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Changeling: Local Gentry

These are Gentry who are considered Local in Fallcoast and Hanging Hills.

The Cait Sith

The Cait Sith

xxxxxKnown primarily as The Cait Sith, this fae is also known as Cath Palug (in Wales), Jolakotturinn (aka the Yule Cat in Iceland), or Zouyu (in China) as well as other names. It is important to note, however, that while The Cait Sith goes by these names it is just that he has adopted the trappings of those and other myths into his identity to the point that they sometimes shape him and the changelings he has taken. In his cat forms he has yellow eyes, black bushy fur and most closely resembles a Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest Cat, but is typically on the scale of a horse but can change between that scale to the size of a normal domestic cat or a house or anything in between; even when he chooses to take a humanoid form he prefers feline features and full body fur more often than not.

xxxxxThe Cait Sith claims to be one of many who compete for the title of the King of the Cats on a semi-regular but highly arcane and unpredictable schedule. He is a capricious being (Fae plus cat, go figure?) who, at various times, acts as a general, a huntsman, or a socialite. Those changelings he has taken typically take the role of companion, plaything, prey (and from there food sometimes) tools, and warriors in his army, rarely any one role constantly. Because they are frequently made to serve more than one role the instances of Dual (or larger combinations) of Kiths in those who have The Cait Sith as a keeper is noticeably higher than other Gentry.

  • Realm: (More to come later)
xxxxxUse the expand link to the left to see the specific Kiths in question below.
  • Common Seemings & Kiths: certain Kiths of Beast, Darkling, and Fairest Seemings
Beasts: Cleareyes, Hunterhearts, Runnerswift, and Truefriend
Darklings: Hushwights and Skogsra
Fairest: Playmate
  • Uncommon Seemings & Kiths: certain Kiths of all Seemings
Beasts: Broadback, Chimera, Hardshell, Lockjaw, Nix, Riddleseekers, Steepscramblers (only those of mammalian persuasion), Stinkbutt, and Swimmerskin
Darklings: Bogeyman, Encroacher, Gravewights, Mirrorskins, and Nightsinger
Elementals: Delicacy, Waterborn, and Woodblood
Fairest: Apollonian, Draconic, Flowering, and Larcenist
Ogres: Berserker, Farwalkers, Stonebones, Trolls, and Water-Dwellers
Wizened: Chirurgeon, Drudge, Gameplayer, Soldier, Thusser, and Woodwalker
  • Rare Seemings & Kiths: certain kiths of all Seemings
Beasts: any not listed above
Darklings: Antiquarians, Illes, Leechfingers, Lurker, and Lurkglider
Elementals: any not listed above or below
Fairest: any not listed above
Ogres: any not listed above or below
Wizened: any not listed above or below
  • Proscribed Seemings & Kiths: certain Kiths of the Elemental, Ogre and Wizened Seemings
Elementals: Blightbent, Manikin, and Wirestreaked
Ogres: Daitya and Oni
Wizened: Inventor

The Captain

The capn.jpg

xxxxxThe Captain is one of many ocean-bound Gentry which plague the Maine and New Hampshire coastline. While others wrap themselves in storm and fury, or the waters of the deep, the Captain appears much more human. For a given definition of the word, of course.

  • Realm: His Realm is his ship: sometimes a whaling brig, sometimes a broad galleon, sometimes a swift and agile schooner, but always, always with sails aloft and full. The Captain's ports of call are coastal towns throughout northern New England, swift raids to replenish his crew for the grueling work of sailing a masted ship. The lives of his Taken are not pleasant: the work is hard and constant, the Captain and first mate harsh taskmasters. The weak are soon broken and discarded overboard to the mercies of the Hedge-side ocean, and whatever other Keeper might choose to sweep them up. The strong survive, whether they wish to or not, and sail the Captain's ship.
  • Common Seemings: Wizened, Ogres, Darklings
  • Uncommon Seemings: Fairest
  • Escapees: Henrik Wagner (NPC), Albrecht

