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Changeling: Sentinel Rock Freehold


xxxxxSentinel Rock history!

Freehold history in detail may be found at the History Page.

The Brim

xxxxxThe Brim is one of those fuzzy gray areas in Changeling theme. It both is and isn't clearly defined in the source material as follows:

The territory defined as the border marches or Brim differs for every freehold, but usually is composed of the land that surrounds the freehold proper (again, loosely defined, but the Margraves make a very concerted effort to map out the boundaries). This generally accounts for at least a few square miles of land. (Changeling: The Lost, p. 305)

xxxxxFor the purposes of defining the area of the Brim on Fallcoast, grid squares D01 (Marina) and D02 (The Division) make up the area that the Freehold of Sentinel Rock consider to be the border marches. While the Freehold claims the territory on either side of this line, the land that exists in this valley has been used as neutral ground as far back as anyone can remember. Free-traders and travelers are permitted in the port to come and go as they please... that is, of course, so long as they remain in the good graces of the local Margravate.

Freehold Monarchs

xxxxxMonarchs are PC by default, with NPC placeholders until an eligible PC can be found.


  • Be a member of a Seasonal Court.
  • Be THE member of your Court people look to for advice/guidance. The Wyrd plunks the Crown on people as an acknowledgement that their Court ALREADY considers them the leader.

Selection & OOC/IC Requirements:

Freehold Council

Joining the Freehold

xxxxxThe default status for changeling sphere PCs that are not fresh from the Hedge and/or brand new to the area is "member of the Sentinel Rock Freehold". Those Lost PCs who are not new may assume freehold membership without needing to RP out their pledge.

xxxxxPCs who are either fresh from the Hedge and/or brand new to the area can be assumed to have been investigated on the quiet by the Freehold, and can engage with Freehold members with an eye to pledging.

xxxxxPCs of either stripe may choose not to pledge to the freehold. Anyone who does so should understand that anyone who chooses not to pledge will be viewed with significant suspicion locally. We regard this as a part of theme. IF YOU ARE NOT A MEMBER of the freehold, please specify this in your CharGen +myjob, so staff knows not to add you to the +pledge.


xxxxx As all Lost in Fallcoast/Hanging Hills are assumed to be a member of the Sentinel Rock Freehold, unless specifically stated otherwise, all Lost are assumed to have the following Pledge. You are not required to have a +pledge for this, it is automatic. You can, of course, opt not to be a member. Simply put in a +request.

Boon: Vassalage (+3)
Task: Fealty (-3)
Sanction: Banishment (-3)
Duration: Year (+3)

Freehold Blessing:
Bolster: Members of the freehold gain a +1 to rolls with their tertiary attributes while within the freehold borders.
(This means your attribute category with the lowest points in it. If they are precisely even, pick one and do not change it. This is a matter of trust between players and staff, do not violate it.) The borders of the Freehold are the mortal side of Fallcoast and Hanging Hills, not counting the Brim (D01, D02), and the Freehold Hollow(s), but not the Hedge outside of the Hollows.

"I swear to Sentinel Rock, to obey the crown and its laws for a year and a day. I will be protected by its aegis, and find safety and shelter in its lands, allied with those under the Freehold's banner. Should my tongue prove false, I will be forsworn and banished; at the mercy of those I betray."

Other Local Freeholds

xxxxxNo other freeholds exist in Fallcoast or Hanging Hills. Sentinel Rock has been the freehold for quite some time and will remain so. With this in mind, we are not allowing player-created freeholds.