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Changeling: House Rules


Acidic Touch

This merit does NOT work on Cold Iron.

Court Mantle

This merit is available to Changelings only.

Outside of CG spends, Mantle raises may only be made a single level at a time (so you can go from 2 to 3, but not 1 to 3).

Justifications are required for 3+, or to explain why you are lowering your dots, if your character is losing their attunement to their Court.

The higher your Mantle, the more you embody the Court, its beliefs, tenets and evoke its emotions in yourself and others. You are becoming more archetypal and less individual. Justifications should relate to this growth/lessening of individuality. What is going on in your life which is drawing you closer to your Court? How are you expressing it more in your outlook/views/day to day life? Justifications can don't need to be long. A sentence or two is good enough!

Autumn Mantle: Autumn Mantle • provides a +1 bonus on all occult rolls. Onieromancy, Onieromachy and Onieroscopy are considered part of Faerie and the True Fae for purposes of using the Mantle with those abilities.


Devotee (Wyrd 6)

  • HR'd from Equinox Road p.14:
  • Devotee represents a group of broken, deranged followers and/or worshippers. The flavor text remains much the same, for the purposes of Fallcoast the following changes have been made:
  • To represent a group, the amount of followers you gain are:
    • 1 Dot = 2 Devotees
    • 2 Dots = 6 Devotees
    • 3 Dots = 12 Devotees
    • 4 Dots = 24 Devotees
    • 5 Dots = 30 Devotees

The Devotees gained from this Merit are built using the same rules as Retainers. Most of the time, this reflects a group of people, but it could also represent one member. Birds of a feather flock together, especially if they are drug-addled hippies or lunatic homeless people.

Devotees may not possess Athletics, Brawl or Weaponry. They are not an army -- they are a bunch of deranged people who think you're worthy of worship.

They may not 'gang up' on a PC and are more likely to run or allow themselves to die/martyr themselves for the one they worship. Plenty of RL examples follow this.

If you wish to have prominent members of your cult who ARE combat savvy, please purchase these via the standard Retainer merit, and note that the Retainer is a follower of yours.

Dual Kith

  • The merit may be purchased at any time. It costs 2 dots for in-Seeming kiths and 3 dots for out-Seeming kiths, per RoS p.88.
e.g. a Fairest buying a Fairest kith would pay 2 dots, but a Darkling kith would cost 3.
  • If purchasing the merit outside of CG, you must A) gain it via PRP or B) write a detailed justification of why you are slowly developing it over time/how it is rising up from your character's history/potential. A few sentences is fine.
  • This merit may only be purchased once.

PLEASE NOTE: Dual Kith does NOT grant any additional Seeming blessings. Changelings may only ever have a single Seeming (the one originally chosen in Character Generation). Additional Kiths are simply outgrowths of your character's life experience and faerie form.

Fair Prince

The drawback of this merit has been changed to the following:

Drawback: The Fair Prince is the very symbol of his Court. Unfortunately, that makes him the antithesis of the Court which opposes his own. Members of this other Court DO NOT LIKE YOU, and you suffer -2 to all Social rolls when dealing with your opposite Court, and may never gain the Court Goodwill Merit with that Court. The offended Courts are as follows: Spring opposes Autumn, Summer opposes Winter, and Dawn opposes Dusk (and vice versa in all cases).

Goblin Contracts

All Goblin Contract purchases require a PrP prior to the Contract being set on your +sheet. When the PrP is done, send up a regular +xpreq for the contract, and +myjob/add a copy of the link to the PrP log.

Goblin Contracts may ONLY be learned from Hobs. Changelings are incapable of teaching them.

MOST of these will be purchased at the Market, but some could be purchased from traveling hobs, or maybe you happen to help one who gives you a Contract in trade.

Goblin Vows

See RoS p.38 for details.

  • Each instance of this merit costs separate xp.
  • Staff is the final arbiter of whether your selected Wyrd purview is too broad. "Night" would not be allowed, nor "Fire", but "Midnight" and "Candle Flames" would both be accepted. The book lists detailed examples. Please read them.
  • Purviews must be aspects of the Wyrd. Other supernatural creatures are not directly included in its power, so you may not purchase, say, "Vampires" or "Undead Creatures" as purviews.
  • These pledges fall under the same rules as a standard pledge: if it is going to last more than a week, it must be put into the +pledge system, and you must get staff approval. Please read the book for details of these one-sided pledges. The bonus you get is going to be very small, unless you perform very hefty tasks.
  • If you already have Wyrd + 3 pledges active, you may not use this merit until one of your Vow slots has been freed up.
  • The vow affects YOU.
A vow with Midnight to blind your enemies would NOT work.
A vow with Midnight to shield you from sight (a bonus to Stealth) would.

Please read the book.


House Rules and guidelines for awarding Goodwill are located on the following page: Changeling/Goodwill

Hedge Beast Companion

Hedge Beast Companions are mundane animals with a minor cosmetic quirk. You may have a wolf with feather-like fur of rippling silver smoke and gleaming metallic claws, but you may not have a cat with wings, or, say, a bird which breathes underwater.

This merit is located in a sidebar in AN p.132.

For a cheat sheet of how many points you may spend at each dot level, type +hbc in game. Quibble is lazy, and this question is asked a lot!

  • HBCs have Masks.
  • HBCs are animals. They use the higher of Wits/Dexterity to calculate Defense.
  • Your HBCs may speak or not speak at your discretion. They are magical beasts. As with player characters, they may have one "native" language for free. Any additional languages must be purchased by spending merit dots on the Language merit.
  • If your HBC has Hearth, remember, the most popular clause will not work without physical contact...
  • HBCs gain a +3 bonus when resisting Intimidation/coercion attempts intended to force them to betray their Changeling partner.
  • You may have ONE pledge with your HBC. It may have a total of +3 in boons. It must be approved by staff and will be set up in the +pledge system. This pledge is intended to represent/define your relationship with your HBC. Why is it with you, and what are you doing to help it?


See the Changeling/Hedgespinning page for details.

Normal mortals still take the -2 penalty on using Hedgespun items.

Ensorcelled mortals with the custom Token User merit may use them without any penalties.

Hedgespun Art

Hedgespun artwork may be imbued with a specific emotion. Anyone attempting to resist this emotion is forced to +roll Resolve + Composure. If they fail, they are affected by the emotion for the remainder of the scene. A dramatic failure affects them for the next 24 hours.

This emotion carries with it no mechanical penalties, but may be used for harvesting.