The Compass Rose


xxxxx The Compass Rose is something of a mystery, even among the Gentry. This Keeper’s true gender (if it has one) is unknown, and its appearance varies widely, though it is often androgynous. The tell is that The Compass Rose always wears something red, and no one else is allowed to do so within its Realm. Some say The Compass Rose is simply a collector and connoisseur of the rare and interesting, taking people it can mold into the perfect servants for its needs. Others claim this Gentry has its own strange agenda, using its Realm and servants to manipulate events, and even the Others, in seemingly random ways. Its sigil is a compass rose, the center of which is a red rose. All of its Lost are tattooed with a black and white version of the Compass Rose’s sigil on the upper right arm with variations in the petal/thorn placement indicate their position in the House; these tattoos are impossible to remove, and any attempt to ink over them dissolves.

  • Realm: The House of Nine Directions is an endless maze of rooms and chambers. Inside its many halls are pleasure-palaces, spas, nightclubs, theaters, bordellos, gardens and more, all carefully crafted to provide a variety of modes of entertainment or pleasant environments wherein visitors can relax and enjoy themselves or conduct business. The Compass Rose’s holdings have the distinction of being declared ‘neutral territory’ where other Gentry can congregate without incident.
  • Common Seemings: All types of kiths are molded to fit the Compass Rose’s purposes. Fairest for those who seek the beauty of pleasure, darklings and wizened to assist in keeping things running smoothly. Beasts are often molded as a means of exotic ‘showcases’ in some of the shows, and elementals often make grand performers. Ogres are employed as bouncers and security, as well as strongmen and other roles in some of the performance acts.
  • Uncommon Seemings: None
  • Escapees: Thorian, Eleri, Ryan, Mirabella, Ihrck, Amadei, Felina, Emilia, Shell, Serena, Arlene, Connor, Barnaby, Morning Glory, Suzanne

The Crone, Old Lady, Daft old Biddy


xxxxxShe usually appears to be a simple pleasant old woman, here to help lost children find their way... any way but back home. So nice, so pleasant, offering food to fill bellies, a fire to keep warm, and walls to keep out the things one hears out in the forests. Her home is for all the good boys and girls, and you had better be a good boy or girl. You don't want to know what happens to the bad boys and girls. They go under the stairs. They go out into the woods. They are locked in the scullery. Some come back, and those that do are very well behaved indeed. She of course, cannot watch so many little ones on her own, but children grow, and eventually become the Nannies. It is rare to escape her realm, she always takes them so young, with so little memories of home. But from time to time, when she takes the older children, they find their way back.

  • Realm: Her realm seems so simple. A homey cabin in the deep dark woods. But that cabin has twists and turns and crevices and closets, and that wood is deeper and darker than the mind can accept. layers upon layers, the deeper one looks. Don't look, be happy here, in this happy house.
  • Common Seemings: Elemental (Woodbloods), Darkling's (Lurkers, Tunnel grubs, Whisperwisps), Fairest (Playmate's), Beasts (Woodland creatures, House pests), Wizened (Drudge)
  • Uncommon:: Ogres, Things not listed above.
  • Escapees: Elmo, Chelsea, Blanche, Garnet, Lucille

Four Winds, Hundred Names


xxxxxFour Winds, Hundred Names has terrorized coastal communities since before human memories. Four Winds demeanor and appearance shifts and changes like the wind and the waves. Sometimes he is Hurricane Earl, bearing down on the Eastern Seaboard. Sometimes she is the Singer Beyond the Sea, drawing sailors and fishermen to their watery deaths with her song. Ultimately, Four Winds has more personalities than grains of sand on the shore, but all of them hunger for destruction. Four Winds is a ruinous force of nature and terrifying in any of its aspects. Four Winds, Hundred Names prefers Lost who will further its agenda of ruin in the mortal world. Almost no Changeling who has been taken by Four Winds, Hundred Names knows it by that name, rather being only familiar with a single aspect of it, such as Hurricane Belle, or the Father of Storms, or the Drowned Daughter. Four Winds has a particular hatred for the Courts of Summer and Autumn, and often chooses their seasons to launch fierce raids inland, seeking out members of both courts for abduction or murder or both.

