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Changeling: Miens
They may be short and fluffy lapine/caprine stubs, feline, feathered, devil-like, scaled, but even at High Wyrd, their length and thickness can't exceed what could reasonably be covered by your clothes. If you strip naked in front of mortals, be prepared for fully staff-supported questions about weird arse tattoos or lumps on your behind as the Mask tries to make sense of your extra appendages in mortal heads.
For bird tails longer than stubs, expect to wear a lot of skirts/jackets, or expect have people mistaking you for having a coat tied around your waist a lot.

Wings may be feathered, scaled, leathery, insect-like or ephemeral, but a character may only gain mechanical benefits from their wings if they are a member of Windwing or Lurkglider kiths. In all other cases, they are purely cosmetic.
At the appropriate Wyrd level, your maximum wingspan may not exceed six feet. This means the wrist will not be rising high above your head; your feathers will not be touching the ground, because that would mean your wings were longer than your arms when spread; you can't wrap someone in your wings any better than you could with your arms, and worse, overall, really. Your arms are still there, and in the way. The wings are SMALL.
To put this in perspective, the average eagle has wings as large, or multiple feet larger than, we are talking about here. You may have feathers stuck in your belt if you aren't careful, but you are unlikely to have significant problems with most clothes. Insect wings are somewhat of an exception, given that they don't conveniently fold up the way birds' will. Thigh length = arm length when spread, more or less.
Now, this does not preclude you from getting yourself a Token to make them larger when you use it. Go right ahead. Grant yourself full flight, while you are at it. Staff encourages creative ways of getting around physical limitations! Just don't go posing massive wingspans, because you don't have one.

Horns & Antlers / Antennae
Devil horns, goat horns, ram horns, deer antlers or moose, dripping with blood or moss or light effects or not, these, too, are subject to general sanity. Just because the Mask covers them, that doesn't mean you don't have problems wearing hats. Someone groping your head may not feel them, but that doesn't mean they aren't there.
Insect antennae fall under these lines as well, given that they, too, poke up from your scalp. They have a bit more leeway where length is concerned, since they are inherently more flexible/able to hide in hair, but please don't abuse it.

The Mien is often one of the more difficult aspects of starting off as a Changeling, because so many of your stats will affect your appearance. This page lists the guidelines staff will be using to gauge whether or not yours is appropriate.

If you have merits (i.e. Armored Mien) or Entitlements (almost all of them) which visually affect you, those will be taken into account.

NOTE: Changelings are humanoid. Staff will never approve a Changeling who is not humanoid. You may be a humanoid figure with wings, horns and a tail, but you are still a humanoid figure. You may be a minotaur (human with a bull head/tail), but you may not be a centaur (horse with a human body for a head). You may not have a snake's tail for legs. You may have oddly-elongated or foreshortened arms/legs, to make yourself look less human, but you still have a head, two arms and two legs (with exceptions for people who have lost limbs/were born without them). If you have extra fingers, expect them to show up in your Mask, too.

Wyrd 1

You're essentially human. The Wyrd doesn't have much pull on you. A Fireheart's hair may have flickers of flame at its tips, a cat Beast may have slit-pupiled eyes, an ogre's skin may be subtly blue-tinged, but it typically takes effort to see that you are something else. As a general guideline, pick ONE feature to make inhuman. You're 9/10ths human.

Hooves/Paws: No.
Tails/Wings: No.
Antlers/Horns/Antennae: No.

Wyrd 2

You're still mostly human, but the Fireheart's skin is always a bit too warm now, the cat Beast's ears are pointing, getting tufts of fur, and the Ogre's skin is unmistakably a dull sky blue. The Wyrd still doesn't influence you much. People seeing through the mask might think you were a lazy cosplayer. 8/10ths human.

Hooves/Paws: No. Maybe your toes are a little hairy.
Tails/Wings: No.
Antlers/Horns/Antennae: No. At most bumps on your head where they will one day grow.

Wyrd 3

You're a little less human than before, but you look like a great cosplayer. The Wyrd is getting more influence, but you're still more human than not. The Fireheart's eye colour may have changed to a glowing ember gold, the cat Beast's nose may have subtly flattened, face angles more feline, and the Ogre's hands grown larger and stronger, but you're still not too inhuman.

