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Changeling: The Hedge




Ahh the hedge, places of wonder and awe, rolling hills of gold-- no, no, that's not the place I was thinking of. The hedge is something else, a tangled alien claustrophobic labyrinth that is the only barrier between the Human Realm and Arcadia. Between Earth and the lands of Fairy Tale.

Changelings find many reasons to go there, from the varieties of goblin fruit available, to the rare and mysterious and powerful items one might find in the market, or even to wrap themselves in the weave of story to create valuable hedgespun items. Make no mistake however, dear travelers, the hedge is not your world. The hedge is filled with it's own unique flora, fauna, denizens and stranger things in between; Hobs and Hobgoblins are this worlds people, and they don't take kindly to visitors from other realms stomping about like they own the place. Many lost of course build hollows among the Thorn and Bramble, even the Freehold itself, but beyond these points, the freehold holds little sway, and the pledges and protection offered there only extend so far.

Fairy Tale Creatures:

While people may experience many fantastical things of fairy tale delight in Arcadia, a land in which nearly all things and stories are possible, the hedge itself is not a Generic Fairy Tale Realm. The Hedge is its own unique place, full of its own thematic feel, strange and weird flora, fauna, and denizens. They can be found in many books, and a great resource is this right here

Staff invites and encourages players to explore/delve deeper the differences in the theme of Changeling: the Lost, rather than the generic fantasy tropes found all too commonly in fiction, less cartoonish creatures like tap-dancing satyrs, and magic dragons in favor of twisted briarwolves, noppera bo, vileshrikes or unique creatures based on the moods and themes already presented in the book.

 ha?? - Off-Trod                                  
 ha05 - The Biting Wastes                                           
 hb04 - Alley of Nightmares                               hg03 = hg02 = hg01 
 hb05 - Ghost Town                                         || 
 hc04 - Mouser Metropolis                   hf05 = hf04 = hf03   
 hc05 - Too Perfect                          ||     ||  
 hd04 - The Great Green Sea          he06 = he05 = he04  
 hd05 - Sweet Leaf Foothills          ||       
 hd06 - Forest of Truth and Lies     hd06 = hd05 = hd04   
 he04 - Goblin's Crown                              ||
 he05 - Cradle of the Forgotten             hc05 = hc04  
 he06 - The Devil's Pass                     ||     ||
 hf03 - Wildwood of Shadows                 hb05 = hb04  
 hf04 - The Silent Sentinels                 ||        
 hf05 - Vale of the Last Goodnight   ha?? = ha05  
 hg01 - Blighted Shore                   
 hg02 - Whispering Marshes
 hg03 - Needle Pines (New Redoubt)