Dots may be spent to add the qualities below to your artwork. Dots may not exceed 5 for a single piece of art.

  • Free: Cause a specific emotion, as set by the creator of the art. This is set at creation; it is the basic ability of Hedgespun Art. Anyone attempting to harvest this emotion gets a +1 to Harvest around the artwork.
  • +1 Dot: Additional +1 on harvesting rolls for the stated emotion.
  • +1 Dot (or more): Glamour from the immediate area is harvested by/stored within the artwork itself. Any non-Changeling who fails their Resolve + Composure roll generates 1 Glamour. A specific person may only be harvested from once a day. The artwork can store 5 points of Glamour per dot spent on this ability. This Glamour may be drawn forth with a successful meditation roll. This trait prevents anyone from harvesting from affected viewers while they are under the artwork's power.
  • +1 Dot: As long as the emotion generated is a 'downer' (sorrow, depression, death, fear, ect) the artwork may also cause 1 Willpower to be drained for every 15 minutes that a non-Changeling looks at it. The Willpower is not stored.
  • +2 Dots: Each instance of this trait enables the artwork to store 1 point of Willpower drained by the quality above. The Willpower may be retrieved from the artwork by any Changeling via meditation roll.

Fae Mount

  • Fae Mounts & Hedge Beast Companions are allowed to have hedgespun items. These items must be purchased by a PC through the same requirements as it applies to PCs.
  • You may have more than one Fae Mount at a time.
  • We use custom rules for the stats for Fae Mounts. These can be found here.

Fighting Style: Hedge Duelist

The first dot of Fighting Style Hedge Duelist is incorrectly stated within Rites of Spring. It is not the opponent that gains +2 bonus to their Initiative -- it's the person with the merit.

Hob Kin

This Merit does not require a dot of Hollow; its core effect is that hobgoblins are more inclined to deal fairly with the character. If you do have a Hollow, you are able to store a number of hobs in your Hollow equal to your dots in Hollow Size and Hollow Amenities combined. They function as minor Allies or Retainers, but will not always be available. Some will be guards, some will be cooks and others will simply be crashing at your Hollow. Hob kin can also be attached to a shared Hollow with the understanding that if the character who donated them to the Hollow leaves, the hob kin go as well.


Hollow aspects are listed as separate 5-dot merits in stat/list merit=hollow* and should be purchased accordingly.

  • Amenities & Magical Items: Hollow Amenities provides your hollow not only with the basics needed to live like furniture and food, but also with some limited magical items. In addition to the sorts of items mentioned in Rites of Spring, you can also use this merit to help purchase Hedgespun Art or Automata for your hollow. Any Hedgespun Art or Automata that is the same number of dots, or lower, than your Hollow Amenities can be purchased with the same discount as crafted hedgespun.
  • Hollow Workshop: Workshops on this game work like the Library and Archive merits work here. Each new workshop type is a separate merit, and each dot in that type of workshop grants a +1 to rolls related to it. For example, if you have Hollow Workshop (Blacksmithing) 3, you get +3 to blacksmithing rolls when you are using the workshop.
    • No matter how many people contribute to a Hollow, each individual Hollow may only have 2 Workshop varieties per dot in Hollow Size. At Size 5, that means you can have 10 different workshops in your small town's worth of Hedge space.
    • If you have no dots put into Hollow Size, you may not purchase Hollow Workshop for that Hollow.
    • Workshops may be taken in Hedgespun but each instance of the merit must represent a specific type, chosen from the following list: Hedgespun Automatons, Hedgespun Art, Hedgespun Machines, Hedgespun Raiment, or Hedgespun Weapons (e.g. you can have Workshop (Hedgespun Raiment) 3 and Workshop (Hedgespun Weapons) 2, etc.)
  • Hollow Garden: Refer to the Goblin Fruit Houserules for information. Growing goblin fruit requires dots in Hollow Size, and will require staff-approved assistance if you are finding rare fruit to grow in your garden.
  • Outside Area Hollows: Any hollow with stats (purchased hollow merits) are restricted to in area only. It's fine to say that you have a hollow outside of the area for RP, but it will not be eligible for merit points to be spent to it.
  • Family Hollows: Capital F Families are eligible to receive "permanent" status on Hollows which belong to them (i.e. even if a player freezes, the Hollow will remain), on the basis that there is a minimum of 3 Changelings in the Family. The Hollow must be @chowned over to the Family BLDR. The Hollow would be eligible to be used by all Changeling-sphere-related members of the Family.

Benefit Access:

  • The Mechanical benefits in private Hollows may be used only by the lost and their motley members. This includes Workshops, Archives, and Gardens.
  • The Mechanical benefits of Court Hollows likewise may only be used by the members of that Court or those with Court Goodwill 3 or higher.
  • The Mechanical benefits of the Freehold Hollow may be used by all members of the Freehold.
  • The Mechanical benefits of Family Hollows may be used only by members of that Family.


  • Players in a motley may donate to motley hollows like a standard lair.
  • Players of a court may donate to court hollows like a standard lair.
  • Donations to the Freehold Hollow however are limited to a maximum +1 in bonuses. Eg. Archive (The Secret Lives of Sea Cucumbers) 1, Workshop (Underwater Basket Weaving) 1

Reasoning: The reason for this limitation is that the Freehold Hollow is open to everyone in the sphere. Allowing it to be donated to as a normal lair would, in all likelihood, eventually give every single player in the sphere access to an enormous amount of merits paid for by a very few. It would erase any incentive for PCs to have their own niches and workshops and specializations. So while we will allow players to build limited workshops and archives for public access, the real powerful shops and libraries should be reserved for more private/Court Hollows. We would like to see crafter people turning their own private Hollows into specialty shops in the Hollow town itself.

Homebrew Merits

These can be found at Changeling/Homebrew_Merits

There is also the following homebrew Flaw:

Hedge Notoriety

Effect: Your PC has committed atrocities against the local Hobgoblin populace. This come stem from your basic 'murder' of a sentient Hobgoblin, thievery or just general tom foolery.

  • At -1 the Flaw represents a known thief, they have been caught before.
  • At -2 the Flaw represents a scoundrel known to be a persistent bully.
  • At -3 the Flaw is serious and they are seen as a murderer.

Each level of this flaw subtracts dice from Social rolls with Hobgoblins. This includes those in the Goblin Market. Hobs in the Market are less likely to wish to do business with a murderer of their kin, afterall.