This is the first point where, if it's more or less the only change you have, a full pelt of thin fur or skin of scales etc. is reasonable. The examples throughout are predicated on the fact that most players like to have other changes, too, along with that.

This is also the first point where, if you want to be a tail-less neko (i.e. a mostly-human with cat/rabbit/whatever ears), that is fine. 7/10ths human.

Hooves/Paws: No. Your nails may be getting thicker, though, and your skin may have the beginnings of pads.
Tails/Wings: No. You may feel the occasional ache where one will grow, however.
Antlers/Horns/Antennae: Yes. Nothing over an inch high/long.

Wyrd 4

You're starting to get closer to the tipping point, here. It's easy to see that you're a fae, but you still have enough visible humanity not to make people nervous. Glamour is a lovely rush, but the Wyrd hasn't threaded its fingers deeply enough into your fate to make it more than that: a pleasant high. The Fireheart's veins may be beginning to glow through his flesh, the cat Beast may wake up to find patches of soft fur along her arms, and the Ogre may notice her canines are starting to protrude farther than they should. People seeing through the Mask are going to get nervous here, or think you're some seriously crazy professional costume/makeup artist.

Hooves/Paws: No. You're getting closer to having them, and shoes may be awkward, but your feet are still human feet with hoof-like toes. Your hands/feet may be hairier and have more pronounced paw-like pads.
Tails/Wings: Yes. They will be very stubby at this point, barely in existence, maybe 1-2 feet long/wide.
Antlers/Horns/Antennae: Yes. Nothing over five inches high/long.

Wyrd 5

You're at the tipping point. You're half fae, now, and half human. The Wyrd's allure is starting to catch you, but you aren't an addict. Yet. Still... it's getting harder to _want_ to resist harvesting Glamour for no good reason. The Fireheart's skin may grow ever more translucent, like fine porcelain, the cat Beast's palms and soles may thicken into pads as fur spreads over more of her body, the Ogre's teeth may keep growing, ever more tusk-like. It is at this point that your ties with the Wyrd may prompt you to "evolve" into an extra kith. Wyrd evolution is explained in more detail at the bottom of this page.

Hooves/Paws: Yes. You may have digitigrade hooves/paws.
Tails/Wings: Yes. They aren't yet at the maximum allowable size, maybe 3-4 feet long/wide.
Antlers/Horns/Antennae: Yes. Nothing over eight inches high/wide/long.

Wyrd 6

You're officially more fae than human, now, and your body shows it. You NEED Glamour. You need it like a plant needs sunlight, and whether or not you feel shame for this need, it does exist. You can't help it. You'll die without it, withering from within, and worse, the Wyrd is starting to have more influence on your story. You find that crossing streams without a bridge suddenly burns your feet, or that you can't walk past spilled milk without cleaning it up. The Fireheart's hair may burst into a rippling conflagration of bright flames over his flesh, the cat Beast's nails may harden into wicked claws, the Ogre's features may grow ever more brutish.

Mechanically, this is the first level where you suffer from permanent Glamour Addiction, and the first level where you gain a Frailty.

Hooves/Paws: Yes. You may have digitigrade hooves/paws.
Tails/Wings: Yes. They are fully formed. Nothing longer than six feet.
Antlers/Horns/Antennae: Yes. They are fully formed. Nothing a foot higher/wider/longer than your head.

Wyrd 7

You are losing your humanity, in more than one sense. You're very nearly at the steps of no (okay, okay, very difficult) return, but not quite there. On the bright side, you're finding that your closeness to the Wyrd is granting you graces you never felt before, your Seeming/Kith bonuses for High Wyrd now coming into play. Isn't that nice? Why would you want to lose that..? Oh, people are starting to get nervous about you. They might be putting you on lists, but you can still control yourself. Mostly. There are niggling downsides to having those Seeming benefits, but they're worth it. The Fireheart's flesh splits here and there, its porcelain thinness flaking away when he moves, floating into the air as pale grey ash. The cat Beast's body is more fully furred, face increasingly inhuman. The Ogre's jaw may broaden as more fangs begin to grow, her daily workouts bulking out her muscles more than they should.

