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Changeling: Foreign Gentry
These are Gentry who are NOT considered Local in Fallcoast and Hanging Hills.

The Admiral of Below


xxxxxThe Admiral of Below, or simply, 'The Admiral', rules a submarine-freighter forever hauling an unspecified cargo that the crew is doing its best to never explore or question - any who do vanish.. or worse: reappear, mutilated and mutated, often into horrifying new shapes, frequently too insane to communicate more than basic physical needs and to obey simple commands.

The Admiral makes periodic contact with fellow Gentry, and the launches which go to shore return with fresh faces and sometimes leaves with the poorest performers for shipboard duties. What little food exists is in the form of rats, which infest the cargo hold and anything above the waterline, and those unwilling to eat rats tend to find themselves as much of a delicacy for those sailors with few, if any, scruples against taking on a new meal.

  • Realm: His ship, The Forever-Fever, continues to sail from port to port, never quite making a complete journey, always chasing some elusive prey which has The Admiral angered beyond reason. His escapees are inevitably changed by their experiences aboard his vessel - and the rare few can do more with water than drink it. It is those who he hunts eternally, trying to bring them back.. and sometimes, he wins.
  • Common Seemings: Any with an aquatic theme to them.
  • Uncommon Seemings: Anything without an aquatic theme to them - with his Realm being underwater, drowned victims lose amusement value fast for him.
  • Escapees: Kasey

The Adriatic


xxxxxThe Adriatic was a Lost captain of some repute until his ship ran aground in the middle of the ocean and he slowly went from finely-minded into a raving lunatic. His crew didn't survive the transition. Ever since, he has sailed the open seas, his mobile kingdom large enough to see flotilla of survivors turned into newly-mutilated crew, scurrying in between the decks of his massive ship, The Reacher Ground.

  • Realm:

xxxxxThe Reacher Ground is enormous, on a scale with an aircraft carrier, manned by a crew of abused, maltreated victims, some of whom have developed profound Stockholm Syndrome well before they lost their minds entirely. Work is constant, food and water scarce, and there is a constant fear of being taken below decks, where nothing good happens and few, when any, return.

  • Common Seemings: Darklings, Elementals, Ogres.
  • Uncommon Seemings: Fairest, Wizened, Beasts.
  • Escapees: Mane

The August Emperor of the Razor Springs


xxxxxThe August Emperor of the Razor Springs is the lord of his domain with absolute authority and brooks no discussion or dissent. Anyone who raises a voice or concern to him, he casts them down into the garden compost pit to rot among the other rebels and misfits. Those who have gained his favor are placed in public isolation and used as conversation pieces for his guests, both as aesthetically-pleasing artwork or decoration, as well as playthings. He prizes his flowering plants above all, but the menagerie of distorted Lost he keeps in cages as fuel, pets, and toys are also grotesquely beautiful creatures. Prizing obedience above all other things, he rewards the supplicants in his charge with better accommodations and clothing, bribing them to love him and fear him in equal measure. Those who run away, he hunts to the ends of the earth, dispatching his Oni enforcers, charging them with returning successful .. or never returning again. Loyalists under his command are suicidally compliant to his wishes and are much feared for their devotion.

  • Realm: The Onsen of Eternal Mist and Blossoms is a gilded cage of a prison: those captured by the Emperor of Razor Springs know no end of shame, humiliation, degradation, abuse, and psychological conditioning - the sheer beauty of the place contrasts these horrors and magnifies them, over and over again. With a hundred small ponds bubbling beneath glass domes, each one is filled with a single captive, forced to dance, to sing, to entice visitors to curry favor with the Emperor, or just to marvel at their beautiful forms. Nude, bruised, and tortured, the captives are rarely fed, as the Emperor has found alternative means of ensuring they stay alive and forever his through shame: nothing goes to waste in the Onsen of Eternal Mist and Blossoms.
  • Common Seemings: Fairest, Ogre, Elemental, Wizened
  • Uncommon Seemings: Beast, Darkling
  • Escapees:Mikoto

The Author

The Author

xxxxxThe Author itself is rarely seen, preferring to send its subjects to gather those suited to act out stories and fairy tales for its amusement. Those unlucky few who have seen The Author in its true form are never seen again, whisked away to act out the ultimate story. Its ideas might be the source of fairy tales across the world, or it might steal from dreams or the imagination of others. The usual conundrum of chicken or egg. Only a select few individuals are ever chosen to fill the rolls of the characters in The Author's fairy tales, new humans stolen to fill the rolls of those Lost who might die in their stories. Those taken usually embody the real-world version of a character in a fairy tale in some way.

