sense: 2 (Hearing) = 10xp
Keen Sense: 1 (Smell) = 5xp
Keen Sense: 2 (Smell) = 10xp
Keen Sense: 1 (Sight, Hearing) = 10xp (2*5xp)
Keen Sense: 2 (Sight, Hearing) = 10xp
Keen Sense: 1 (Smell) = 5xp
Keen Sense: 2 (Smell) = Free, as Keen Senses 2 is already purchased above.
Old Sheet Result New Sheet Result
Keen Sense: 2 (Sight) 15xp cost
Keen Sense: 2 (Hearing) 15xp cost
Keen Sense: 2 (Smell) 15xp cost
Keen Sense: 2 (Sight, Hearing, Smell) 25xp cost

Leap (• to •••)

The wording here is confusing. Each dot extends your leap distance as stated, in beast form - this includes Dire for those with it. In all other forms, half the given bonus is applied, rounded down. See WoD Core to determine how far you can jump.

Magnificence (••)

Beast forms is clarified to be both Primal Beast and Dire Forms. War, Throwback, and Human forms do not count.

Partial Change (••)


Claws: +1 Grapple (Lethal/Bonuses with Fang and Claw 1 dot purchase) (Causes Delusion)
Talons: +1 Grapple (Lethal/Bonuses with Fang and Claw 1 dot purchase) (Causes Delusion)


Nose: +1 Perception (Causes Delusion)
Multiple Eyes: +2 Perception (Causes Delusion)
Night Sight: (if applicable) +2 Night Vision
Keen Eyes: +1 Vision related Rolls (Causes Delusion)
Fangs: (Lethal/Bonuses with Fang and Claw 1 dot purchase) (Causes Delusion)


Wings: Flight (Causes Delusion)
Natural Armor: (Causes Delusion)
Exoskeletion: (Causes Delusion)

Righting Reflex (• to •••)

This Aspect can be taken by equally graceful creatures, or by magical thieves (such as crows) who steal the trick from another cat. (Changing Breeds, pg. 86) With reference to the text from the book, this Aspect is limited to the following:

Laughing Strangers: All
Bastet: All
Wing-Folk: Corvian

Sexual Dimorphism (••)

This aspect now reads as follows: ...Whatever the case, the character gains a +2 to any Social roll when dealing with those who are sexually attracted to them...Including intimidation rolls.

Slumber's Touch (•••)

Falling asleep is instantaneous. If disturbed you can wake back up like it were normal sleep. ST discretion on what would wake you up.

Snatch and Carry (••)

The object takes a turn to prepare. Afterwards it may be carried in whatever form you can carry it in, and when you shift it becomes part of your body. It will cross the gauntlet, but it is completely unavailable until you return to the form you picked it up in.

Spook the Herd (•••)

Flee according to number of successes rolled and not turns equal to strength + intimidation.

Swarm/Flock Form (••••)

Reflexively-used instant action, like dodging.

You may exit Swarm Form with the same Shapeshifting procedures (Roll or Spend 1 Essence) to any form you wish to do so. (Rather than just 1 essence)

This form has no stats unless you are a breed that specifically lists it (Mimma Lemnua, which are currently not allowed). It is generally a defensive measure to avoid attacks, and cannot attack in return. Damage taken from effects large enough to envelope the entire swarm will reflect as damage when you shift back. It is up to the ST discretion how much your swarm can withstand. (Suggested: Human Health Levels)

Individuals within the Swarm Form have about a distance from the mass of about 100feet before they loose focus. Beyond that distance your individual aspects revert to Essence as they are drawn back into the 'main' swarm as if returning to a part of you. This does mean that your swarm form parts do not remain around after you shift back to a normal form.

Totem Guardian

This aspect is not available on Fallcoast.

Unsettling Eye (•)

This Aspect adds the characters Feral-Heart Score as a bonus to Intimidation Rolls (Old Mechanic: Effectively doubles the characters Intimidation Pool)

Spirit Gift

We do not follow the book write-up for this Aspect which limits the Feral to learning only 5 or less gifts.