  • Realm:

He Who Walks Behind


xxxxxThe Walker is a being of pure nightmare. His realm is a vast land containing every scary story ever told, and more. Vast forests, windswept deserts, dank caverns, haunted mansions. All of it. The 'residents' are individuals being hunted, or haunted, and every time they die they awaken to suffer and be horrified again. You do not 'get used' to this fear. It is constant. Those who are here a long time end up often being transformed into the ghosts, zombies, and urban legends that hunt and haunt the others. Some have duties involving being a tree, or a haunted lake, or a living statue. You might spend your time documenting the fears of others, or writing new scenarios to play out. It is a land of eternal terror, with uncountable possibilities.

  • Realm: A vast land of horror, from forests to towns to caverns and deserts. Monsters of all stripes hunt the wilds, or dwell in the dark places. Almost all Seemings come from here, but most Lost who escape end up Autumn...though by no means all.

Her Ladyship, the Glory of the Garden


xxxxxThe Glory of the Garden is a being of hedonism and sensuality made manifest. Her realm is a large garden, meticulously tended so that each flower, every fountain, and all her works of art are all exactly where she desires them. Many of those that dwell in the garden are there for her pleasure, turned into living works of art or performers of all varieties from musicians, to dancers, to those who fight for her amusement, or at the frequent balls and masquerades she holds for her closest allies among the Gentry, and of course she is no stranger to the pleasures of the flesh. Yet another group of residents exist in the garden, the horde of servants and drudges that tend to her lands, her pets, and her guests and woe be unto one that catches her eye. There are even those who catch her ire and become part of the very garden itself, forgotten among the blooms and topiaries.

  • Realm: A beautifully and meticulously crafted garden representing the beauty of nature tamed to art. Everything serves either to enhance or to tend the garden and see to the Glory's pleasure. Rare is it for there not to be some form of party or entertainment.

Jack o'the Green (AKA Cernunnos)


xxxxxA being of primeval fertility, a trickster of the green places and Maine's dark forests, Jack o'the Green and his endless Hunt may be placated for a time by whiskey, sex, and treasure -- or not at all, often relentless on the chase through his leafy halls. Local folklore particularly ties Jack to the early hanging trees in Fallcoast and Hanging Hills' history, whose use as rough justice awakened the first attentions of this Gentry, who offered his first recruitment here towards those on the brink of death by hanging. His greed for the local area quickly broadened, seizing on those lost in the woods or fixating capriciously on the most civilized people as quarry. His lust for pretty women is also a motivator, and he is known to order his Hunt to carry off those who strike his fancy. Jack appears often as a horned hunter or a being made of predatory vegetation.

  • Realm: An endless contest between life and death, hunter and hunted, played out in a vast woodland without boundary. Jack's Realm emphasizes the wilderness, evergreen forests and Lost transformed primarily into elements found within them.
  • Common Seemings: Beast, Elemental, Darkling, Fairest (often Flowering)
  • Uncommon Seemings: Wizened
  • Escapees: Richard Horne (NPC - Sovereign), May Tennyson (NPC - Sovereign), March Tennyson (NPC), April Tennyson (NPC), John Wickham (NPC), Simon Michaels (NPC), Amy, Angelica, Gabriel Warden, Hannah, Veronica, Starling_Wagner

Ma Mere L'Oye - DECEASED!


xxxxxMa Mere l'Oye is in the middle of a resurgence. Oh, she was always strong, living out songs and rhymes for little children and the stories that serve them. Stories and books for children and young adults have boomed, and with it, her spheres of influence, which include: always Winter and never Christmas, Horcruxes, and even the opportunity for attractive young people to agitate against corrupt shadowy governments and conspiracies which make them combat one another in a battle royale. It's not all Jack and Jill anymore these days, folks. Ma Mere fashions herself motherly, mostly, although when playing games with the Little Ones, she's just as often a Knave of Hearts trickster or some other figure of authority. If your Durance went to where the Wild Things Are or Narnia, the Hundred Acre Wood or Panem, chances are ever so good that the Good Mother was there.