  • Realm: The Author's realm is mercurial at best. Each story is separated from the next on some cosmic level, The Author watching on from some unknown observation point.
  • Common Seemings: Beast, Darkling, and Fairest are most common, but all are part of The Author's realm.
  • Uncommon Seemings: None
  • Escapees: Red

The Commander

The Commander

xxxxxThe Commander's multilimbed avatar stands 4 meters tall, and looks to be on the muscular and masculine end of the human form. Each of its eight arms holds a weapon from several points in human history. Despite its human visage the sallow avatar’s voice is echoed by the cries and screams of millions.

xxxxxThe Commander knows only war. If not in conflict with another of the Gentry it makes war against Freeholds the world over. Its plan is conquest by any means necessary and the total destruction of all adversaries. The Commander is not above taking slaves to feed its war machine, and will make due with whatever it has, its Loyalists capture, or is stolen from the conquered realms of its preternatural, primordial enemies.

  • Realm: Blood Gulch is a desert bordered by mountains that reach into the clouds. While appearing as a desert without much exploration further inspection, curiosity, or stupidity reveals little pocket realms filled with captives practicing through one scenario or another. No water flows, and no rain falls. The only liquid truly found in blood gulch is stained crimson as the ichor of captives incapable of surviving die by the dozens for eternity.

The Countess Everwhite


Other Names: The Alabaster Maiden, Her Pristine Beauty, La Contessa, She.

xxxxxLimitlessly selfish, The Countess Everwhite is a creature who collects unsuspecting mortals to suffer whims of her own design. She remakes them in an image she believes to be truly beautiful (her own) and subjects them to entertain and serve her. Those who serve and please her are allowed the graces of her generosity, feeding off of her leftover scraps of the most wonderful wine that can be remembered, but pleasured service never lasts long before she sets her servants to compete against one another for her attentions. At even the slightest disappointment, however, it is rare that she bothers to lift a finger or bruises her own hands punishing her subjects. Instead, they are sent to the 'oubliette', a place of absolute white and platinum chains binding them to the floor. Snow-blindness sets in, hunger evolves, and loneliness comes to the tune of listening to the sounds of her pleasure at being served by other, more in-fashion servants...until you beg for forgiveness, or as she prefers, you begin to miss her, to love her, to learn how important her pleasure is.

xxxxxThose who refuse to serve, or anger her, are often crafted into faceless, mouth-less statues of beauty. The chiseled features of Greco-Roman art have no faces, only eyes that beg and plead in constant warning for those who would suffer the same fate, which many, many have. It doesn't take long for her stolen souls to understand that to be in her service is bloody, vicious, sexually and emotionally devastating competition. To never laugh just right as you accompany her in watching flesh stripped from bones, to tire when she seeks pleasure, to wear the slightest sign of displeasure at being in her presence, is a death sentence, indeed. Worst of all...after may come to love her for it.

  • Realm: The Countess Everwhite claims a massive estate for herself in the Shining Metropolis, though her taken rarely see the outside of it, save for when she wants company at the blood sport games. Her palace is an endless field of white, dotted with sparkling, platinum chains and tens of thousands of statues with moving eyes, her former victims. When she wishes a comfortable bed, she makes it appear. When she wishes a dinner setting, it comes. Her palace, line an unpainted canvas of white, is quite hard to understand the size of, without any corners or walls to speak of.
xxxxxWhat takes place in the castle, no one ever speaks of.
  • Common Seemings: Wizened, Fairest
  • Uncommon Seemings: Darkling
  • Escapees: Brand

The Dæmon of the Darkest Waters

The Deamon of the Darkest Waters

The seas be ours, and by the powers; where we will, we'll roam! Yo ho, all together, hoist the colors high! Heave ho, thieves and beggars; never shall we die!

xxxxxThe truth behind Muirn "Red Hat" Scoresby is as lost to time as the man he once was. This is more about the True Fae he became to be more well known by--the Daemon of the Darkest Waters. He was once a sailor of little renown. No history books talked about his travels, no holidays celebrated in his name, no songs sung. However, that was long ago. Today, songs are sung aboard Murdhuacha's Madness, a dreadnought ship of such size and ferocity that no one truly can tell how large it is either on deck, or below.

xxxxxTales are told of his travels and exploits are venomously told between the Gentry. That's because the Daemon of the Darkest Waters is the embodiment of all things piratical. His crew are either "recruited" by him, or stolen from other Keepers (because...hello, pirate). As means of keeping tabs on all his crew, he provides each of them a series of collars and chains (The Chains of Servitude)--always promising that once the last link falls off their collar, their seven years of service are done, and are free to leave. The problem with this is...hello, unscrupulous Gentry pirate.