Further, Hobgoblins may seek out justice against Changeling offenders. Mounting things like a friendly boot party to quick street justice to possibly even raiding their Hollow to draw them out to murder them. If that is the case, it is best to call one of the Barony of the Lesser Ones to see if they can smooth things over... or possibly represent your Defense Council in whatever Hobgoblin court of justice they scheme up.

Kiss of Life

3 dots (changed from 4)

Effect: When you use your Sap the Vital Spark kith blessing, instead of using the stolen life energy to heal yourself, you may “store” the healing potential and deliver it to another character with a touch (despite the name of the Merit, this touch doesn’t have to be a kiss). Healing another character has the same effect as healing yourself (you heal one point of lethal damage or downgrade a point of aggravated damage to lethal damage). At any time, you can choose to use this stored healing to heal yourself.

If your Wyrd is high enough that you can use Sap the Vital Spark more than once per scene, you can store up multiple points of healing and distribute them as you like with a touch. The healing can be stored for a number of days equal to your Wyrd.

Staff is not going to monitor any healing 'slots' you have 'stored' with jobs. So in a scene where you have the ability to still use Sap the Vital spark (meaning you have not used all your 'per scene' abilities) you may utilize Kiss of Life. This means you may spend 1 Glamour to 'heal' another PC, similar to just as if you were stealing life from them using Sap the Vital Spark. You are still limited by Wyrd # of times per scene per Sap the Vital Spark to do so.

Outsider Fetish

This is a merit only available to members of the Lord/Lady Sages of the Unknown Reaches. It will allow a PC to get Fetters, in addition to what else is listed in the book. Be warned, per Geist staff, multiple Fetters may cause the expected problems of possession (no pun intended) of the item.


Changelings can only acquire Relics on-grid, from Relic Creators. They cannot directly purchase "storied" relics. This is to try and focus players on the in-sphere theme of Tokens and Hedgespun, and provide a 'niche' for Fae-Touched PCs. This means that players cannot start from CG with relics. All other relic rules apply to Changelings.

  • We are not allowing Changelings to purchase the Relic creator merit.


Unless specifically noted otherwise, all Retainers possessed by Changelings who are capable of swearing a pledge are assumed to have sworn an Oath of secrecy on their True Name. This pledge does not confer any mechanical bonuses to either the Changeling or the Retainer, but does give the Changeling a little peace of mind.

Retainers are allowed to be ensorcelled or enchanted. This must be noted by staff. Ensorcelled Retainers have the same possible consequences to follow as ensorcelling PCs.

Retainers are not allowed to purchase Hollow merits.


Staff can also be hobs that tend to a Hollow. This differs from the 'Hobkin' merit in that these hobs are permanent members of the character's staff and not transient.

Staff that are hobs will be set as a separate merit from mundane staff. So you may have Staff 2 (Drivers, Cleaning) and Staff 1 (Hobs).


Please see the Tokens page for guidelines and HRs about tokens in general.

Token Limbs

Token Limbs (DitD pp.86) may only be purchased at the Goblin Market/from other Hob traders, and outside of CG, must be gained via PRP.

  • The Contract clause the limb contains may only be chosen from Universal Contracts.
  • The clause level is limited by the dot level of the limb.
  • You must have at least 1 dot in the Skill you choose for the drawback.
  • The Skill must somehow be relevant to the limb (Athletics for a leg, Crafts for a hand, etc.).


We use the book rules for Tokenmaster Token creation.

Tokens created by this merit are limited to 1 dot, and staff generates them based on the details you give about the items you have been in contact with. You do not get to choose what the token does.

Please follow the steps below.

  • Put in a +request describing any items which have been in constant contact with your character for the last 10 - Clarity days. This is days in contact with, not just days interacted with. An object held close 8 hours a day stands a higher chance of becoming a Token than an object touched briefly each day.
  • A staff member will +roll 1 die to the job. If that roll if a success, a Token is created.
  • The staff member will set a +note on you with the Token.
  • Remember, your character has no idea that the item has turned into a Token until you roll Wits + Occult on it/do kenning and it pops up as a magical item in the area, and you won't know what the new Token does until you use it/use a power on it such as Spellbound Autumn 3 to identify its magical traits.

Note: for fairness' sake, Tokens created by this merit still cost xp. If you do not have 2xp, staff will not create a Token for you.

Transferring Merits

The XP cost of merits (and really any stats) must be paid by the character that claims primary ownership/use. This means that while you can "gift" a merit you own (such as a Hollow or Token) and have spent XP on, the person receiving the gift will also have to pay the XP cost to claim the merit. The amount paid will be transferred back to the character that originally purchased the merit before giving it as gift.

HOWEVER: You may always lend someone the use of your Tokens, Hollow, Retainers, etc. for a single scene, though you may want an oath ICly to make sure you get it back. If it becomes an ongoing thing -- i.e. Alfred lends the Batmobile to Bruce in every single scene -- then staff may step in and make the merit be transferred and the XP debt settled up.

Plots and Justifications


Mortal/M+ PCs may undergo a Becoming into Changeling after chargen, subject to the following guidelines. Please note that any Pledges in place prior to your capture will dissolve without consequences when you are Taken to Arcadia, as you are no longer the same person you were. You may of course re-Pledge upon your escape. See the Becoming guide here for more details; the essential guidelines are below.


  • Minimum 1 scene for capture, 2 scenes for durance, 1 scene for escape.


Much of folklore and myth involves people being taken away and coming back to a world that's completely changed and passed them by. Children dead and gone, parents and grandparents long since dust. Some modern fantasy stories even suggest that some people step into Arcadia and simply come back in the modern day.

By the book, you are capped at 50 years of time in Arcadia. Fallcoast allows up to 200 mundane years to elapse while you are in Arcadia.

A returned Changeling does not have very clear memories of their time in Arcadia. Everything is vague and jumbled, and tends to show up in dreams more then in waking life. There may be fragmentary flashbacks under stress. Remember that you are a traumatized, escaped slave who is trying to fit back into the Waking world, and who would do anything to avoid another trip to Arcadia. As Wyrd increases - when you become Wyrd 6+ - the dreams become a little more lucid, the glimpses horrifyingly clear. Below that everything is sketchy.

We will not be accepting Changeling Durances involving copyrighted material or similarly strange BG's. Your keeper did not like D&D so much he turned you into your character, nor did your keeper inspire D&D in the first place. Your keeper was not obsessed with Comic Books and did not craft you into Aquaman. Neither Albus Dumbledore nor Voldemort were your keepers. You were never transferred into the world of GoT and turned into a whitewalker. We find such concepts to be unthematic and will not be approving them.