  • Realm: All things children's books, from picture-book and nursery-rhyme simplicity all the way up to young-adult blockbusters and everything in between.
  • Common Seemings: Beasts, Fairest, Wizened
  • Uncommon Seemings: Darklings, Elementals, Ogres (though none of these is unlikely, only somewhat more rare)
  • Escapees: Bex, Drea, Eli Moon, Jackie, Johanna, Mark, Melissa, Joel

Minister Wormwood


xxxxxThere was a man, and now there is a monster. But this Monster believes he is a servant of God. Determined to take back the Commonwealth (Which in his mind is all of New England) for God, Minister Wormwood gathers the hobgoblin Flock to his sides, preaching of inquisition and holy war.

xxxxxMinister Wormwood seeks for two different types of people to serve him in his domain. The first type is someone with strong faith. The particular object of their faith is unimportant. The only thing that matters is that they believe in something important. These lucky few will be groomed to be members of his Penitents, those who have finally 'found the way'. The others he prizes are those who insist on a life of debauchery (given the Minister's views on sin, they are not hard to find). These unfortunates serve as decorations in the never-ending town squares of Wormwood's domain, bound to stock and pillory.

  • Realm: A twisted tangle of Colonial-era villages and dark woods. Strange creatures fill both, but all serve either as pious citizen or example of the wages of sin.
  • Common Seemings: Darkling, Fairest
  • Uncommon Seemings: None
  • Escapees: Alejandro, Nyx

Professor Tick


xxxxxProfessor Tick has been active since the Victorian Era. Mad Science. Jules Verne. Steam Ships. All of that has been fueling his legend for decades. He has definitely had a resurgence in modern day as Steampunk has come full turn back into fashion. He frequents Fallcoast and especially Hanging Hollows to recruit for his Mines and Factories from the blue collar populace. He also surely is not a kindly inventor or professor though. He takes people who catch his eye back to his realm where they either become experiments and abominations from his labs or are used for labor to maintain and fuel the machines. Of course even the laborers are not immune from his unholy experiments in the long run.

  • Realm: The professors realm is one of steam, fire, and aether. The castle and surroundings are actually suspended an unfathomable distance above the rest of the Arcadian landscape. From underneath it looks like someone ripped a mountain out of of the ground, smoothed the bottom of it, flipped it over, and built a castle on the smooth 'top' of the new floating island. The mountain proper extending beneath the castle is riddled with mines that employ a variety of changeling and hob labor to pull the resources out that are needed for the Professors war machines and grand inventions. They are full of smoke and steam choking out the life of many of the lost thrown into it or changing them as they use strange technology to extract metals that exist only in Arcadia. The castle is full of labs, workshops, and armories. Soldiers, servants, experiments, and apprentices bustle around the estate made up from lost and hobs on tasks wide and varied. Most of them are touched or experimented upon by the Professor.
  • Common Seemings: Elementals, Ogres, Wizened
  • Uncommon Seemings: All others
  • Escapees: Shell

The Storm Hag


xxxxx She goes by many names. Toad Woman, Granny Squanit, the Ghost Witch, Old Squant, Tooquahmi, even “Auntie”, but these days the most common name is the “Storm Hag”. She is an ancient crone figure dwelling in the lands of the eternal winter. For centuries she’s appeared in the nightmares of children and it’s speculated in some Native American legends. The Storm Hag rules over her realm with a mixture of fear and strangely enough through reward, sometimes accompanied by her ‘sister’ the Ice Hag. For the most part she keeps to her cabin in the woods but she will occasionally send out her ‘children’ to do her dirty work. The lucky ones get rewarded with fae treats such as pies and meaty stews. The unlucky ones get to ‘play outside’. If the cold doesn’t get them the other creatures of the wood might. The Storm Hag and her ‘children’ are at constant war with other Gentry but she’s lasted this long. Her favored children end up as ogre gourmands, wizened hags and wise men toiling away in her kitchens or memorizing centuries old dark rituals. Some of the less favored ones end up powering her kitchen as forces of the elements or are simply left outside to either become a part of the ice and snow. Either that or they become feral beasts, left to prey or be preyed on by others.