  • Realm: Aboard his ship, Murdhuacha's Madness, the Daemon of the Darkest Waters travels amidst the Seven Million Seas. From realm to enigmatic realm he searches for treasures of all shapes, sizes, and kind. Sometimes a smooth pebble in another Gentry's garden. Other times it's a young person unaware that they have been "recruited" to join his crew. Rarely does he leave his ship--preferring to send his band of murderous mercenaries, malicious malcontents, and madmen to take on whatever hunt for where X marks the spot. There are as many of his peers that admire the Gentry Pirate King as there are many who wish to see him destroyed. The ones that hate him the most are those other Gentry that take up more residency in their own aquatic realms.
  • Common Seemings: The Deamon of the Darkest Waters "welcomes" everyone and anyone to join his merry band of marauders, misfits, and malevolent miscreants.
  • Uncommon Seemings: All are welcomed. None will be turned away. Everyone has a use. Everyone.
  • Escapees: Perry

The Daughters of Pleione

Artwork originally by Pete Mohrbacher

Other Names: The Seven Sisters - Alcyone, Asterope, Celaeno, Electrae, Merope, Maia, Taygeta.

xxxxxAre they facets of one Keeper, or many? Seven ruling warlords of a celestial labyrinthian city-realm in a state of perpetual civil war, the Daughters of Pleione prey on the gifted: abducting mortals whose intelligence, poise, or creativity cause them to stand out of the crowd. Looking for exceptional dreamers, the Daughters of Pleione put their abductees to work in their courts and their armies; they become pawns so the siblings can play their eternal game of thrones.

xxxxxAbductees are often warped into improbable hybrids for specific (repetitive and maddening) tasks: Manikin/Telluric’s whose only job is to sit in a guided cage high in court, forever calling out the times of death for casualties of the siege; Minstrel/Metalflesh who emit unending and deafening songs in battle to weaken their foe; Oracle/Inventors whose sole purpose is to divine future battle strategy and strategically create or destroy weaponry built into the very core of the city itself… Lost who escape from the realm have a high chance of being a Dual Kith.

xxxxxThe Daughters are known to be active in the San Francisco Bay Area, but reports of Lost being abducted from other metropolis’ renown for innovation or beauty are common. Oftentimes, the fetches the Daughters leave behind are boring versions of the abductees: exceptional singers replaced with wallflowers, radical activists with subdued fence-sitters, gregarious scientists replaced with conservatives who toe the line. For all the creativity they steal from Earth, the Daughters replace it with banality.

  • Realm: Urban warfare is an ugly thing; made all the more surreal as the Daughter's city-realm is immense and grand, painfully beautiful and in a constant state of development and repair. All the better setting for atrocity: think Gondor under siege, think Battle of Vienna, think a perpetual Stalingrad — in a city whose design is steeped in a celestial Greco-futuristic aesthetic fuelled by sci-fi. A stratified, labyrinthian city of living stone, metal, steam and electricity - crafted and manipulated by its denizens under order from the unpredictable scheming of True Fae.
  • Common Seemings: Wizened, Elemental (especially Manikin / Metalflesh / Wirestreaked), Fairest
  • Less Common: Orge, Darkling
  • Uncommon Seemings: Beast
  • Escapees: Myles, Rook, Vilma, Roberto

Der Kriege König

Der Kriege Koenig

xxxxxWar makes monsters of us all, but what it does to those who were already one to begin with is unimaginable. A marvel, to this Gentry, that beings so alike at their core fight over the most trivial things. Careers, lives, nations rise and fall to the drumbeat of the machine. He wishes not only to see what makes it tick, but how he can manipulate it and make a truly chaotic cacophony that will be sung of for ages to come. War is a masterpiece and he plans to play the part of conductor.