To Learn
You need to have way to interact with spirits. This is represented by possessing the merit Language (First Tongue) and either the Aspect Shadow Bond or the Spirit Secret Threshold.
Learning Gifts Out of Order
Yes, you can learn gifts out of order! If you want to pick up Dominance 3 through XP, and don't want 1 or 2, you can do that. However, each rank you skip costs you the base xp cost (+5 or +7 xp). So in this case, it would cost you either +10 or +14 XP depending on the list the gift comes from.
Available Spirit Gifts
You can only learn gifts from lists that are associated with Respect that you possess or from the Common list and that are ranked lower or equal to the associated Respect rank, or your highest respect rank in regards to the Common list.
XP Cost
  • Gifts from Respect lists costs New dots x 5
  • Gifts from Common list costs New dots x 7
Rank 4 and 5 Gifts
These require some form of 'Payment' for the gift. The payment will either be:
  • Done in a PrP
  • Sufficient payment (Chiminage) given to staff in the xp request (Sufficient is 'More than Essence' - this must be some act of hardship for your PC)
  • Payment provided by staff. This Chiminage will always be intended to further your RP, and provide you with interesting things to work around.
  • When a gift mimics an existing aspect please just purchase the aspect.
  • Primal-Urge converts to Feral-Heart
  • Renown substitute Respect as listed below:
Cunning converts to Cleverness
Glory converts to Ferocity
Honor converts to Loyalty
Purity converts to Passion
Wisdom converts to Insight
Spirit Gift Lists
Cleverness (Cunning)
Darkness, Evasion, Stealth, Knowledge, Shaping
Ferocity (Glory)
Inspiration, Knowledge, Rage, Strength, War
Loyalty (Honor)
Dominance, Evasion, Insight, Warding, Weather
Passion (Purity)
Dominance, Elemental, Nature, Stealth, Strength
Insight (Wisdom)
Death, Elemental, Insight, Shaping, Warding
Common (Non-Affinity for All)
Endurance, Information, Predator, War

Spirit Secrets (•••)

As per the book, learning the secrets of Spirits is not easy. Ferals are creatures of the Earth and learning Spirit Secrets (Numina) is difficult. These Secrets, once learned tend to have a more nature or earthy appearance and effects to them which reflects the Feral's connection to nature rather than to the spirits.

Available Secrets (Numina)

You may only select Spirit Secrets (Numina) from the Approved List. This list is shared between Changing Breeds, Purified, and Werewolves. Please also check there for global house rules.


Please read Book of Spirits, pg 137, and 138, the Resistance and targeting. It tells you how to determine your Range, that Defense, Cover, Concealment, and Armor all applies, and there is a penalty to your roll equal to the Gauntlet Rating if you are attempting to use a Numina across it. Please remember all of these things.

Spirit Stats & Rank
  • Your Spirit Stats will be shown on your +sheet under the Spirit section.
Total Respect Spirit Rank
0 - 7 One
8 - 15 Two
16 - 23 Three
24 + Four
Secrets Limit
  • Ferals can learn a total number of Spirit Secrets limited by their Total Dots of Respect with a max of 7 Secrets.
  • Ferals can leave Chargen with half their allotted Spirit Secrets (rounded down). This limitation is due to the PRP requirement to learn such secrets.
XP Cost & Purchase
  • Please make sure the Spirit Secret you want to learn is on the Approved List of Numina.
  • The cost for the Spirit Secrets is the cost of the Aspect each time (15xp for the 3 dot merit). This differs from the direct cost of the Numina paid by Purified and Werewolves because of the greater difficulty Ferals have in learning Spirit Secrets.
  • To learn a Spirit Secret you need either the Shadow Bond, Spirit Sight Aspect, or a PrP (provides a 2 XP discount) OR you may buy it for full price with a written blurb of how you're learning it. Nothing fancy if you don't want.
    • Appropriate learning rolls need to be made to an open job.
Learning Spirit Secrets
  • You must first find, stalk and trick a spirit into giving up the secret and witnessing it.
  • You must then spend either 1 Willpower or 1 Essence make a succeed Wits + Intelligence Roll to understand how to use it.
  • If you fail the roll you will have to see the Numina used a second time to get to pay the cost and a second roll.

Spirit Sight (••)

Per the Changing Breeds Book, Spirit Sight allows one to peer across the Gauntlet, and also spot spiritual disturbances or power in the Material Realm. This second part is represented by being able to see into Twilight. As the aspect further clarifies that the Aspect helps the Feral to assess the threat, this includes the ability to see both ghosts and spirits.