  • Realm:The Storm Hag rules the Land of Endless Winter, an icy landscape dominated by taiga forests and great mountains. In some places there are small settlements, there is even a great citadel in it in some area, but for the most part, this is a sparse unforgiving land, where the sun never shows and the snows are constant. The forest is where the hag dwells, where she owns her own little farmhouse, small on the outside but much larger than it looks on the inside. In this wooden farmhouse is the only source of warmth for miles, as there is a great furnace which runs her kitchen where she makes meals equal parts grisly and irresistible. The farmhouse is where her ‘favored children’ live. Some of them live on the outskirts if they misbehave, but it’s understood that these woods belong to her. Anyone who ventures through them risk being devoured by the hag or her many monstrous ‘children’.

The Twins, Lord Daybreak and Lady Nightfall


xxxxxNo one is sure if the twins are two Fae linked by their natures, or if it is one Fae with two distinct personalities. But what is certain is while they occupy the same realm, neither is ever seen in the presence of the other. Lord Daybreak loves beauty, passion and hedonism. He burns bright like the sun that is his namesake, and those he touches bear his mark like a brand. Lady Nightfall is the polar opposite of her brother, dark, distant and cold, logical and analytical. She has little concern for outward appearances, for in the night it doesn't matter, the only thing she considers is what is at the core of a being. Her touch is not as overt as her brother's but worms its way inside to the very heart. Very few in their realm can escape the influence of one or the other, and many of those who dwelt there bear this dichotomy in their very being. Many of the Lost that escaped the twins bear multiple kiths, and often these seem almost contradictory on the surface.

  • Realm: The Twins rule over an island realm where the sky is stuck in limbo. The sun sits in the sky on one side, while the moon dominates the other. One half of the realm is in constant daylight, and the other in night's gloom. Between the two sides is a border of rosy twilight. Forests, fields and gardens dominate most of the island, with occasional buildings and homes, and the creatures native to the realm are often reminiscent of celestial bodies. The largest structure in the realm sits on a smaller island off the coast of the main island. The castle of the Twins themselves, and like the hand of a clock, the smaller island circles the greater. When on the daytime side, Lord Daybreak sits in the throne room, and LAdy Nightfall presides when the castle passes through the darkness. In the between, the throne sits empty and those bound to the Twins find an hour of peace, or a chance to escape.
  • Common Seemings: Fairest, Darklings, Beasts, Elementals
  • Uncommon Seemings: Ogres, Wizened (Though not unheard of)
  • Escapees: Asher, Holly

Two If By Sea


xxxxxTwo If By Sea is a mercurial two-in-one Keeper -- primordial and unpredictable, light and dark, sea and storm, wind and water, they (it?) favor far more organic creations than some of the other ocean Keepers. None of their creations are mechanoid or modern -- they are ancient beyond definition, and their toys are not things of the modern world.

  • Realm: Ocean and shore, sky and sea, but nothing mechanical or modern. Everything within Two If By Sea's domain is Stone Age, or perhaps early Iron Age, though putting the ages of man to something so natural is rather unfair indeed. There are no machine guns or galleys in this ocean, but there are leviathans, sharks, mermaids, octopi, and schools of tiny fish aplenty. There is a shoreline as well, rock-scattered strands battered by waves and shores. The lives of their playthings are as varied as the faces of the Keepers themselves, and Lost come into and fall out of favor as quickly as the weather changes at sea.
  • Common Seemings: Fairest, Beast, Elemental (Kiths as fitting to setting)
  • Uncommon Seemings: Wizened, Ogre (except aquatic Kiths)
  • Escapees: The Widow (NPC - Sovereign), Sheldon Bixby (NPC), Pearl, Olivia, Maris, Peregrine