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Changeling: Newbie Guide
The Changeling Newbie Guide is a player created and staff/player updated guide in order to help both new players to the sphere and old players. If you have a suggestion to add to this guide please turn in a +request Changeling Newbie.

There are a few basic things to know about the Changeling sphere. We have our own hangouts, our own myriad of channels, and our own special commands. This page is a work in progress for getting you set up in the sphere like a champ.

Each changeling can start the game with one set of basic, stat-free Hedgespun clothing for free.


AKA: How Do I Set My Mien??

There are a couple commands or settings that are unique to Changeling. These are in the +help files under +help Changeling. There's a guide for what's appropriate per your wyrd rating at Mien Guide.

  • Faedesc -- this will let any changeling or fae-touched see your mien when they look at you. It can be set by typing &faedesc me=<Insert your desc here>
  • Pledge -- +pledge will let you see what pledges you have set on yourself. +pledge # will let you look at the specifics of that pledge.
  • Glamour -- To spend glamour, the command is +spend glamour=#. To regain, the basic command is +regain glamour=<amt>. The same command can be used for willpower. There are many more details in +help spend.

Bulletin Boards

AKA: Wait, Where'd You Post That?

There are a number of bulletin boards in the sphere. Some are Court or Freehold specific and for the bboards, only court members are on the specific board--goodwill does not get you access. If you pledge the freehold or join a Court and are unable to see these boards, send in a +request noting which board you are missing.


AKA: Where My Peeps At??

There are MANY channels in the sphere. There is the main Changeling channel for all sphere members. There are the individual Season channels. There is the Freehold channel for Freehold members. Note: if you come onto the grid with Court Goodwill? You may join that Court's channel.

To add yourself to a channel, the command is: addcom <shortcut>=ChannelName. This is a situation where Capitals Matter.

The current Changeling channels that may be appropriate for your new Changeling:

  • Changeling -- General OOC Sphere Channel
  • Spring -- Channel for members of Spring and those with Spring Goodwill
  • Summer -- Channel for members of Summer and those with Summer Goodwill
  • Autumn -- Channel for members of Autumn and those with Autumn Goodwill
  • Winter -- Channel for members of Winter and those with Winter Goodwill
  • Dawn -- Channel for members of Dawn and those with Dawn Goodwill
  • Dusk -- Channel for members of Dusk and those with Dusk Goodwill
  • Courtless -- Channel for members that are Courtless.


AKA: Where Should I Start RPing?

There are lots of friendly people on the channel so you could start by paging one of them or asking on channels. There are also ways to see who is a connected member of the sphere (+swho or +fwho).

The Hedge has many places where one can rp. A listing of grid hedge gates will eventually go here. There are many landmarks. There is a Goblin Market.

Sphere_Hangouts has a ongoing list of changeling friendly places.


AKA: How Do I Get a Story of My Very Own?

The Changeling sphere is lucky enough to have a lot of player storytellers who run plots, and staff who run plots alike. You will find some of us who are active listed under the +st command, though others not listed on this command run plots regularly in-sphere as well. Plots can include everything from one-shot stories that last little more than a scene, to complicated stories that relate to the metaplot that can last weeks or even months. Plots often need to be run for important stat raises, and should be run for all characters who ICly join an entitlement, acquire hedge-beast companions or hedge-mounts, visit Goblin Markets or places outside Aleswich, create hedgespun items, or add another kith through Dual-Kith purchase or Wyrd evolution. You shouldn't feel shy to ask around, both to ask others to create story for you, or to join in plots that are ongoing! The best way to get involved is to be proactive, and many player-STs are happy to bring people in.

Some of the regular Storytellers among the Lost players can be found at Changeling STs. In addition, a number of characters are designated with roles within-freehold to assist newbies, and we have a handful of Tiered characters, all of whom try to be proactive in getting new people introduced to the sphere and RPing as a part of it.

If you would like to run a plot of your own for others, please read +news plots and follow its directions. Pitching stories to staff is easy, and rewarding, and we hope you'll consider sometime running some of your own for others in the sphere.


AKA: How Do I Craft A Custom Pledge?

Well, it turns out that someone wrote up a very nice guide to it, here: Pledge-Crafting 101