Weaver's Wisdom (• to •••••)

This does indeed work with crafting rolls for Webbing, as long as you are designing some sort of end product - Blocking off a tunnel, creating a trap. Items that can possibly be done with Extended rolls. This does not apply to combat and/or grappling with Webbing.

Aspects XP Cost

Aspects are house ruled here to be a special case. The cost of a Aspect depends on whether it is a graduated Aspect or a simple Aspect. Graduated Aspect, like Aww!!!, must be purchased one dot at a time, since each dot confers individual benefits. So for example if you want to purchase a •••• Aww!!! from scratch, it costs you a total of 50 experience points (5 for the first point, 10 to go from 1 to 2, 15 to go from 2 to 3, and 20 to go from 3 to 4).

On the other hand, simple Aspects like Swift Wing are purchased all at once, since they only confer one benefit at their full value, and cannot be purchased one dot at a time. So if you want to purchase Swift Wing (a ••• Aspect), you must spend a total of 15 experience points (3 x 5 = 15). This means that a ••• Swift Wing Aspect is significantly less expensive than a •••• Aww!!! Aspect, but that’s because the Aww!!! Aspect confers increasing benefits, while the Swift Wing Aspect only confers one benefit and cannot be purchased at lower levels.

Aspect Negative Dots

While the book does not require it, we are allowing players to gain a free Aspect Dot (Chargen Only) by taking Aspects such as Tell or Hare's Heart which have a negative cost. This offer is limited to 1 and only 1 Free Dot, no matter how many of the negative cost Aspects you take.

The Limbless Aspect is a strange duck, and considering such, if taken by a species that is not normally Limbless this will be handled on a case by case basis to make it appropriate to both theme and physical reality.

These Aspects are free to players any point after Chargen, but you will not gain the free Aspect Dot.

Band Membership

There is no such thing as a non-Changing Breed member of a Band. Efforts will be made by staff to curtail this behavior, but players are also encouraged to reinforce this ICly in their role-play. (Changing Breeds. pg 43)


  • Gain free Unseen Sense (Changing Breeds).
  • Gain free Animal Ken specialty in their Species.

Beast Magic

Beast Magic is not approved on Fallcoast. Species which always get Beast Magic are therefore unavailable.


Delusion now follows the same Willpower Chart as listed on WTF: Core pg176. That is, the Willpower of the affected Mortal determines the response to the Feral. Immunity to Feral Delusion now follows the same rules that Lunacy does - if you are immune to Lunacy, you continue to be immune to Delusion.

Warform produces Full Delusion, Throwback and Dire Ferals produce Weakened Delusion - the Willpower value of the affected is considered to be 2 points higher on the chart for Dire, and 4 points higher for Throwback (just the same as for Ushul and Dalu). Yes, this means if your form does not have a Warform, unless you have some other aspect to modify your Delusion, you do not inflict full delusion.

Beastkin continue to be fully Immune to Delusion, and +1 willpower to Lunacy.

Wolfblood who are of the appropriate level of the merit to gain a resistance against Lunacy, are also +1 to Delusion

Many Legged Aspect provides a -2 to the effective Willpower of the affected on the chart (So a person with Willpower 6 will be considered Willpower 4 for the purposes of reacting to Delusion) - This does Stack on the Dire form, so Sicarious actually produce full Delusion in Dire Form.

The Unspeakable Horror Aspect provides a -1 to the effective Willpower at 3 dots, and a -2 to the effective willpower on the chart at 5 dots, including its other benefits



How many do I get? And at what level?
Many of the Breeds give you a Favor with no value when it is a multiple value Favor. In this case, you always get the lowest value of the Favor. You can certainly buy more with xp later. Some breed "Favors" are actually Aspects. This is not a mistake. You get all of the items listed under Breed Favors for your breed.
In or Out of Breed? Can I have it at all?
Unless the Favor is some radical mutation you can probably take it. If it is listed in your 'Suggested Aspects' of your breed, you may purchase it for 5xp. If it is not, you may purchase it for 7xp. The most common example of this is Darksight. Remember, it must be either very subtle and internal, or expected of your breed. Feral Staff will make the ultimate ruling on whether or not a Favor/Aspect makes sense. Examples of unacceptable things: winged sharks, multi-legged snakes, etc.
Can I buy/raise Favors with Starting Aspect dots?
Starting Aspect dots in character generation are reserved for powers actually listed as Aspects. You cannot raise Favors with these dots. You may spend XP to do so, however.