  • Realm: Ruined cities and plains scarred by trench warfare stretch on for an endless eternity, littered with the ghosts of things that were and things that may never come to be. Some of the buildings and structures are by man's design, others his own with no real reason other than to disorientate and confuse. The weaponry is the same, some of it has been and some of it will never be. It is a constant flux of change, adaptation to see which variables are conclusive to a higher yield. Rivers of oil tainted water, a sky of caustic yellow, poisonous to breathe. Acidic air eating away at the lungs in some twisted Fae version of mustard gas. It changes you or you die in the process. Der Kriege König is fond of natural selection.
  • Common Seemings: Wizened, Elementals, Ogres, Darkling
  • Uncommon Seemings: Beasts, Fairest
  • Escapees: Lyd

The Earl of the Hunt


xxxxx The Savage Huntsman. The Master of Hounds. The Kaizer. General Birch. The Earl of the Hunt. The Earl, while old beyond mortal ken, cuts a very distinct figure and is very hands-on with his taken. Enthralled by the practice of fox hunting throughout the centuries, the self-styled 'Gentleman Hunter' that shapes himself to resemble a German monarch, down to the medals and finery, passes the time engaging in mock hunts with those him and his followers track and capture in the mortal realm. Though he generally hunts for mortal prey in the wilds of Europe, he has been known to send his followers to other regions for different acquisitions. Those he grooms into beasts act not only as the hunted in game or fowl form, but particularly reliable and trusted beasts might find themselves used as sturdy mounts for the hunting party or hounds to track and hunt the others.

xxxxxHe often invites other Gentry to join in on these hunts, the vast grounds of his 'estate' neutral ground to allow all Fae present to enjoy themselves and the spectacle. In addition to beasts, Ogres and Fairest are kept around for menial tasks, garden work, even hunting companions when extra muscle (or beauty) are needed. Though servants who fall out of favor may find themselves chased by hounds and suffer the slings and arrows of the hunt rather than scrubbing floors. The Earl is particularly unkind to his beasts, however, rarely sparing any save his favored hounds. Beasts of burden are ridden hard, to say nothing of the hunted that are dragged back with near-mortal injuries only to be let loose the day after and take wing or paw to endure it all once again.

  • Realm:The Earl of the Hunt's realm resembles a massive palatial estate with rooms by the dozens, forested wilderness grounds that seem to stretch on forever, and a dizzying combination of all four seasons in those landscapes, giving those who indulge in the 'Grand Hunt' an opportunity to enjoy all nature has to offer.
  • Common Seemings: Beast, Ogre, Fairest
  • Uncommon Seemings: Wizened (Someone needs to take care of the implements and devices of the Hunt after all)
  • Proscribed Seemings: Darklings, Elementals
  • Escapees: Cecily
xxxxxFeel free to use the Earl if you like, and feel free to ask Cecily about him if you're concerned about it.

Empress Bathed In Starlight

Empress bathed in starlight.jpg

xxxxxSome say that crime doesn't pay. It does – everyone knows this. The first time someone made something of their own and another person stole it, the Empress felt her first breath. So the stories say, anyhow. The Empress Bathed in Starlight is not a traditional empress, but runs an empire that would look – to an outside observer – to be a criminal enterprise, complete with bookies, muscle, runners, "ladies (and gentlemen) of the evening," and anything else one can think of associated with a criminal empire. She collects pledges among her Feud like any crime boss would collect favors. She considers herself as part of an essential need, ferrying various Lost from one True Fae's domain to another; she also considers herself something of an astrologer, due to the peculiarities of her Realm. Crime will always be part of human civilization; as such, so will the Empress persist.