In Changeling, we only require justifications for a few stats, but players may choose to justify other spends at their discretion.

The following requires a justification for each level (dot) with the XP Spend:

  • Mantle above 2
  • Court Goodwill (This is through default of the polling of the entire court but this merit is free of cost.)
  • Wyrd 6+
  • As a note, you can only purchase Wyrd once a month, and only one dot per spend.
  • Allies (Related to Changeling Theme, aka Hobs, etc.)
  • Wyrd Evo (You can opt for a PrP instead)
  • Dual/Triple Kith (You can opt for a PrP instead)

PRPs in the Changeling Sphere

PrP stands for "Player-Run Plot", and can be anything from a one-shot single scene to multiple-scene, long-term story arcs. We strongly encourage PRPs, and ask that you keep the following things in mind when considering running one:

  • Some PRPs must be approved prior to being run. If you would like to run one of these types of scenes, submit a +request to Staff your PrP proposal. Once you've got the thumbs up, you're free to run it. Please do keep Staff in the loop as the PRP progresses, or else it gets the hose again. I mean, frowny face.
  • For information about what Staff is looking for in a PrP proposal, please check out News plots and news plots 2.
  • Bboard 7 (PRP Requests) is a great way to locate an ST if you're unable to find one. Staff is also more than happy to help you nail down an ST for your PrP. We have the awesome staple guns, after all. You can also check out Changeling Tiers.

Any further questions, please feel free to poke Staff for more information (as always, +request works best).

PrP Pre-approval

The following types of scenes or XP purchases require pre-approval from Staff prior to running:

  • Tokens (Needs Approval from Magical Item Staff)
  • Token Limbs (Requires a Pre-Approval)
  • Tokens Created - Materials for creating the token must have PRP scenes to gain. (Needs Approval from Magical Item Staff)
  • Hedgespun Materials and/or Hedgespun Item (Needs Approval from Equipment Staff)
  • Wyrd Evolution (5 & 9) (Requires Pre-Approval)
  • Entitlements gained outside of chargen
  • Becomings
  • Goblin Market scenes involving permanent transformation, including kith purchases/changes
  • Hedgespun and Tokens purchased at the Market require the items to be approved, but do not need a PrP approval

The following do not require preapproval for scenes, but require Staff oversight

  • Clarity Raises
  • Rare Goblin Fruit & Oddments (can be gained in scenes without prior approval; harvest rolls must be made via +request)
  • Goblin Contracts Level 1-2 if not purchased via the local Goblin Market (submit via +request with a log of the scene in which the Contract is purchased or earned.)
  • Purchasing Hedgespun or Tokens at the Market. Stats for these items must be approved by staff prior to the scene.

Restricted PRP Themes

The following are PRP themes that are currently restricted with limitations. Please keep this in mind when sending in a PRP proposal.

  • Gentry/Keeper Plots: Gentry/Keepers are restricted to Staff-run scenes ONLY at this time, the exception being someone's Durance, or an Entitlement which requires the presence of a Keeper (ex., the Legacy of the Black Apple). If you are running an IC Becoming or Entitlement PrP and require the presence of the True Fae, submit an outline of the planned PrP before any scenes are run (this is required anyway, but bears emphasis). There are numerous other types of antagonists available for Changeling plots, and Staff will be happy to help hammer out ideas for them if necessary.
  • Arcadia: You've been there once before. That place is, by and large, a one way ticket. A large part of Changeling theme deals with the fact that it's rare for someone to escape it. Each PC has done it once; doing so a second time is extremely unlikely. If you feel you have a PrP proposal which warrants an exception, please feel free to submit to Staff, however please bear in mind that it will receive more stringent scrutiny than some others, and may require more Staff oversight if approved.
  • Non-Fae In Hedge: ANY scene in which Non-Fae (a PC or NPC who is not a Changeling, Fae-Touched or Ensorcelled) enter the Hedge requires informing Staff before you do so. This includes trips to the local Market or any Goblin Market, which are exceptionally dangerous to Non-Changelings, and should only be attempted with extreme caution. Hollows that have a mortal world Door attached to them are exempt from this rule as long as the scene stays within the confines of the Hollow.



Ensorcelled are AWESOME, come play one.

  • Ensorcelling a Mortal/+ character always requires a vow and is never able to be done through corporal pledges.
  • All ensorcelled have a -1 dice penalty to degeneration and derangement checks for every six months they remain ensorcelled. So, an ensorcelled mortal who has been enchanted for a year would have a -2 penalty to those rolls. This cannot reduce the amount of dice to a chance die, allowing at least one die to be rolled. Likewise, a derangement check cannot be reduced to a chance die. This is reset if one fails a morality roll.
  • For more information see


Magi of the Gilded Thorn

In addition to the normal benefits, The Magi gain the merit 'Hedge Gate Sense' for free. Magi also gain the ability to ask up a number of questions per day per level of Wyrd while in the Hedge as if they had Dream 1. Each question costs a point of Glamour.

The Legion of the Iron Wall

The token for this Entitlement is as follows:

Action: Instant

Cost: 1 Glamour + 1 Willpower

Drawback: The first attack made against the Legionnaire in the scene which the Token is activated receives a +2 bonus to hit.

Catch: The Legionnaire must sacrifice his own Defense for the scene in order to activate the Token through its Catch.

Effect: The Legionnaire grants +2 armor to a number of targets equal to his Wyrd for the scene. This armor stacks with other sources of both magical and mundane armor and will also protect against supernatural attacks and powers (Reducing attackers dice pools by 2). These targets must remain within a radius of the Legionnaire equal to his Wyrd in yards in order to benefit from this effect. The bonus is lost if they step outside of this radius, but can be regained if they close ranks once again providing the duration has not expired.

Mask: This small pendant, clasped to a heavy beaded chain, is shaped like a Medieval heater shield. Roughly an inch square, it is made primarily of gold and accented with slivers of silver and tiny rubies in a cross shape over it's surface.

Mien: Slightly larger than it's Mask appearance, this Token looks otherwise the same - apart from the alien, almost artificial gleam that seems to radiate from it; as if the shield-like object itself was both hyper reflective and releasing its own light.


Fae-Touched are currently not allowed.

  • All Fae-Touched and Ensorcelled House Rules are here.