Dark Sight (•)

Bastet pay Breed Favor price for Darksight.

Extra Limbs (• to •••)

With extra arms you may choose only one benefit per round. Either you

  1. Gain a +dice to defense along the lines already defined (+1 for each limb after the first 3, so +3 for 3dots)
  2. No extra defense, but a +dice to grapple along the lines defined for defense (again +1 for each limb after the 3rd, so +3 for 3dots)

Extra attacks for extra limbs are no longer permitted. You can choose to get a defense bonus or grapple bonus as the other 'dots' of the fighting style. You also gain the bonuses (reduced) of all this for 15xp if you choose to only get 2 dots.

Fangs and Claw (• to ••••)

This Favor has been simplified. For each dot, a Feral may add +1 equipment bonus to their chosen free natural weapon, up to a maximum +4 total bonus for a given weapon (this is still a base equipment bonus). Alternately, a Feral can purchase a new weapon that does Bashing or Lethal damage with an equipment bonus equal to the dot rating, up to 4 dots, as long as it makes sense for their animal type. Natural weapons purchased this way may not be used in human form without the use of the Partial Change Aspect.

A Breed that receives a free 3L natural weapon may buy a single dot of Fang and Talon to improve their weapon to 4L. A Breed that does not have a free natural weapon could get a +1L or +1B weapon for 1 dot (or up to +4, at 4 dots).

Size (••••)

When you buy the Size Favor it extra above your built in changes does NOT affect your size through the code. you will have to mentally hold +1 Size and +1 Health.

Webbing (••••)

Webs last a number of days equal to your Feral-Heart score, before they break down.


Changing Breeds may use Fetishes in just the same way as Werewolves - They may Roll Harmony or spend an Essence to activate them.

Ferals with the Fetish Crafter merit can create fetishes, or they can obtain them from Werewolf, Purified, or Mage crafters.

Fetishes crafted by PCs receive a discount of 1xp per dot of the fetish. So 1 dot fetishes cost 1xp, 2dots 4xp, 3 dots 9xp, 4 dots 16xp, and 5dots 25xp. Fetishes obtained from PrPs directly do not receive this discount.

Feral Defense

When a feral wears the Dire form, or the Beast form, he applies the higher of his Dexterity or Wits as his Defense, like an animal. Feral's are extremely in tune with their inner animals, and can make greater use of their instincts.



To reflect some sense of development, jumps in Feral-Heart will not be allowed. They'll be permitted at a rate of one point per month. This is to bring things in to alignment with Werewolves who have the same progression rate with their Primal Urge.

Attribute Cap

Feral Heart now follows the same Attribute cap progression as all other spheres. That is, you need to have a Feral Heart of 6+ in order to gain Attributes or Skills at 6 or above (again, depending on your Feral Heart).

Respec Max

It's been ruled that you cannot come out of a respec with your Feral Heart higher then 6. Which is double what we allow at Chargen. However, you're welcome to sit on the xp for raising your Feral Heart after you've been out of Chargen/Respec for 30 days.

Feral-Heart 7+

Feral Heart above 7 will need to have an appropriate PrP ran showing how your character is becoming closer and closer to their more primal side. The plot has to be approved by Changing Breed staff prior to being ran.

Feral-Heart 10

Feral Heart 10 is not allowed on grid. If you choose to buy Feral Heart to 10 you will become an NPC (which is sometimes fun and a good closing for older characters).

Fighting Styles in Shifted Forms

In review, certain fighting styles have been approved for Forms other than Human and/or Throwback.

All forms: Human/Throwback/War/Dire/Beast

Fighting Style: Savage Fury (• to •••••) [Wits 3, Strength 3, Feral Heart or Primal Urge 3] The War Against the Pure p. 183

All Breed Species Dire/Beast

Blind Fighting (• to ••••) [Wits 3, Fast Reflexes 2] Homebrewed Merit
Fighting Style: Tooth and Claw (• to •••••) [Strength 2, Dexterity 3, Stamina 3, Brawl 2] The Rage p. 103
Fighting Style: Wolfpack (• to ••••) [Dexterity 3, Stamina 2, Brawl 3, Primal Urge 1] The War Against the Pure p. 44

Hugranjah Dire/Beast

Heavy Hands (•••) [Strength 3, Brawl 2] Armory: Reloaded p. 98

Form Stat Lines

Many breeds have had their statlines adjusted +species/view (Species name) to see your proper stat lines.