  • Realm: The Empress' Realm looks like a mix of city and countryside. There is a large body of water surrounding part of the land near the city, which has a set of docks built onto it. Lost and the servants of the Empress play-act cops and robbers, but in a very real fashion. Generally speaking, the "law" gets the short-end of the stick in Her Realm. Brothels sit next to drug dens and speakeasies, with a mix of abandoned buildings to play up the facade of an actual city. The air smells fresh here, and the sky is always clear. Constellations consistently move around, to inform the Lost below of what they should be doing. When angered, the Empress will cause it to storm, sending these constellations (often Lost) falling to the ground; she will cause the water to suck down drug-running boats; she will cause a chemical reaction to blow up a "meth lab" with the occupants inside, only to bring them back the following day, as is her caprice. While not as harsh as other Realms, the Empress Bathed in Starlight has a tight, fierce grip over this place – and rarely something escapes her eye. Among her escaped Lost, the place is often called 'Harbourside Underworld.' Whether this is what it was called in Arcadia, or is just some kind of name that all of them come to eventually, this ends up being the short-hand to describe a Durance with the Empress.
  • Common Seemings: Fairest, Ogre/Beast (fulfills the same function, typically Beasts are more combative), Darkling
  • Uncommon Seemings: Wizened
  • Special Properties: Almost all Changelings who suffer a Durance with the Empress Bathed in Starlight are given some sort of Frailty. Most Keepers are violent and cruel to the humans they capture; this is a very common part of any Lost's Durance. Perhaps due to this, or perhaps due to the unique properties of her Realm, the Empress often gives either ironic or otherwise cruel Frailties to any Changelings that invoke Her ire. These are usually so strong that they carry over into the mortal realm, and aren't necessarily common tropes of the Fae. For example, she might give one of Her thugs a propensity toward pacifism, forcing him not to work while in Her Realm (causing his fellows to become angry at him), or a skitterskulk scout who fails or disappoints Her might find that shadows almost avoid her.
  • Escapees: Billy, Kasi

The Farmer of the Red Maize


xxxxxAnyone can walk into a corn field. Not everyone gets the chance to leave it. The snare is as simple as being lost, misdirected, or even dropped into it intentionally, and then abandoned until nightfall. That's when the fun gets started. People making pit stops in agricultural areas, regional workers, the homeless, even the odd revolutionary from a country with a steady supply of corn crops, they can all manage to find their way into the Red Maize.

Realm: In the daytime, it is an endless field of growing corn, with periodic splats of mushrooms and strange, clinging vines. The only visible landmarks are the tall poles on which the scarecrows sit, waiting until nightfall. Every night, without fail, the scarecrows run the maze, chasing down anyone unwise enough to remain in line of sight from their perches or too slow to dig a hole to hide in, burrowing like animals. Anyone captured has to spend a hellish night being turned into a scarecrow, then a full month being used to monitor and control the other captives. The Farmer of the Red Maize lives in the forever-distant Farmhouse at the Edge, where the truly damned are taken and never seen again.

  • Common Seemings: Beasts and Elementals are the majority of escapees, though a fair amount of Darklings have made appearances. Most of the Beasts take on appearances or traits that helped them survive, either through camouflage or mimicry, while Elementals tend to resemble the earthy ground, wood, or even corn. Darklings try to resemble shadows or lurk beneath the surface, hiding in the tunnels they must dig to survive.
  • Uncommon Seemings: Fairest, Wizened, and Ogres are rarities. Fairests aren't treasured or admired enough to qualify for special attention, while Wizened rarely have enough time to focus on a specific task or function. And any Ogres who might stand their ground or fight back quickly turn into fertilizer until they learn no one defeats the scarecrows forever.
  • Escapees: Delilah Might
Contact Delilah if you are interested in using this Keeper.



xxxxxGenesis is neither man nor beast and speaks from a mouth that isn't there. It tends to steal the best and brightest from the mortal world and twists them into animals and monsters, making them subjects of experiments that have no rhyme or reason. If someone was an Olympic sprinter in the real world? In Genesis’ realm, they’ll be given tentacles instead of legs and be made to run races to see how they perform. If someone was an artist? In the realm, their eyes will be taken away to see what they can create. If someone was an aspiring biochemist? In the realm, they’d be given the mind of an animal to see if they could continue their work. Any and all Seemings are produced in Genesis’ realm; the common thread is that their purpose there runs contrary to what is natural for that particular form. Changelings are often paired up, running the experiments together. Other than their one partner, they are completely isolated and unaware of the rest of the population. Most who escape from the realm do not actually escape at all but are purposefully returned to the mortal world -- this is so Genesis can see what effect reintegration has on its test subject. Therefore, 'escapees' are left paranoid about being picked up again and many, in fact, are dragged back to Arcadia for the final phase of Genesis' twisted experiments.