Goblin Market

Goblin Market

  • Characters with the Goblin Merchant and Market Stall merits are able to sell a certain amount of merchandise. At Goblin Merchant •, you are able to sell things like Hedgefruit, Gewgaws, minor Tokens (• to ••) and trifles. At Goblin Merchant •••, you are able to sell Goblin Contracts (up to level •••), mid-level Tokens (••• to ••••) and all of what you can sell with Goblin Merchant •.
  • If you have a Market Stall ••••, you are able to sell all of the above, plus no limit on Tokens or Goblin Contracts. You may also sell Vices and Virtues (allowing people to submit a +request to exchange their Vices and Virtues) and you can facilitate the selling of skills (see below). While you may sell Goblin Contracts and such, if you purchase Goblin Contracts to sell them, you will not be able to make use of the Contracts, as you have not learned them/studied the contracts, you are only facilitating in the deal.
  • Wholesale Wares allows you to purchase things at a reduced cost once per Chapter (once a week), it also allows you to have a certain amount of surplus gewgaws, hedgefruit, minor hedgespun and contacts to purchase Goblin Contracts that could be traded away. You also have a certain number of lesser hedgespun (• to ••) equal to your Wyrd score. This cannot be used by you, it is bound up in the Market and must be sold via the Market to PCs or NPCs. Any of these things can be used as collateral or for bribes to hobs or other Lost, thereby increasing your Persuasion, Socialize and Streetwise rolls by +1 to +3, depending on what's traded to them. (It counts as being sold for a favor.) If you do choose to use the item that you get through Wholesale Wares, you will lose the ability to use this Merit for 1 full month.

At the Goblin Market, you can do the following:

  • Second-Hand Skills: As a Goblin Merchant ••• or Market Stall ••••, you can facilitate in other characters purchasing the Second-Hand Skills merit.
  • Market prices: The following are considered even with one another in terms of lesser market wares. You can run a PrP to have the following traded: Goblin Fruit, Most Hedgespun (• to ••), Lesser Goblin Contracts (• to ••), Local freehold guide, Untrained minor Slave (• to ••), Token (•). You must spend XP for anything that you wish to purchase that is more expensive than 2 XP.
  • Freebies: It's generally assumed you can get the following with a PrP, without spending XP: Minor Hedgespun accessories (scarves, hats and the like -- no XP cost, no stat bonuses), Goblin Market guides.
  • Note: Scenes involving the Goblin Market can be run by any ST, but require Staff preapproval. Purchasing Hedgespun/Tokens at the Market requires the item to be approved before the scene takes place.


  • Harvesting rules for Goblin Fruit can be found here.
  • A list of approved Goblin Fruit with updated rules can be found here.

High Wyrd

This is a clarification: Wyrd 7+ bonus only applies to your primary kith, not any kiths gained from wyrd evolution/dual kith(s).

Plant Empathy

Plant Empathy does work on plants that grow or are native to the Hedge. The difficulty is that the psychic needs to get to these plants in the first place. This will speed up the growth of Hedge plants and will offer a bonus of +1 to the harvesting roll when a Changeling goes to harvest any fruit cultivated this way.


Talecrafting is no longer in use on this game.

Wyrd Evolutions

There has been some confusion about what a Wyrd Evolution is and is-not.

  • Wyrd Evolution is not a Durance. Your PC should not return to Arcadia. It is not a second Durance. A Wyrd Evolution is aspects of your PC's 'self' that are already there coming to light through events, enlightenment, etc and are twisted through events, enlightenment, etc. The Wyrd is already in your PC, it's just growing and as a result your character is changing and discovering new potential.
  • Wyrd Evolution doesn't happen in a heartbeat. Your PC does not evolve because of the Wyrd Evolution PrP. The elements of your new Kith are already there, waiting to be exploited. Your PC evolves because they grow, voluntarily or involuntarily, into what you really are. It's like a puppy growing into big paws and ears. The PrP is the finale, so to speak, of these changes. It's where your PC realize what they've become, rather than fully experiencing the whole change during the PRP.
  • Wyrd Evolution is part of who your PC is. They would not evolve into a Kith that is the complete opposite of the character. That's a Pilgrim of the Endless Road aspect. The PC evolves into a Kith that enhances what the character already is. A Fairest who finds him/herself clawing through the political system may evolve into a Drudge because of it, but a Fairest living the life of luxury and has never been in a situation of strife would not likely evolve into a Drudge. It's got to make sense for the character.
  • Wyrd Evolution isn't required. Your PC must be Wyrd 5 or higher to evolve but they don't have to evolve at all. Your PC could be a Wyrd 9 changeling with one kith or a Wyrd 5 changeling with 3.
  • Mechanically, your PC is the same after a Wyrd Evolution. Your PC gains the Kith blessing but there is no re-spec or re-statting.
  • Tip! Play up the changes /before/ the final evolution PRP. It doesn't have to be for a certain kith, if you aren't sure. Lots of Kiths overlap. Play up those little quirks that make your character more Fae. It's those quirks that lead to evolution and will ultimately develop another Kith. Plus they're tons of fun to play.


Homebrew Contracts can be found at Changeling/Homebrew_Contracts

The following house rules have been made concerning Contracts:

  • Entropy: The Dusk Contract has been streamlined to follow the same Goodwill levels for all outside the Court as presented for Fleeting and Eternal Court Contracts in the Core Book.
  • Elements 4: It was decided that for a 4-dot clause, it lacked power as written. So, we are adding a slight adjustment. A changeling with this clause may EITHER choose to use it as written, OR, by spending a point of Willpower in addition to the activation cost, the changeling can instead increase/decrease the amount of the element present by the same mass/volume/area per success as the Elements 3 chart (C:tL P. 140). You still need to use Elements 3 to control it once summoned, and some of the Element must still be reachable nearby for this to work: a bottle of water, a lit match, a little LED light, a pocketful of dirt. Elements 2 counts as having the element present, but of course you need to activate both separately.
  • Fang & Talon: See the Changeling/Contracts/Fang and Talon page for a list of allowed contract names, per stat/list contract=fang*
  • Fleeting Contracts: Unless otherwise mentioned in the text, Fleeting Court contracts are subtle; unless someone is actively Kenning while a Contract of Fleeting Emotions is being used, they will not know they are being manipulated.
  • Fleeting Autumn 2: Is now Heart of the Antlion (Fleeting Autumn 3 in the book). Mantle (Autumn) 1 or Goodwill (Autumn) 3
  • Fleeting Autumn 3:
Tale of the Baba Yaga: Fleeting Autumn 3
Prerequisites: Mantle (Autumn) ** or Court Goodwill (Autumn) ****
Cost: 2 or 2 Glamour + 1 Willpower
Dice Pool: Manipulation+Intimidation+Mantle (Autumn), Resisted of Composure+Wyrd (+Indomitable).
Action: Instant
Catch: The character must animate themselves in a frightening manner. Mimicking the noises of a hideous monster, baring fangs or claws, hissing loudly or making grand threats against her target(s).
Note: With the spending of 1 Willpower, it will affect anyone that sees the Changeling, including allies. Each person rolls individual resists. Indomitable can be added to this roll.
Roll Results remain the same except for:
Success: The subjects develop a temporary fear of the user. Upon successful activation, this Contract evokes a supernaturally strong fear in all affected individuals. They are afflicted with a mind-number terror, fleeing from the character for one turn per success. If they cannot flee, they cower (but are not denied Defense).
  • Fleeting Spring 2: Change the wording of the Exceptional Success portion of this Contract to be: 'The change instead lasts one week per success rolled.' A permanent change to a character's personality is far too powerful for a level 2 Contract.
  • Forge 3: The effects of this contract last for a scene.
  • Four Directions: This contract is considered universal affinity for the purposes of this game.
  • Hearth: Hearth 2 can only be used on instant actions. Also, a reminder of a book fact which is often forgotten, you must physically, with your own body, TOUCH the person you are using clauses on, unless you are using them on yourself. In combat this is a melee touch attack.
  • Oath and Punishment 3: This works as a +2 dice to any Clarity Check made during the scene after you activated this clause. It also works as a +2 to resist any of the Court based contracts that Manipulate Emotions'
  • Potential: The Dawn Contract has been streamlined to follow the same Goodwill levels for all outside the Court as presented for Fleeting and Eternal Court Contracts in the Core Book.
  • Punishing Summer: These contracts are no longer limited to Summer Court only and follow the standard progression of Mantle/Goodwill requirements.
  • Reflections: Contracts of Reflections are considered affinity Contracts for all Fairest; the implied theme of vanity is appropriate enough to count as a seeming affinity.' Pg 39 - Equinox Road.
  • Separation 5 - Phantasmal Bastion: This is a beloved, but problematic clause which inevitably needs clarifications. Per the book, activation of Separation 5 leaves a Changeling in a Twilight-like state.
    To clarify this, as there have been questions about how it works in the Hedge (where the state of Twilight does not ordinarily exist and all ghosts are manifested automatically), it's essentially a faerie imitation of the real Twilight. You are not in the real Twilight state. Most things which affect the real Twilight will have no effect upon you.
    For further clarification, you are intangible, but NOT invisible (unless you also use Smoke 5!). We reiterate: Not Invisible. This argument happens a lot. Invisibility itself is already a 5-dot Contract. Separation 5 is not going to be a 10-dot clause. ;)
    It is up to personal choice whether or not you look ephemeral/ghostly/faded while you are in this state.
    While this clause is active, you can attack or be attacked by ghosts or other immaterial entities (as well as other people using Separation 5, so be careful!) as if you were both solid. If combined with another power such as being a Gravewight or having Shade and Spirit 1, then you can also see the ghosts around you. Without abilities like the above, you cannot see ghosts, and just blindly flail around to try and hit them.
  • Smoke 4: This game allows for the alternate clause of Smoke 4 found on page 23 of Victorian Lost to be used. We understand this book is a little harder to find than most so we have provided the contract's write-up. Please note that either the VL clause or the clause in the main book can be chosen when you purchase Smoke. If you choose the alternate clause, please set a note on yourself with the information listed. If you want both clauses, you will be paying for the 4th dot twice. Please add the second 4th dot's price to your +xpreq (+xpreq contract/smoke to # for #) and have your +note already set up so staff can lock it.
Smoke-Stepping ••••
This clause allows the changeling to move through the fog at the speed of thought, disappearing from one location and appearing in another. This clause can only be used outdoors in thick fog or smog where visibility is no more than 30 yards.
Cost: 2 Glamour
Dice Pool: Intelligence + Wyrd
Action: Instant
Catch: The Contract is used within 10 minutes of sunrise or twilight, or on a day with thick clouds and little sunlight.
Roll Results
Dramatic Failure: The changeling becomes disoriented in the fog and spends the next three turns stumbling around, unaware of who or what is around him, and possibly bumping into walls or passers-by.
Failure: The changeling remains in her current location, unaffected by the Contract.
Success: The changeling instantly moves to any location that is both also within the fog and within a number of miles from his current location equal to his Wyrd. The changeling must have seen the desired location before and know it well enough to concentrate on it.
Exceptional Success: The changeling arrives as her destination, where she briefly remains as insubstantial as mist. In this invisible and intangible state, the changeling is free to spend a second moving to a location where she wishes to appear. She can only appear in locations that are also within the fog, and can only move a distance up to her Speed in yards, but can appear facing any direction.
Suggested Modifiers
-2 The day is bright and sunny
+1 Visibility is less than 10 yards
  • Vainglory 3: Clarification: as Fallcoast is using the GMC version of Striking Looks, ignore references to a 4-dot merit in the book. On this game, this clause gives you the equivalent of the 2-dot merit, which adds +2 to specific applicable social rolls. All other aspects of the clause remain the same.
  • Wild 5: To clarify, the Lost rolls to activate this contract, and those within range take those successes, subtract their individual Armor, and take the remaining as Bashing damage. Defense does not apply.


Some editing and clarifications.

