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Changeling: Custom Hedge Beasts
This page is a dedication to Hobgoblins that are for the use of PRPs and scenes. Primarily it's custom hedge beasts, so feel free to add your own using the template below:

To use this just copy and paste the following, filling it out. Be sure to include all the items, even if the information is just 'NA' or 'none'.

| name=The name of the hedgebeast
| image=image:beast.jpg
| contracts=Commonly used contracts
| allies=Any allies associated with the hedgebeast
| enemies=Any enemies associated with the hedgebeast
| bans=Any frailties or bans of the hedgebeast - things to which it is weak or things it cannot do.
| locations=Grid squares/hedge locations where the spirit tends to hang out
| contact=Whom to Contact for more information about using these beasts in your plot.
| mental=Approximate stats or stat ranges
| physical=
| social=
| merits=
| size=
| speed=
| initiative=
| defense=
| willpower=
| armor=
| health=
| wyrd=
| attacks=

Known Hedge Beasts

    Gici Awas
    (pron:gih-chee ah-wahss)
    "Great Hairless Bear" "Great Beast"
    CHB gici awas.jpg
    Important Information
    Contracts Stone •••••, Darkness •, Smoke •••, Wild •, Oath and Punishment •
    Known Allies None.
    Known Enemies None naturally. Many probably do not live long enough to become enemies.
    Frailties or Bans None known, doesn't seem like it has any but for some reason it isn't seen around large rivers or lakes.
    Locations Anywhere in the Hedge that doesn't have a large source of water. Mountains, forests, plains, tundras tend to be where it can be encountered the most. Shorelines, large rivers and lakes the creatures seem to not be found.
    Contact Reagan
    Mental Intelligence 1, Wits 3, Resolve 4
    Physical Strength 9 (10 for Females), Dexterity 3, Stamina 8
    Social Presence 4, Manipulation 1, Composure 3
    Skills Investigation 2 (Body Language)
    Physical: Athletics 4 (Climbing, Running), Brawl 5 (Claw, Bite, Grapple), Survival 4 (Carrion, Tracking)
    Social: Animal Ken 1, Empathy 2 (Smelling Fear), Intimidation 4 (Warning Growl, Battle Roar)
    Merits FS - Tooth & Claw 5, Fast Reflexes 2, Indomitable 3, Iron Stamina 3, Trained Observer 3 (Hearing/Smell Only)
    Size 13 (6 for young)
    Speed 15
    Initiative 8
    Defense 3
    Willpower 7
    Armor 4/4
    Health (25 for Females)
    Wyrd 4
    Attacks Bite (3L); DP: 15 (16 Females) + Stone Contracts (Initiates Grapple on successful hit)
    Claw (2L); DP: 15 (16 Females) + Stone Contracts

    NOTE: Cubs are roughly half of all attributes/stats/contracts if encountered. Generally 1-2 cubs follow a Mama.

    To the local tribes of Maine Natives like the Abenaki amd Penobscot, Gici Awas was described as a monstrous, man-eating creature resembling an enormous stiff-legged hairless bear with an oversized head. Its names literally mean "great bear" or "great beast," and it is said to be hairless because its fur falls out as a result of eating human flesh. Some folklorists believe the Great Hairless Bair may have been inspired by mammoths or mastodon fossils.

    xxxxxTo the Hedge explorers of Maine, this horrific creature is absolutely real. While it is not a common sight and considered rare? Woe be to those that cross the path of one of these massive death machines. The Gici Awas looks like it was born out of fevered dreams of man-eating cave bears that had contracted a particularly aggressive form of rabies. They stand on all fours at roughly seven feet tall. Standing on their hind legs easily doubles this amount. While their appearance looks rotten or diseased, their muscles are clearly defined past the mangy pelt of hair. The Gici Awas has an oversized head with a jaw strength that could snap a full grown tree in half. It's mouth an array of fangs the size of steak knives that is a far cry from the omnivores they faintly resemble on Earth.

    xxxxxIt is considered incredibly idiotic to encounter one and stand ground, despite the esteem and renown one would gain from taking down a Gici Awas in hand to hand combat. It is often the better idea to run but many claim you will just die tired. Despite their size, they are adept climbers so trying to get up into a tree works only until the tree cannot support the combined weight of predator and prey. Worse still, while their eyesight is poor, their hearing and olfactory senses are keen and tend to be the downfall of most who wander into their territory. Thankfully, more males are seen of this breed of beast. Thankfully said because the females are bigger, angrier and will stop at nothing to protect their cubs. There are stories of Freeholds being attacked by a foolish Changeling who sought to take a cub as a pet. The Mama Gici leaving nothing but broken bodies, blood and gore in her wake before she is taken down. For those that do manage to take down a Gici Awas? Their hides tend to be prized. While disgusting and need heavy curing, their hide provide some of the best leather armor around.