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Changeling: Frailties
Wyrd 6 Gain a Minor Frailty
Wyrd 7 Gain a Minor Frailty
Wyrd 8 Gain a Major Frailty
Wyrd 9 Gain a Minor Frailty
Wyrd 10 Gain a Major Frailty

Frailties are the storybook banes and taboos which can reveal a fae/Fae for what it is, or kill it, if it is unwise enough to reveal them to heroes.

Check CtL p.87 for full details.

Frailty Severities

Frailties come in two degrees of severity: Minor and Major.

  • Minor frailties are inconveniences or things which only happen occasionally. Maybe it's only likely to affect you once a week, like being unable to dance on Fridays, or maybe someone has to carry something strange in their pocket, like the ashes of an oak twig. Maybe you are compelled to smile every time somebody smiles at you, whether or not you want to.
  • Major frailties have a severe impact on day to day life, or are easily-abused secrets which could kill. These are things like taking Lethal if someone runs a comb over your skin, or being unable to remove your own clothing, or being unable to cross a threshold without permission from someone inside.

Frailty Types

Within the above, frailties come in two types: Bane and Taboo.

  • Banes cause you physical damage.
Think of it like iron burning Fae. You touch something, you take damage. You hear something, you take damage. Someone says something, you take damage. Someone does something to you, you take damage. Things along those lines.
  • Taboos restrict your behavior.
Think of them like compulsions. If you walk past spilled rice, you HAVE to stop and count the grains. If you leave the house, you have to check that all of the doors are locked. If you walk past someone, you have to tip your hat to them.

There are no custom variations. If you have a frailty, it will either harm you or force you to do something.

A minor frailty which happens to be a bane would be a 'minor bane' where a taboo would be a 'minor taboo' etc.

Frailty Mechanics

Each type has specific mechanics which your individual frailties will need to match.


  • Minor Bane: one automatic point of Bashing damage per turn (3s) until the bane is removed/you leave its presence.
  • Major Bane: one automatic point of Lethal damage per turn (3s) until the bane is removed/you leave its presence.


  • Minor Taboo: spend 1 Willpower to resist the compulsion for the remainder of the scene.
  • Major Taboo: spend 1 Willpower PER TURN to resist the compulsion, until the circumstance ends or you succumb, Willpower depleted.

Acquiring Frailties

Frailties may be acquired in two ways:

1. See the table at the top right of page. Per the book, as soon as you hit that Wyrd level, you automatically acquire a frailty of that severity.
2. You purchase a frailty as a flaw (Changeling-only). This is a house rule. The frailty may be something your Keeper beat into your hide, or maybe something in your fate just beats to a different drum.

Setting Frailties

When you purchase a Wyrd upgrade, staff will remind you if you haven't already set a +note on yourself. If you want one as a flaw, just send up a +request.

Format the +note as follows:

+note me/Wyrd 6 Frailty=Wyrd 6 Frailty%rMinor Taboo: Can't repair his own clothing

Wyrd 6 Frailty
Minor Taboo: Can't repair his own clothing.