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Changeling/Homebrew Tokens/Summary

Goblin Ink
0-Dot Token (Gewgaw)
Description: Goblin Ink is a fairly common ink found in the Goblin Market, in fact it is the only ink one can find in the area most days beyond a Token Ink Well of some stripe. It usually comes in a small, ornate bottle and requires the use of a quill or calligraphy pen. It comes in a variety of colors and some even have scents to them but not many are very pleasant. For every one that smells like strawberry you will find eight that smell like cat food, dead animals or body odor. Hobgoblins have weird tastes when it comes to what is good and bad, compared to your average person.
The manufacture of the ink is a mystery and Lost in the past have attempted to duplicate it but with no success. Rumors suggest it is made from some sea creature found in the nightmarish and highly dangerous sea along the coast. A place very few wish to venture to begin with. Hobgoblins themselves are naturally tight lipped about it. Not all Hobgoblins can read and write and the ones that do tend to guard that ability viciously, much like the ruling classes of the Dark Ages.

As a side note: A Changeling could sell their ability to read and write in English. Naturally they would be rewarded for it handsomely though few wish to do this in these modern times of text messages and internet. Local Hobgoblins have little use for other languages but Spanish seems to be the second most desired language that will fetch a good price. Of course, it is how you sell it (Which is why Persuasion is a great Skill to have if you go to Market often.)

For some reason the ink does not work with modern pens or ink catridges. Antiquarians have scratched their heads about this but all efforts to put it into a standard Bic pen or even a fancier writing instrument causes the ink to evaporate within the device. Making it an archaic form of communication in comparison to other ways to facilitate communication amongst the Lost.
To those that can't see Glamour, it looks like nothing. Though that doesn't mean a witty detective or hunter couldn't do stone rubbing, using a pencil or charcoal to read what was etched by the pen.
Effect: Goblin Ink can only be read by those who have a tie to Glamour: Changelings, Hobgoblins, Ensorcelled, True Fae, etc.
Drawback: While Goblin Ink can be used to write letters and missives to be sent in the Mortal World, the magic of it fades eventually. After a full lunar cycle (Roughly a month, 29.5 days) whatever was written will fade and disappear. Not making for a very good item to use for important documents. However, documents written in the Hedge that stay in the hedge (books, letters, etc) never fade away though as soon as they are taken to the Mortal World, they begin their decaying process. Perhaps another reason many Hedge-side Libraries do not allow for some books to be 'checked out'.
Additional: Those that tend to use Goblin Ink often will find their fingers start to stain, usually in whatever color ink they use the most. It will stain whatever Hedgespun it comes into contact with. Making it popular with some Lost who wish to dye their Hedgespun clothes or armor. The stains are not permanent and fade after a full lunar cycle.
COST: As a 0-Dot Token, a Gewgaw of a sort, it is relatively cheap. For a single 1oz bottle, the asking price is very minimal. For an abstraction it could cost a mildly enjoyed song you heard on the radio that you can sing, a boring memory, a bad dream (not a nightmare). Curiosities you are looking at something negligible like a dove's feather, a dead crow found in a graveyard. For living merchandise, well, a kitten or a puppy would suffice.
Anything more than a 1oz bottle for personal use would, naturally, increase the cost but it is not out of the ordinary for some Lost to stock up.
OOC: This is meant as an interesting way to send notes between Lost. Especially for you old bastards that can't understand a celly-ma-phone. I have used this to write on things like Chinese restaurant flyers, Evangelical pamphlets and others have had fun with it. This is meant to be entertaining and a little piece of interesting local lore. Don't abuse it, please.
A word of warning: if you can read it, so can your enemy. Burn after reading or don't leave it laying around. If you get enough to make some street art or a sign out of it, you may as well turn on the porch light for possible trouble. Privateers, Loyalists, Gentry visiting earth in human disguise (yes, they can do that). So be careful!
It wouldn't be out of bounds to say each Court has a few vials of this laying around in a Hollow. Just don't abuse it and have some fun picking some up at the Goblin Market next time you go to replenish your Court stock. I am sure you can sing "Shook Me All Night Long" by AC/DC for a little bottle before you take off. If you DO want to make some sort of street art or sign to hang around? Examples include: GO AWAY! or NO FETCHES ALLOWED! or GENTRY PUNKS FUCK OFF! That would require some staff oversight so please toss in a job for anything other than some little letter you send.
Personal use amounts found in Court Hollows or traded between PCs do not require +notes. Large stockpiles a PC had purchased at the Goblin Market would but just for note keeping in case your PC has plans to use it for something other than letter writing.
Author: Ruckus