Predatory species (and prey species of the Heart-Ripper Accord) no longer degenerate Harmony for the killing of "important" living things (see: Humans) with just cause (the protection of Fera, her Children, in extreme defense of one's self, etc). This applies to anyone Staff discretion.


Regeneration has gotten a revamp for both Werewolves and Ferals. Mechanically, this consists of two changes, one to the essence per turn rates of Primal-Urge and Feral-Heart, along with Bashing regeneration rates, and Regeneration itself.

Feral-Heart Max Essence/Turn Bashing Regen over 2 rounds
1 10 / 1 1B / 2 rounds
2 11 / 2 1B / 2 rounds
3 12 / 3 1B / 2 rounds
4 13 / 4 2B / 2 rounds
5 15 / 5 2B / 2 rounds
6 20 / 6 3B / 2 rounds
7 25 / 7 3B / 2 rounds
8 30 / 8 4B / 2 rounds
9 50 / 10 5B / 2 rounds
10 75 / 15 6B / 2 rounds

Bashing Damage

Ferals heal at least one point of bashing damage every other turn, depending on their Feral Heart. See the chart above for the exact amount at each Feral-Heart score.

  • Ferals with the Warrior's Restoration aspect OR the Quick Healer merit heal at the double the rate, matching Uratha healing.

Lethal Damage

Ferals heal one point of Lethal damage every 30 minutes.

  • Ferals with the Warrior's Restoration aspect OR the Quick Healer merit heal at the Uratha rate.
  • Ferals with Warrior's Restoration AND the Quick Healer merit heal one point of lethal damage every 8 minutes.
  • By spending one point of Essence as a reflexive action, they may regenerate lethal damage instead of bashing damage for the turn. This is NOT increased further by Quick Healer.

Aggravated Damage

A shapechanger cannot regenerate aggravated damage unless he has the Durga’s Blessing Aspect or some other magical aid. Aggravated damage heals at the same rate for ferals as for normal human beings

  • Ferals with Warrior's Restoration OR the Quick Healer merit heal one point of aggravated damage every four days.
  • Only Silver, supernatural powers or items can cause aggravated damage to Ferals directly.
  • Any source of harm that would cause aggravated damage to a human, including massive bodily devastation, only causes lethal damage to Ferals. As such, most unwitting attackers must do enough lethal damage to cause it to "roll over" into aggravated damage before it poses a real problem for the shifters.

War Form

When in War Form, the character heals bashing and lethal damage equal to their Feral-Heart score without essence expenditure at the start of each turn. This is a change from the 2e regeneration rules where the update is coming from.


Toxins can still affect Ferals. Subtract their Feral-Heart from the Toxicity rating of any poison or disease that would ail her.

Regrowing Lost Limbs / Organs

In healing a lost limb or organ (including fingers, legs, livers, lungs and eyes) requires special effort. First, the Shifter must be willing and able to spend a draining amount of effort to regrow the lost part. During this time, the werewolf must remain relatively inactive; he can eat (and may have to), but cannot fight or engage in strenuous activity. This limb regrowth is separate to the actual healing of the health wounds.

We follow the guidelines found in Blood of the Wolf, pg 18.

  • To begin the regrowing the lost limb, the Shifter must spend a permanent dot of Willpower.
  • The Shifter then begins an extended healing action, with a dice pool of his Resolve, made at intervals of six hours.
    • This interval can be reduced to one hour by spending a point of Essence.
  • The number of successes required depends on the severity of the wound. A lost finger requires three successes, an arm severed at the elbow costs 15, a leg at the hip needs 40, an eye takes a great deal of complicated nerves with it and requires 10 successes to heal, most other organs only require eight successes to completely regrow.
  • The brain is the exception.
  • The regenerated part bears witness to its injury. A limb bears severe scars at the point where it was removed, and the skin looks just slightly too new for several weeks. An eye heals thickly and may sometimes ache or an internal organ does its job somewhat less efficiently.
  • extra time may be spent to heal the injury perfectly by adding 5 successes to the number needed to heal. this healing moves more slowly and it is only complete when the new total number of successes has been met.


