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Changeling: Token Making

Token Making

If you want to create a Token, follow these rules. Please note, these rules are brand new, and may be tweaked as we discover aspects to them that cause problems. If you have any questions, please feel free to put in a +request.

Tokens created this way are discounted by the level of the Token. (i.e., a level 5 relic is at -5xp for a total of 25xp instead of 30, while a level 4 is -4xp for a total of 16xp)

Need: Token Maker Merit •••

The Rules:

Phase 1: Submit Token +req to staff.

  • To start a Token job, you need to notify staff through +request. You need to let us know what you are making and what the abilities of it are. You may also note what sort of story would fit the item. Perhaps you want to create a suit of armor that sparkles like the stars, so you could suggest tracking down a Dragon of the Night Sky and obtaining its scales for your creation. Level it open ended enough, so that the ST has some flexibility and is able to both challenge you and help you have fun.
  • Tokens may also be bought for their full XP cost if you do not wish to create them. If you do take this route skip to Phase X

Phase 2: The Recipe

All Tokens need a Recipe. You may acquire them in one of two ways.

Option A) Market Scene - Get a PrP ST and purchase a Recipe
Option B) Research or create your own Recipe.
  • Extended Intelligence + Occult, needing 4 success per level of the Token you want to create. (Eg, a level 5 Token requires 20 successes from your rolls)
  • Each roll is one hour's worth of work.
  • May take a specialty in Token Recipe
  • An Archive in Tokens can help you.
  • Creating your own Recipe gives you a +2 to the rolls to create your Token.

Research Roll Mods

  • Distractions while researching (-1)
  • Inadequate research material (-1)
  • Character possesses the Archive merit in Tokens (+ number of dots in archive token merit)
  • Item is from (or is similar to) an item featured in a well know story (+2)
  • Item has been made previously from a recipe the character has used in the past (+3)

Phase 3: Story

  • Creating a Token will require a certain number of scenes, which revolve around the story of the item to be crafted. These scenes must happen in the hedge, must be related to the item in question, and must involve some element of risk and failure appropriate to the nature of the item crafted and story told. These scenes must be a preapproved PRP, and xp will be earned for them. This story must be concluded before a roll is made, and the story must center on the creator of the Token though others may be involved.
  • A lvl 1 or 2 creation requires a single story scene.
  • A lvl 3 or 4 creation requires two story scenes.
  • A lvl 5 creation requires 3 story scenes.

Phase 4: Rolling

  • This is an Extended roll of Crafts + Wyrd.
  • You may use a Crafts specialty in Token Making to add +1 to this roll.
  • You must spend 1 Glamour per roll.
  • Target number is 3 times the number of merit dots in the creation. Eg, a level 3 token will require 9 successes.
  • The number of times you can roll is capped at your Token Making stat pool. (That is, the Wyrd + Crafts + Relevant Specialties. Eg, if you have Wyrd 3, Crafts 2, and Token Making Spec you maximum rolls would be 6. Other bonuses such as environmental or equipment do aid you, but do not increase the number of rolls you are allowed.
  • Each roll takes 1 hour of work.
  • You may spend willpower on these rolls.

  • XP must be spent at the time of crafting to create a Token..
  • If the crafting rolls fail, then no XP is spent. The glamour spent however is NOT returned and must be regained or harvested on the crafter's own time. Failure also does not ruin the materials involved.
  • The XP cost follows the standard merit cost, but for making a Token reduces it to half of its total cost.
  • If the creation is intended for someone other than the crafter, then either party may spend the xp.

Potential Modifiers

  • Recipe demands an intricate design (–3)
  • Distractions (–2)
  • The character has Clarity 8 to 10 (–2)
  • Each ephemeral or intangible ingredient included in the recipe (–1)
  • Character has Wyrd 6+ (+1)
  • Character has Clarity 5 or below (+1)
  • Character is using a recipe of their own design (+2)

Phase 5: Format for Submission

If you already have a general idea of what you'd like here is a format that make work for you.

  • Name:
  • Level:
  • Power:
  • Activation:
  • Action:
  • Mien:
  • Drawback:
  • Catch:


  • Name: The Ugly Stick
  • Level: 4
  • Power: A baseball bat wrapped in barbed wire, The Ugly Stick is treated as a blunt weapon. Damage: 2(L) Size: 2/J Durability: 2. When active anyone struck with the weapon will suffer the Deformity flaw for the next 24 hours alongside their wound.
  • Activation: Spend 1 Glamour or Roll Wyrd
  • Action: Reflexive
  • Mien: Upon activation the baseball bat's length seems composed of tough, polished wood, the barbed wire transformed into biting thorns.
  • Drawback: The Ugly Stick bites back. When activated the user also suffers the Deformity flaw for 24 hours alongside their "victims."
  • Catch: Using this token without rolling Wyrd or expending glamour invokes the Lame flaw upon the one using it.


  • Name: What you will name the token. This can be something flowery (The Atrocious Bludgeon of Matrox the Hideous) to what it says on the tin (The Ugly Stick).
  • Level: What level the Token is. This is mostly decided upon a gut check of what Power and Drawback the Token has.
  • Power: What does your Token look like and what does it do? Tokens come in many shapes and sizes from hair brushes to wardrobes and their powers can range from things that have mechanical benefits to things that are much more conceptual in design (able to find to find the exact cardinal direction to the closest Pizza Hut).
  • Activation: Tokens will almost always be activated via spending Glamour or rolling your Wyrd. Exceptions may be allowed, but only on a case by case basis.
  • Action: Whether your Tokens activation is Reflexive (you may take other actions in the turn it is activated), Instant (this will take your action), or Extended (if your item requires a set amount of Successes to be met before activation).
  • Mien: Upon activation most tokens seem to change slightly, what will your token look like to Changeling eyes when it's being used?
  • Drawback: This will determine what drawbacks and banes come into affect when your Token is activated. As above this can range from mechanical effects to things more for story.
  • Catch: The Catch is an additional drawback you may suffer to get around spending Glamour or rolling your Wyrd for the Token's activation. The Catch happens simultaneously with the Drawback. This may range from an increase in severity of the Drawback or an additional negative effect of some kind.