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Changeling: Homebrew Kiths

Seeming beast.png Beast Kiths


Changelings who blended in with their surroundings to hide; becoming like chameleons, octopuses, cuttlefishes, and other disguised and camouflaged creatures.

The Crypticskin benefit from Protective Coloration, granting them a free stealth specialization. Once per scene the Lost may spend a point of Glamour, shifting their mask and mien to allow them to blend in with the surroundings; granting them the ability to hide most anywhere, even among a crowd a people. This camouflage lasts as long as the player remains still or moves no faster than a few feet a minute; any sudden movements disrupt the illusion of invisibility. Subtract the Crypticskin’s Wyrd from dice rolls to notice them.


The kin of turtles and crustaceans and all animals known for their rock hard durability.

Sometimes slow and wise, sometimes stubborn and unflinching, they all share the trait of being very hard nuts to crack thanks to their ability to Hunker Down. A Hardshell has a 2/0 natural armor. By spending a single point of Glamour, the Changeling may reflexively convert the damage dealt by a single attack from a bladed weapon into bashing damage. The hardshell may only do this once per scene.


Changelings who are connected with bees, ants, and other such animals that dwell in great colonies and hives.

These Lost have developed a Synergistic Rapport, allowing them to work together with others in concert more efficiently; the Hiveborn add half their wyrd (rounded up) to all teamwork rolls. The player may spend a point of Glamour to ignore penalties for using an untrained skill in teamwork as a secondary actor, provided that one member of the team has dots in the skill being used, allowing them to always be able to lend a hand.


These are things that bite and cling, have crushing strength in their jaws or claws. Think: Bulldogs, Hyenas, Crabs, Mantis Shrimp, certain kinds of snakes, ect. Generally an animal good at hunting and trapping. They tend to bite, and claw and latch on. The Lockjaw kith gains the benefits of Oww! Fuck!: This Kith benefits from a +1 bonus to their Strength score when opponents try to get out of their grapple attempts that are done with claws/pincers/teeth/etc. Further, even on a successful escape the opponent takes 1 Lethal as their flesh and skin are torn free to escape.

  • Author: Dottie


Some animals figure that the best offense is a good defense and the best defense is being smelly. You were a skunk, a stink bug or some other flavor of stanky creature during your Durance and its left its mark on you - these Beasts tend to have a warning sign indicating just who they are.

The Stinkbutt kith gains the benefits of Stink Bomb: Intimidation is rolled at 9-again. Once per scene, spray scent for 1 Glamour. Those in the area of Wyrd x2 yards (both enemies and allies) will need to roll Resolve + Stamina - Stinkbutt's Wyrd; failing this roll results in the affected losing their next action due to gagging/vomiting/watering eyes. Characters with no sense of smell are immune to this.

  • Author: Lotje

Seeming darkling.png Darkling Kiths


These Darklings learned to use their voice as a weapon - not the fine rapier of witty debate, but the heavy hammer of an old fashioned scream. Brothers and sisters to banshees and other howling, shrieking creatures, they may have been used as messengers or alarms, or may have possibly developed their talent in order to drive away the sharp-eared monsters that stalked them.

Once per scene, a Banshee may create Cacophonous Chaos by spending a point of Glamour. The Changeling shouts at the top of his lungs and causes bashing damage equal to his Wyrd to everyone in a radius equal to his Wyrd in yards, unless they make a successful Wits + Composure roll to cover their ears in time. Warning one's motley in advance is always a good idea. If the Darkling is gagged or otherwise unable to make sounds, this blessing may not be activated. This takes a full action, you may still take a movement action, but no other.


Changelings whose durance was a literal nightmare from which they couldn't just wake up from becoming warped figures of grisly terror.

