Changing Breeds/Custom Merits

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Changing Breeds
Custom Merits

Animal Finesse

Cost: ••

Prerequisite: Dexterity 3, Brawl 3, (Must have an Appropriate Animal Form)

Effect: Your character prefers to fight with a specific natural weapon in a manner that favors agility over power. With that one weapon (a bite or claws, for example), you may substitute your character's Dexterity for Strength when making attack rolls in animal forms (Primal and Dire only). This Merit may be purchased multiple times to gain agility with more weapons, one for each purchase. You may not use this merit in conjunction with Partial Change, it may only be used when wholly animal. Certain breeds (Ursara, Wind-Dancers, The Pack, and some Laughing Strangers species) are not suited to this merit as they rely on brute strength rather than lithe dexterity to strike.

Fetish Ritual

Cost: ••••

Prerequisites: Shadow Bond 3, Language (First Tongue) 1

Effect: You may craft a fetish as per the Werewolf rules in Lore of the Forsaken, pg. 137. The rank of the fetish to be created must bind a spirit of equivalent rank, except for rank 5 fetishes, which require a powerful rank 4 spirit. This undertaking can be dangerous, requires a PrP for fetishes over Rank 3, requires a method for persuading and interacting with the spirit. You're unlikely to make many friends in the spirit world depending upon how you approach this. See the Fetish Clarifications page for some useful information when creating fetishes.

The dice roll - Harmony ,+1 if performed in Throwback, +1 if accord is Root-Weaver or Wind-Dancer, -1 due to no Spirit Rank. Other modifiers from the Rituals and Fetish Rite apply. See WtF p147 and p162 respectively. You get a number of rolls equal to your dice pool including all modifiers, +4. Patient does not apply to this roll.