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Changeling: Worldwide Freeholds
A listing of canonical freeholds mentioned in rp.


North America

Watchtower of the Redwoods

Watchtower of the Redwoods Freehold

Otherwise Known As: Atalaya de la Madera Roja, The ‘Tower, Big Red.

xxxxxOne of a number of Freehold’s in the San Francisco Bay Area, Watchtower of the Redwoods’ borders cover the entire city of Palo Alto, California and the nearby Stanford University. Tucked into a former Spanish mission not far from the famously lucky Frenchman’s Tower folly, Watchtower of the Redwood Freehold was established in 1875 by an alliance of immigrant Euro/American and Indigenous fae from the area, who promised to keep their region safe from the insidious schemings of the True Fae.

xxxxxIn modern times, Watchtower is a booming hub: the good fortunes of Silicone Valley are rumoured to be swayed by the members of the ‘hold there, which has a disproportionate number of fae who’re interested in technology, entrepreneurship, education - and swaying the hand of Fate. Stanford University and its students fall under the Watchtower’s prevue; there are more than a few ‘hold members who moonlight as flustered academic researchers, sorority house directors, or grumbling admission clerks.

xxxxxThe College of Worms has a noted presence in the Freehold, with open symposiums taking place more than a few times a month; while many ‘hold members are well versed in Contracts of Hearth and Omen, all the better to help support the city’s ambitious, risk-taking, entrepreneurial citizens - and themselves.

xxxxxSummer and Autumn Courtiers are more prevalent than Spring or Winter, but it’s a diverse bunch and other courts are welcomed readily. Court politics at the Watchtower are sometimes criticised by outsiders for relying heavily on laissez faire leadership, with Seasonal Regents delegating a significant portion of responsibility on democratically elected representatives of each Court, using complicated project management systems inspired by the tech industry around them. This said? The wrath of the Watchtower is swift: the Freehold gives fortune and favour easily to its members, but once scorned? Oathbreakers are made very public examples of; humiliation, isolation and demotion to a degrading court position are a powerful stick. Nobody wants to be symbolically sent to The Roof of the Watchtower; tasked to do nothing, marked as notoriously useless amongst their peers for a duration. For the Regents of the Watchtower, their approach is clear: why banish or kill another, when you can break their spirit instead?

Actively encouraging new fae to have hailed from / spent time at the Watchtower of the Redwoods. Got questions, or want to get some sweet connections going? Contact Myles! There’s some plot hooks in there: especially for former friends/frenemies…

Central America

South America