These lost have learned the dark pathways of fright in the mind, allowing them to invoke Haunting Figments, once per scene, as an instant action, by spending 1 Glamour and rolling Intimidation + Wyrd - the subject's Composure, the changeling may awaken the irrational fears that lurk in the mind's shadow. inflicting a -2 penalty to all rolls of an attribute of the changeling's choice, for a number of turns equal to Wyrd. As the envoys of fear themselves, bogeyman have grown comfortable with terror, granting them a +1 bonus to resist fear themselves.


Some Lost had to learn how to move ever-so-silently through the Arcadian gloom, lest they draw the attention of dangerous predators or worse, wake their Fae masters from dreamless sleep. These Changelings may prefer the quiet of solitude or may revel in as much noise as they can, in defiance of their former Keepers.

Either way, they wear the Silent Shroud and receive +1 to all Stealth rolls. For one glamour and a successful Composure + Stealth roll, they may extend a zone of perfect silence in a circle around them with radius equal to their Wyrd for a number of turns equal to the successes rolled. In this zone, no sound can be heard or made without a successful Wits + Composure roll; others make this roll at a penalty of the Hushwight's Wyrd. This zone of silence moves with the changeling, keeping them at the center. This glamour-powered silence automatically fails without a roll needed if any sound louder than normal conversation is made (i.e. shouting for help, slamming a door, or trying to sneak up on someone with a revving chainsaw) or if any attacks are made. Hushwights automatically meet the catch for Night Terrors 1.


These Changelings followed faint lights in the dark and were led not into safety, but into the clutches of the True Fae. In turn, they became dimly phosphorescent denizens of the night, luring the unwary into deadly circumstances, like the Will-o-wisps of legend.

They can use their Luminous Lure to make it more difficult for a solitary target to notice traps and ambushes by spending a point of glamour and making a Subterfuge + Wyrd roll, resisted by a Composure + Wyrd roll. Success levies a -2 penalty to the target's Wits and Composure rolls for the scene. On top of this, the fae are good at recognizing such ambushes themselves and always have a 1 die bonus to Perception rolls to notice purposeful traps This does nothing for inherent, natural dangers.

Seeming elemental.png Elemental Kiths


These Lost never ceased being molded and shaped by Arcadian forces, their forms become soft and malleable like clay or putty.

Gifted with the hard earned blessing of Plasticity these changelings recover swiftly from blunt trauma, allowing them to instantly recover from bashing damage equal to their Wyrd once per scene with the expenditure of a single Glamour. Thanks to the pliable nature of their bodies, clayshapen gain a +1 to attempts to escape from a grapple.


Suffering one of the worst fates, these poor souls were turned into foodstuffs to delight the refined palates of the Gentry. Some were roasted until savory and tender, others melted and recrafted out of spun sugar and candied rose petals, but all were eaten alive over and over again, never allowed to perish fully.

They have the dubious blessing called Eat Me, Drink Me. They can carve out their flesh, and feed it to someone else, trading health level for health level. Agg for agg, Lethal for lethal if someone ingests it. This damage has to be healed at a normal rate. Of course, if something bad eats them, they will be healed too. Briarwolves think they are tasty.


These Elementals are those that embody the wild places, those few that remain. Be it forest, desert, plain or tundra, the Encroacher shares the awareness of nature and embodies its anger at the spreading human world. The wild places speak to him, spreading his awareness throughout the untamed land, while man's creations fall broken under his hand. Thus, while in natural settings, the changeling gains 8-again to perception rolls. When faced with man- (and hob-) made objects he ignores 2 of the item/object's durability. Changelings of this kith often feel 'blind and deaf' while in the city, and cannot damage a stone or tree there more than any other man. Physically, those of this kith have some variety of invasive species growing from or on them, be it moss or ivy, kudzu or Japanese honeysuckle. Some prune it back, while others may eventually end up looking like a walking shrub version of Cousin It.


Modern cousins to the Manikin, these Lost bear the digital age's growing presence in Faerie in the form of cyborgs, androids, robots, and mankind's digital fears.