  • Artist: The 8 again bonus is able to be applied to general hedgespun (weapons, shields, etc) but not mechanical (automatons, etc).
  • Ask-Wee-Da-eed: The +1 to contracts of Hearth for the Ask-Wee-Da-eed should be taken as a +1 to the effect. So For Hearth 2, you get a +5 to the bonus rather than a +4. For hearth one it becomes a -3 instead of a -2. This is a fitting bonus that works well with kith bonuses in general. In addition, the reroll this kith can force is penalized by the players wyrd.
  • Inventor: The 8-again bonus and Wyrd roll bonus only applies to mundane equipment rolls & mechanical hedgespun (such as automatons) but not general hedgespun (weapons, shields, etc).
  • Leechfinger: The Leechfinger's Blessing does not cause pain, as least not as the cut of a blade, the slash of a claw or the bite of a bullet, however it does make one fill sick, ill, and drained. As suggested in Swords at Dawn pg 24: "A Leechfinger armed with Contracts of Smoke and Mirror can slip into the enemy's camp while he slumbers, sap him of his vitality, and leave him none the wiser. Done night after night over the course of several days, the enemy might well give up the ghost before anyone even knows what's happening." The leechfinger can, drain the life from one undetected asd they slumber, but this requires delicacy. A Contested roll of the Darkling's Dex+Stealth vs the victims Wits+Composure, the former roll penalized by -1 for each point of lethal taken, while contracts such as Darkness 3, or smoke, may give the Leechfinger some bonus dice at the Storytellers discretion. Danger Sense applies weather asleep or awake.
  • Lurker: You only are able to have a 8-again roll if your Seeming is Darkling, otherwise it is a 9-again roll.
  • Manikin: The Manikin kith blessing has changed. Instead of removing the untrained penalty from crafts, Manikin get a free Crafts Specialty in character gen. In addition they buy Artifice at Affinity rather than x5.
  • Razorhand: Razorhands are the fear of blades in the dark, the glint of sharp metal in the shadows of an alley. Sudden, cutting pain from the darkness. Every Razorhand knows at least a little bit about how to wield a small, bladed weapon. As such, their benefit is they have a free Weaponry Specialty as Knives, in addition to being able to turn their fingers/hands into 1L blades. The weaponry spec does not apply to these weapons.
  • Render: Renders are not limited to only their 'claws' being able to ignore durability. This can also extend to their teeth, like a messed up termite.
  • Shadowsoul: The shadowsoul kith blessing has changed. Shadowsouls now get an 8again to intimidation rolls and Darkness contracts as affinity
  • Soldier: As a clarification, one with the Soldier kith may purchase merits that require a specialization AS IF they had a specialization in edged weapons. These merits (Fighting Finesse, Quick-Draw, etc.) have to be with a more specific edged weapon, however. IE: Swords, Axes, Knives, and so on.
  • Stonebones: There is no maximum armor one can get from Obdurate Skin, the defense penalties still stack with wyrd as does the armor. This bonus DOES stack with worn armor. The Armored Fighting Merit does not apply to the Stonebones kiths defense penalty.
  • Witchtooth: There are goblin contracts that curse that require a roll, and other contracts that provide bad effects beyond just Hearth 1 - That would be up to the ST to decide if the contract counts, and other than that the +1 Occult is a fine kith bonus.


The +news file on pledges is as follows: Pledges are likely the strongest weapon in the arsenal of the Lost. With them, they can forge alliances, form task force groups designed with a specific purpose in mind, or create lasting friendships bound by the Wyrd.

There are a few rules regarding Pledges on Fallcoast.

  • No pledging to NPCs. NPCs have a function to perform, and while they may actually be other characters on the game, they have no ability to break pledges of their own volition or through accidental reasons except in the most extreme of cases. Staff can't force them to break pledges; therefore there's truly no downsides in Pledging an NPC.
  • Making Pledges. All pledges must be made face to face, spoken, written, or even done in sign language. This to to represent the personal nature and gravitas going into binding yourself to another via the wyrd in such a profound way, and also because it's less complicated for us all around.
  • Sanctions. Every pledge, save for the specific ones written up in the books without them, require Sanctions. This is the way the Wyrd makes sure you uphold your end of the bargain. All power comes with a price. If someone breaks a Pledge, the sanction happens to them specifically, not everyone else as well.
  • Wording. Please make your wording make sense with what you're getting. A pledge is at its heart a collection of words that promises you will uphold or do something in return for a benefit to help make you able to do it better. If you need help with wording, please get with staff. We'll be able to help you out with it. A pledge without words is basically nothing.
  • Adroitness. Please keep in mind that you may not stack Blessings or Adroitnesses. Example: Sally pledges with Jimbo and gets +1 Subterfuge from having 0. She may not then pledge Jedediah for +1 more Subterfuge

Non Changelings attempting to swear certain oaths will be denied based on theme. A group oath that contains non changelings may act like a motley, but is not, by definition, a Motley. Those not of the changeling sphere are unable to swear Fealty (so cannot swear onto the Freehold Pledges)

You are allowed to have Wyrd + 3 number of Vows. You are allowed to have any number of oaths (pledges against other things, your true name, your keeper, etc) as you can manage without overlap. So you can't have, say, two pledges against your true name at the same time, or two pledges against a mortal emblem but you could have one against a mortal emblem, and against your court emblem, and against a nemesis. However, in regards to nemesis you may have another one as long as someone else is the nemesis.

  • Fae-touched are now considered Wyrd 1 for purposes of pledges only.
  • Non-changelings are only allowed a max of three pledges no matter the type of pledge they are taking. This is based off the fact that they're Wyrd is 0, and per rules Wyrd 0 + 3 = 3.
  • Any non-changeling who has been Taken or undergoes a Becoming immediately has all their Pledges Break (that which was bound into the power of the pledge, their Humanity, is no more. They are now a different entity as far as the Wyrd is concerned)

The pledgecrafting guide for this game can be found here.

After a PC has become Oathbroken, they are under the Sanction of the pledge for the Duration of the pledge - In other words, a Seasonal pledge that was broken, the Oathbreaker will be under the Sanction for 1 Season (~89 days). During the time you are under that Sanction you cannot re swear the same Pledge.

Pledge boons need to fit with the nature of the Pledge. We are not going to approve someone getting a Striking Looks Merit from a Squire's Pledge or any other rather outrageous concept. Please, make sure you are true to the nature of the Pledge when considering the boons you are asking for.

Resources: Pledging for Resources will use the following rules:

  • Pledges that last one season or longer will grant Resources as though you have the merit. You can buy equipment freely, and keep it.
  • Day/week pledges can be used to buy anything, but only equipment that does not have an upkeep will last when the pledge ends.
    • You must be able to buy the equipment before the pledge ends! Large purchases (expensive cars, yachts, etc) go through credit checks and etc before they are given over. Cash on hand the day of will likely not get you what you need.
    • Equipment that requires upkeep (cars, boats, expensive/exotic guns, intricate crafting tools) will be lost when the pledge ends, in one way or another. The Wyrd may grant you funds to put a down payment on a car, but the funds will dry up at the end of the pledge, and you will be unable to make your payments, or perhaps your car gets stolen. The Wyrd giveth, the Wyrd taketh away.
    • Equipment that requires upkeep will not be added to your inventory. It can be use ICly for the day/week of the pledge, so long as you have the correct resource level in the pledge, but due to the fleeting nature of the item we will not be adding and then removing items from inventory.


