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Changing Breeds

Template Information

When applying for a new Changing Breed character, please use the template below after completing basic chargen. This will allow staff to process your application faster and get you out on the grid!

Please include all of the following information that is appropriate to your template:

Template: Changing Breed / Beast-Kin

Breed: Choose from the list of Available Breeds

Species: Choose from the list of Available Species

  • It must include the human form and be in the following format: <Species Name>:Human <Form1> <Form2>

Accord: Den-Warder, Heart-Ripper, Root-Weaver, Sun-Chaser, or Wind-Dancer

Free Accord Specialty: Each Accord grants one free specialty from a list of three skills. Specify that here.

  • Den-Warder: Empathy, Medicine, or Survival
  • Heart-Ripper: Brawl, Intimidation, or Subterfuge
  • Root-Weaver: Academics, Crafts, or Science
  • Sun-Chaser: Athletics, Expression, or Socialize
  • Wind-Dancer: Investigation, Occult, or Stealth

Free Starting Favors: The free breed/species favors that are listed for your character type. Species

  • NOTE Favors besides the ones listed on your species that you want to purchase will need to fit the Breed/Species you are applying for. IE: if you are a Bear please do not try to request Swarm Form etc.

Free Starting Aspects: Most breeds have 7 dots in starting aspects. Check to see if yours has more. Specify those points here.

Merit Points Not Spent in Chargen: If you did not spend all of your merit points in character generation, specify where those points should be assigned here.

Respect: You start with three dots of respect. One dot must be in the respect that matches your accord. The other two may be assigned as you see fit.

Family: If you wish to be part of one of the Families in game, please make sure your concept fits by talking to the Family Head and Family Staffer for the family that you wish to join. (Optional)

Starting XP: If you are making a standard Tier 1 character this is 50xp. If you have additional incentives/tier xp/transfer xp, specify that here.

  • Example: 50xp Tier 1 + 2xp Local Incentive + 1xp Wiki Page = 53xp Total
  • Check out the list of Game Incentives and check the Changing Breeds wikipage for current Sphere Incentives.

Chargen Starting XP expenditures.:

  • For help with XP spending see this handy chart: XP Chart

Handy Copy+Paste Templates

Feral Template

sheet/set <playername>/Breed=<breed name>
+species/add <playername>=<species name>:<species forms> 

The Human form must be included in the above +species code as well. IE: +species/add <playername>=<species name>:Human War Beast

sheet/set <playername>/accord=<accord name>
sheet/set <playername>/specialty=<skill>:<specialty>
sheet/set <playername>/favor=<favor name>:<rank>/<detail>
sheet/set <playername>/aspects=<aspect name>:<rank>/<detail>

Please indicate here which aspects you are taking with your free aspect dots.

sheet/set <playername>/respect=<respect name>:<rank>

Yes, we are aware Changing Breed uses Respect, but code wise we use renown.

sheet/set <playername>/Feral-Heart=1
sheet/set <playername>/Essence=10

Please indicate here if you are raising your Feral Heart above 1 via your Chargen Merit Dots.

Beast-Kin Template

sheet/set <playername>/Breed=<breed name>
+species/add <playername>=<species name>:Human

Both Templates

sheet/set <playername>/merits=<merit name>:<rank>/<detail>

This is for the spending of any unspent merit chargen dots.

sheet/set <playername>/family=<family name>
+xp/award <playername>=<amount>:Starter XP <+ Other Incentives>

Review & Reminders

Before you submit your application, make sure that it is as complete as possible. Check your math. Review the info below.

  • Remember that Beast Magic is not available.
  • Available Breeds and Species- Is what you want on there?
  • House Rules - Make sure that you understand what you are buying!
  • Approved Merits - A list of Non-Exclusive Feral/Feral/Shapechanger merits.
  • Approved Aspects and Numina - Includes clarifications and home brew aspects.
  • addcom <alias>=Feral to join the Feral channel and say hello and ask questions. Other players can be helpful and the staff lurks about there too!

Good luck! We look forward to receiving your app!


  • Character backgrounds can be as short or long as players wish, but should at least consist of a few paragraphs.
  • We do not expect a novel for those that wish to write a narrative, some players choose to use the bullet point/timeline format or some people find it easy to just cut and paste the questions and answer them.
  • Which ever method you choose is fine. Be as detailed as you like, so that we can get a good sense of your character.
  • We only ask that the below questions must be addressed in some manner.
  • Please make sure you address important events in your characters life. These can include major changes and life milestones.
    • This must include your character's supernatural Becomings/Introduction. This is a requirement and detail about your characters First Change, or your characters first exposure to being a Beast-Kin needs to be provided.
  • Please ensure that your background and attributes, skills, specialties, merits, and abilities mesh together.
    • There may be reasons for disparities as mentioned above but if so then they should be mentioned in your background.


The Mortal World

  1. When and Where were you born? What was your life and family like growing up? Where did you live?
  2. What do you do to survive day to day if anything? Why? What are your talents?
  3. Do you have any friends or enemies? Who are they? Why do they like/hate you?
  4. If you're not a native, what brought you here? How long ago?
  5. What do you do in Fallcoast? Who might know you/have heard of you?

Legal Status

  1. Have you ever been convicted of a crime after the age of 18 years old in the United States?
    1. If so, were you arrested in Fallcoast, and if so, why?
    2. What was the result of the conviction? Are you still on probation? Did you finish your time or probation?
  2. Are you using an New Identity? If so, why?

Other Groups

  1. Do you have connections to any other sphere? These include supernatural spheres as well as mortal organisations such as Law, Crime, and Family.
    1. If so, which, and for each please explain how?

Changing Breeds Information

  1. When did you first encounter the supernatural? Describe what happened. Did anyone die?
  2. How did you react after? How did you deal with your newfound knowledge?
  3. If you are a Shifters:
    1. Describe your First Change; The Storm, Snap, and Release.
    2. What accord was your character drawn to during his First Change?
  4. If you are a Beast-kin:
    1. Describe how you learned about the existence of Shifters and how you are connected with them.
    2. Do you have any other supernatural (Mortal+) aspects?
    3. If you are a Psychic/Thaumaturge:
      1. Thaumaturge: What led you on the path you are on?
      2. Psychic: What power manifested first (defining merit)?
      3. Do you have any interest in being involved with the world of OMEGA and/or CAB? This can either be something you start with or introduced in play.
  5. Who, if anyone, helps you advance your knowledge? Why?
  6. Do you have any special talents? What are they? Where do you believe they come from? (Actual answer and believed answer may differ here.)