Respect does 3 things for you:

  • adds to social interaction with other Ferals and even possibly humans
  • adds to various gifts as detailed above
  • adds bonuses with social interaction with Spirits

As per the Book, you must be exhibiting an action similar to the respect to use it in that situation. So if you are passionately making a case in a court room, you can use Passion. If you are cleverly misdirecting an enemy to the wrong side of the tracks, you can use Cleverness. And so on. This is the ST on the scene's call if you are taking an action that follows that Respect.

You can raise your Respect to 4 for no justification.
Respect 5 must have accompanying scene logs to be granted.


Changing Breeds, mired as they are in the physical realm, do not get access to Rituals. This is the sole purview of Werewolves, who are far more in tune with the spiritual world.

Scenting other Shifters

Approximately 30 foot radius.

Dice Pool
Wits + Feral Heart-2
Dramatic Failure
The character doesn't catch the scent, and no other rolls may be made to do so for the remainder of the scene.
The character doesn't catch the scent. The Storyteller may ask for a successive attempt if the character remains near the other shifter for awhile.
The character notices that another shifter is in the area, as well as a few obvious details of the scent (the other shifter's sex and what form she's currently in).
Exceptional Success
The character notices the scent of the other shifter and can tell exactly where the scent originates.

All penalties/bonuses for forms that apply to Uratha also apply to Ferals. Please refer to p180 Werewolf: The Forsaken for details.


Unclean & Colony

Both groups have methods for forcibly infecting others in attempts to make them into Unclean/Colony. These methods are only approved for Becomings, and require staff permission.

The Colony


Cat Colonies claim territory differently from the Forsaken. The Forsaken seek borders, defined limits to their area. The werecats do no such thing. They mark a town or a city neighborhood as theirs. It matters little who else calls it home or divvies it up into nicely sliced domains. The cats call the area all theirs. They’re not pushy about it, and in fact will do their very best to remain utterly hidden from any other supernatural, because there’s little reason to go setting off alarms. But the werecats know the truth: it’s all theirs, no matter what the maps and guidebooks say.

Territory Benefits apply to Either Fallcoast or Hanging Hills (Inside Town)

  • War Against the Pure pg187

The Unclean

Light Penalty Unclean suffer dice penalties when operating under any type of bright lights, including fluorescent lighting. Below is a table of the associated penalties to ALL dice rolls under these conditions. (Quick Math, divide your Feral Heart by 2, then round up)

Feral Heart Light Penalty
1 - 2 -1
3 - 4 -2
5 - 6 -3
7 - 8 -4
9 + -5
  • War Against the Pure pg208


Brineborn (Fish Folk) are from War Against the Pure. In order to align with the rest of the Changing Breeds the following adjustments have been made:

  • Common Aspects: Bioluminescence, Earthbond, Echolocation, Electroreceptors, Mindmap, Rigid Scales, Needleteeth, Razorskin, Weatherskin


We have chosen to deviate from the book background text for Minjur. This breed/species covers mice and rats and they may be from any background/ethnicity.

Teaching Scenes

Teaching scenes can be fun. They can also be a PITA. They are also incredibly good for character building. If you teach another feral any of the listed topics below and log and post it you can get 1xp for these scenes.

  • Feral Laws, Conventions, Society, Terms, and such
  • Metaplot Information

The scene must be more than just "Here's the deal. BIG FRAKIN POSE got it? Got it" - that's not worth 1xp. Staff may choose at any point not to award if they feel it's people just reaching for incentives.


Fallcoast's grid is done by neighborhoods, with each grid square being quite a large area. As such, claiming of grid squares as territory is no longer done. Territory will not be marked on the +map in game, or as +views in the grid square rooms themselves.

  • You need at least 3 members to form a band and claim territory. This will be a build that you own, and you can set +views indicating your ownership markings as you wish. If you want to claim a block of houses, then you may create a +build with an entry room such as 'The 1300 block of Westchester Ave.' and place your personal builds off of that room.
  • Individual ferals cannot claim a grid square. They can claim parts of it -- their house, their shop, a floor in their apartment building. This will be represented by a +view and an update to the Wiki, but NOT a +map color.