Biting Grotesquerie

The 4-dot Token "Biting Grotesquerie" (CtL, 206) says that the stats for the Hobgoblin that the Token turns into are in a sidebar, but there is no sidebar. Use the stats provided for a generic Cat (WoD, 203) for the Hobgoblin.


There is no possibility whatsoever of Changeling on Fallcoast to bear children after their Durance. Once you become a Changeling you are forevermore sterile. No Contracts/Hedgefruit/Supernal Magic will assist in this situation. Goblin Midwife is not accepted on this game.

Changing Courts

A PRP is not required to change Courts, it is optional. If you do one and it includes swearing to the new Court, you'll receive XP for it.

  • Changing Courts is a Clarity 8 Breaking Point.
  • Winters leaving the Winter Court lose Mourning Cant.
  • You gain Court Goodwill with your former Court equal to 1/2 your former Mantle rounded down.
  • Mantle on the former Court is refunded, and you receive Mantle 1 in the new Court

Death Clause

This has been tweaked from what's in the book. You can find the rules for it here and the associated dominion here.


We do use the errata provided by White Wolf.

Impeccable Craftsmanship

Impeccable Craftsmanship (or any other kith bonus which gives bonuses to crafts, expression, or other rolls which could be used with the Vision merit) may not be used on the Vision Merit rolls.


Please check Iron for an explanation of Cold Iron and how it works on the game.

Item Transfer

The transfer of items (Hedgespun, Tokens, etc) will be done in the following way:

When an individual decides to give their item to another player (or if a character loots another dead character), they have two choices in how to handle this.

Either the original owner of the item will have the XP removed from their sheet permanently OR the new owner is able to pay the cost for the item.


Kenning works for Lost of all Clarity levels, it simply lowers the dice pool for rolling with a lower Clarity than 6. Fallcoast utilizes the advanced Kenning rules listed in Dancers In The Dusk, p. 65; this can allow you to detect a Contract being performed with Kenning activated, as well as allowing to determine what particular Clause is being used with an exceptional Intelligence + Occult success. Specialties such as 'Contracts,' 'Clauses,' 'Faerie Magic' and the like apply to this roll. You may make a reflexive Kenning roll at -2 if actively looking for supernatural influences to notice a Contract being cast.

Kenning can also work with other supernatural abilities at a -3 penalty. You must be actively looking for supernatural powers. This does not apply to innate abilities such as a Sin-Eater's ability to speak and see ghosts, a vampire's basic blood abilities, a werewolf's shifting, stepping sideways, etc. It only applies to the given powers of a supernatural creature at the moment that they are being used, and if the Changeling is looking specifically for supernatural powers being used. They get no clear interpretation of what those powers are or what they do; they only know that something is affecting the resonant glamour. Unless the Kenning is focused on the specific individual using the power (since Kenning can be focused on a person, area or object), the Changeling does not know from where the power originated.

Law Enforcement

  • If your Changeling is a police officer or Detective, arresting individuals is a Clarity 5 sin. It counts as detainment against a person's will. If a Changeling arrests another Changeling, it is a Clarity 3 sin, even Privateers and Loyalists.

Morbid Reality

Sin-Eater ability

See Changeling House Rules. Seeing a Changeling's age with Morbid Reality requires the Sin-Eater make a Wits+Composure-3 roll vs. the Changeling's Wyrd+Resolve; both these rolls are unconscious and reflexive). If the Changeling wins the contest, the Sin-Eater sees the age of the Mask; players should work together and decide what the age of the Mask is, and then stick with that, since all Sin-Eaters can tell people's age to the hour. The Sin-Eater will be none the wiser.

However, if the Sin-Eater wins, it becomes very difficult to tell a Changeling's age. Changelings who haven't been altered much in Arcadia might give off a certain age, while others who've been aged, or have spent a half a century or a decade or a century in Arcadia will muddle a Sin-Eater's ability to tell their age; the Sin-Eater might see 'vast expanses of time' or 'about 30 years', without any specificity, which is definitely weird for Sin-Eaters and would attract attention. Changeling age is highly individualized and players are encouraged to work with each other to come up with some interesting, even if it's just leaving it as a mysterious indefinite.

Sin-Eaters using Phantasmal Oracle ••••• can roll Intelligence + Investigation + [Phantasmal Oracle Activation Successes] - 3, contested by a reflexive Wyrd + Resolve on the part of the Changeling. If the Changeling wins, the Sin-Eater continues seeing a human; but if the Sin-Eater wins, they pierce the Mask entirely, seeing the Changeling for what they are until the Manifestation ends.

Fetches with the Normalcy Echo should ping as Human (and just as old as the original would be had they not been Taken); those that do not have it should appear to be the actual age since the Fetch's creation, which may or may not raise any eyebrows, depending on the age of the Fetch vs. its apparent age. It should take Phantasmal Oracle 5 to see the Fetch 'as it really is' (re: what Changelings see when they look at a Fetch without the Normalcy Echo).


The minimum size for a Motley is three (3) people. If at any time that a Motley falls beneath this number the pledge remains but they are no longer considered a motley until/unless they get a third person.

When APPing in with a Motley, the pledge itself must be set up prior to the motley being considered 'official'.


Tokens and Hedgespun items that were crafted do not lose their discount during a respec.

Teamwork and Contracts

Contracts are not privy to being used with Teamwork rules. Contracts are centralized per individual PC.

Technology vs. The Hedge

As the book says, there is no barrier to taking technology in the hedge... mostly. Firearms rely on basic physics and chemical reactions. Phones and computers rely on batteries. Of course they will not receive any transmissions from the mortal world, there are no cell towers to make calls but they will still function while one is close to earth. Walkie Talkies will function perfectly for the most part, but who knows who is listening.

It is only when one goes deep that these things become a problem, when earth is out of sight, when the rules that govern the realms of faerie start to take hold. Electronics start to glitch or fail to function at all, and advanced of firearms start to jam and malfunction, detonators fail to detonate. Most of the time anyway. There is no hard and fast rule, as the laws of the fae realms differ from Gentry to Gentry, while some Keepers may be rooted in the dark age, others have described durances of some strange Alien future with technology beyond our own, where electronic devices may pick up strange and disturbing transmissions.

Wings, Tails, Paws, Hooves, Horns & Antennae

See Changeling/Miens for details.