Their mind's computational power has been expanded with Alacritous Processing, allowing the Wirestreaked to add to Intelligence-based dice pools by spending Glamour, on a one to one basis.

Seeming fairest.png Fairest Kiths


Those Changelings who come to embody the physical ideal of perfection rather than the aesthetic, like the heroic athletes of legend. Often fiercely competitive, they excel at all manner of physical contests, whether it's cleaving a block of stone in two with a single blow, running for days on end without so much as losing their breath, or skittering catlike through the most deadly obstacles.

To ensure excellence, Apollonians rely on Arete, which gives an extra die to all Athletics rolls. For 1 glamour, they can also reroll any failed Athletics roll. The second roll must be accepted.


Hedonistic and untamable, these changelings nearly lost themselves to an endless cycle of debauchery and depravity.

In tune with their darkest passions, they know well the Rites of Bacchanalia, benefiting from the nine-again rule to harvest Glamour in situations aligned with their Vice. In addition, a Dionysian never takes penalties from being disheveled or unkempt in Presence or Manipulation rolls.


Many old tales contain figures such as the beautiful enchantress or the majestic magician. Sometimes good, sometimes evil, but more often somewhere between the two, these creatures are fond of testing those they meet and either punishing or rewarding them accordingly. In Arcadia, they were often used to either test or torment fellow captives, or to add elements of mystery to their Keeper's Court.

Enchanters benefit from the 9 again on occult rolls and gain a +1 on Empathy rolls to deduce a target's character.

  • Credit: Cerise

Seeming ogre.png Ogre Kiths


These ogres lived and breathed rage, becoming consumed in an uncontrollable frenzy. Either on alien battlefield or gladiatorial arenas of Faerie, these Lost lost themselves in frenzied trances that made them into a whirlwind of unstoppable violence like the warriors of legend.

Worked to Battle Trance, by spending a glamour berserkers enter battle with little concern for their own wellbeing, treating wound penalties as bonuses as they channel the mindless fury that was seared into their very core during their durance. Additionally berserkers gain a +1 to all stamina rolls made to stay conscious.

More coming soon

Seeming wizened.png Wizened Kiths


Tasked with the safe transport of their Fae masters throughout the wild terrain of Arcadia, the Chauffeurs learned to handle all manner of vehicles with aplomb lest the whips be turned on them next. Whether guiding a team of wild fae horses, piloting an impossible clockwork watercraft, or soaring through storm-tossed skies in fantastic balloon, these Wizened always arrive safely and on time.

When behind the controls of a vehicle, they can Take the Reins and re-roll any failed Drive check by spending a point of glamour. On top of this, they receive a free Drive specialty in their chosen mode of locomotion and may add their Wyrd to their initiative when driving.


No mere kitchen slaves, these Lost learned to work culinary magic with strange goblin fruits, vegetables, meats, and spices - all to please their demanding Masters. Those who failed became the next course. Gourmands enjoy a Wyrd/2, rounded up, die bonus to all Craft rolls involving cooking and all Intelligence rolls to identify edibles, and may bestow the Epicurean Benefaction by spending a point of glamour while preparing a single serving of food.

This glamour is stored in the food and may be later consumed - by anyone - to recover the glamour point. If the food goes bad or is otherwise rendered inedible or unpalatable, the glamour is lost.


Living in the nooks and crannies of their Keepers realms, these Lost learned to collect and scavenge off the scraps of their Faerie masters or were sent to scour away odds and ends and knick-knacks at their Lord's behest.

Honed from their time sifting through the oddest piles of junk these mischievous changelings possess the Blessing of the Missing Keys, granting them the uncanny ability to find things hidden in cracks and clutter. Once per scene, the changeling may spend Glamour on a 1 to 1 basis to add to dice pools to scrounge, scavenge, forage, or otherwise locate items stashed away. Additionally the scrounger gains a free specialty in Survival.