Hooves/Paws: Yes. You may have digitigrade hooves/paws.
Tails/Wings: Yes. They are fully formed. Nothing longer than six feet.
Antlers/Horns/Antennae: Yes. They are fully formed. Nothing a foot higher/wider than your head.

This is the level to be, if you want to be a full-body anthro.

Wyrd 8

So close.. so so close. It's calling to you. The Wyrd, Arcadia. Clarity is ever harder to maintain. You're losing who you were, finding it more trouble to keep track of those pesky mortal moralities than they are worth. So what if you terrified that woman at the grocery store with fear Contracts? She was going to take the apple you wanted, the apple you needed, and she should have known better. You got there first. The Fireheart's warmth is almost too much to touch, feverishly hot, flesh splitting further to reveal the flaming core within. The cat Beast's claws are stronger, eyes reflecting any light, sinuously sybaritic grace alternating with irrational angers. The Ogre's flesh dulls further, greying into the rocky semblances of stones, voice harsh and rough, and horns begin to grow above her ears.

Hooves/Paws: Yes. You may have digitigrade hooves/paws.
Tails/Wings: Yes. They are fully formed. Nothing longer than six feet.
Antlers/Horns/Antennae: Yes. They are fully formed. Nothing a foot higher/wider than your head.

Wyrd 9

Changelings seldom stay at this level for long. You're barely human anymore, and it's a constant struggle to maintain an understanding of why you used to care. Your emotions are wildly powerful, your needs and wishes of paramount importance. The Fireheart can no longer sleep on fabric, or wear most clothes above the waist, his Sublime flames scorching and burning all that they touch. The cat Beast would make anthro-kinkers very happy people. The Ogre looks like a storybook monster, bulky and inhuman, rocky horns curling around her ears.

Hooves/Paws: Yes. You may have digitigrade hooves/paws.
Tails/Wings: Yes. They are fully formed. Nothing longer than six feet.
Antlers/Horns/Antennae: Yes. They are fully formed. Nothing a foot higher/wider than your head.

Staff will give you a bit of leeway on size if you have the Sublime merit.

Wyrd 10

You aren't human. Really, you aren't. Whatever you are, your body is changed out of all recognition. You simply don't understand, now, why others have been resisting the calls of Arcadia whispering in your oh so vivid dreams. Changelings at this point will only be allowed if A) the player's preference is to have others wean them away from the brink or B) if they want a really cool way to lose their character into NPC-dom when they fall prey to their desires and DO become True Fae. More to the point, option C) is equally common: being killed as a threat by their friends, or mistaken by strangers for True Fae. Either way, this will require heavy staff oversight.

Hooves/Paws: Yes. You may have digitigrade hooves/paws.
Tails/Wings: Yes. They are fully formed. Nothing longer than six feet.
Antlers/Horns/Antennae: Yes. They are fully formed. Nothing a foot higher/wider than your head.

Staff will give you a bit of leeway on size if you have the Sublime merit.

Book Notes

Core, p. 27: A changeling's mien almost never changes so far from the changeling's original form to make him unrecognizable. He may grow or shrink a few inches, but he is very unlikely to gain or lose a foot or more in height. Hair and eye color may change, and facial features may subtly shift, but the appearance of the stolen human is never completely over- written.

RoS p67: * The Mask Conforms to the Changeling: If an Ogre's mien is that of a seven-foot-tall, 350-pound troll, the Ogre's Mask makes him appear to be a seven-foottall, 350-pound brute of a man. Think of the Mask as a second skin that covers the changeling's true appearance: the Mask can make allowances for minor variances in form, for example, hiding horns or claws or a fiery aura, but the Mask does not drastically change a changeling's apparent physical form.

Equinox Road, pg 12: A Snowskin is human, early on: maybe just an icy breath and a bluish pallor. But as time goes on, her Wyrd evolves, and her mien evolves, too: her flesh is now a spider web of blue and broken blood vessels, her eyes are frozen marbles in her head, her breath casts whorls and gales of snow, and every inch of skin is covered by a crusted frost like you might find on some ice cream that's been sitting in the freezer for far too long.