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Active Motleys

The Cavalry

The natural response to calls for help and the need for Freehold defense.

Members: Sigil, Primrose, Bah, Mariella, Suzanne, Aileen, Lillith

Contact: Sigil, Primrose, Bah, Mariella, Suzanne, Aileen, Lillith

Holdings: Mesa Verde

Recruiting Status: Ask.

Links: Sigil, Primrose, Bah, Mariella, Suzanne, Aileen, Lillith

Inactive Motleys

Hanging Wardens

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The Bird Watcher Gang

The Bird Watcher Gang originated from a handful of Lost who spent some of their time in Arcadia as Kid Detectives or in clubhouse stories from childrens' books. As a result, they are one part kid-logic secret club, one part detective-agency, at least three parts charitable impulses and community service, and a dash or two of passion greater than their common sense.

Members: Bex, Mark, Melissa

Contact: Any of the above

Holdings: Crabapple Farm, The Gatehouse

Recruiting Status: Yes! Origins in Encyclopedia Brown or the Hardy Boys not necessary. Whether you prefer sneaky secret missions or honorable straightforward do-gooding, you might join us, or just be welcome to RP with us.

The Broken Compass

Members: Eleri, Mirabella, Ryan, Thorian

Contact: All

Recruiting Status: Limited

The Gilded Retinue

The crew of the Gilded Lily.

Members: Alireza, Tock, Vox

Holdings: The Gilded Lily airship. The Gilded Hills Airfield.

Recruiting Status: No

Seekers of the Path

The Seekers of the Path.

Members: Sistersmith, Johanna, Dorothy, Maris, Fairbliss, Bunny, & Drea

Contact: Sistersmith

Holdings: TBD

Recruiting Status: Maybe


Water and storms and shadows and solidarity.

Members: Joy, Eli, Nico, Elmo, Betsy

Contact: Any Member

Holdings: None yet.

Recruiting Status: Not at the moment.

The Perfect Storm

Motivating & Encouraging Perfection.

Members: Faruq, Kyrie, Hannah, Owen

Contact: All

Holdings: The Dark Mist

Recruiting Status: No.

Last Call

Last Call is a motley comprised of Lost who are well acquainted with the nature of indulgence. They encourage each other in their passions while also providing support when they are carried too far.

Members: Brand, Denali, Olivia, Erik

Contact: Anyone listed.

Holdings: N/A

Recruiting Status: Not yet.

Echo Squad

We do what everyone else is afraid to do.

Members: Charlie, Romeo, Whiskey

Contact: Any

Holdings: None As of Yet

Recruiting Status: Potential for Escapes of The Commander.

The Gilded Storm

Members: Alireza, Tock, Vox

Contact: Any.

Holdings: The Gilded Lily airship. The Gilded Hills Airfield.

Recruiting Status: No.

Wayfarers' Society

A band of sailors, explorers, treasure hunters, musicians and misfits.

Members: Raleigh, Ariel, Belle, Tilo, Cortez

Contact: Raleigh

Holdings: La Vengaza, kind of a little.

Recruiting Status: Unknown


Protecting the freehold and each other

Members: Blanche, Dayne, January, Myles

Contact: Any Member

Holdings: Mistmarch Citadel

Recruiting Status: Maybe!

Whispers on the Wind

A motley comprised of the Lost Boys of the Onyx Court

Members: Leander, Lex, ReinieR, Yasen

Contact: Leander, Lex, ReinieR, Yasen

Holdings: Neverland Island, Phoenix Rising

Recruiting Status: Potentially, though it would involve a significant amount of RP in becoming close to the exisiting members. Winter court only.




Members: Wyck, Stephen, Wish,Ting, Brenda

Contact: Any

Holdings: Mount Neverwhere


Members: Vesna Melody Gordan Eri Siobhan

Memories of Heroes

A group of family, adopted and by birth.

Members: Aileen, Katya, Lillith

Contact: Any.

Holdings: Harrow House

Recruiting Status: Don't ask us, we'll ask you.

The Forgotten Crew

Protectors of the Lost

Members: Finlea Gisele Lugh Vernon

Contact: Any Member

Holdings: None

Recruiting Status: No