  • Realm: Genesis’ realm is the Island of Doctor Moreau on steroids meets Mythbusters without safety standards. Each lab is a world unto itself and uniquely designed for whatever experiment is to be run for all of eternity. Therefore, everyone's experience there and perception of the realm is completely different and unique.
  • Common Seemings: All Seemings
  • Uncommon Seemings: n/a
  • Escapees: Lotje

The Gourmand


xxxxxAnything caught in a net is prey. Sail into the wrong area of open water and there's plenty of nets to be found, most abandoned. Some, definitely not abandoned and not all nets are meant for fish. Getting caught by The Gourmand's employees is just about the worst fate imaginable for most hunters, fisherfolk, and explorers - the lucky ones die before they ever make it past being captured. The survivors lament the lucky few who died quickly.

  • Realm: the Wyrdwater is a floating restaurant that caters to the Gentry with an eye on unique delicacies. Most are live caught by the Kitchen Folk, who are the paid staff, while others are brought in for preparation by guests staying with The Gourmand. It's a massive place with a central series of tanks, most of them with seawater-themed prisoners, although some dry-land types stick around, rarely for long. His rule is absolute and his tolerances are exact - anyone who fails to meet them, they get put into a tank, sooner or later.

xxxxxOnce there, they'll have to fight for a place to sleep, food to eat, and any amount of security is extracted through vicious, pointless fights. Escaping takes cleverness, not brutality, and recaptured escapees are often turned into the next main course. Nobody wants to die as a buffet item.

  • Common Seemings: Beasts (especially aquatic themes), Darklings (ditto), Ogre (cannibalism a common problem)
  • Uncommon Seemings: Fairest (without animal themes), Wizened (outside of servers, cooks, and the like), Elementals (the Gourmand distrusts them)
  • Escapees: Sol Wagner

The Grandfather Clock


  • Realm: In a great, hollow castle made of gears the hour strikes one. Perfect, exact time is measured in The Godfather Clock's realm. Delicate spurs turn as a new creation marches out into formation, preparing to move across barren fields to wage war against unknown foes. Always the general, The Godfather Clock looms over his creations, all pristine. His clockwork girls weave terrible lies, his Ogre soldiers dressed in machine harnesses, and his cackling imps held by tight string. Independent thought is punished in his realm, even his own." Realm: The Gilded Keep, a masterfully large castle made of rotating gears and pendulums, sits atop a parade field. It marks the only notable area in a desolate wasteland of rocks and barren hills, stripped of any resources.
  • Common Seemings: Elementals, Ogres, Darklings
  • Uncommon Seemings: Anything with a keen mind.
  • Proscribed Seemings: Beasts. The Godfather Clock has no time for primal thoughts.
  • Escapees: Tabithal Jones

Half Coins


xxxxxHalf Coins is a fair, fun kind of person, right up until they have someone to turn into a plaything. Playing can be described as hellish servitude in a realm of terror, pain, and endless emotional torment. Others have different opinions, which don't change hers at all. She's tall, regal in her bearing, and brilliant, if not brutal. Her mood is difficult to gauge, even for her particular brand. One moment all is well - the next, all is over and ruined.

  • Realm:

xxxxxHer realm, The Copper Points, is a gigantic, complicated maze of stadiums, arenas, and secret chambers, where bloody politics can and does ensue at any given moment. There is no practical limit to what she force her prisoners to endure or experience, with bloodsport being the most common of events. Sooner or later, one of them finds the way to escape: either through their permanent death or their eventual escape.

  • Common Seemings: Fairests, Darklings, Ogres
  • Uncommon Seemings: Elementals, Wizeneds, Beasts (most of all, hates Beasts)
  • Escapees: Bjorn

The Intruders

The Intruders.jpg

xxxxxOut in the deep desert, clear night skies are lit with a beautiful array of stars, free of noise pollution. Out in the hedge, the landscape is similarly brightened at times by vast constructs which are grander and deadlier. On their jaunts from the deep hedge, the twinkling lights of four stars with too many edges and dimensions draw in the unwary while the chains that drag behind the vessels are covered in hooks to trawl for interesting finds. The servants of these Others frequently bring to mind tales of the Enquirer or people who have watched too much X-Files. The tortures and experiments which everyone was warned about were very much an understatement.

xxxxxFour beings comprise the Gentry known as The Intruders; Echo, Latch, Harvest and Ruin. They hate one another just as much as they hate other Gentry. Or anything else for that matter. Spiteful and cruel, the quartet are notorious for warring with one another in a manner that spills out across the hedge and in the real world. More often than not, the Intruders' escapees are Loyalists or Privateers, their journey from captivity facilitated within the group. Schemes and conspiracies draw in the unwary; eager to learn of Government cover-ups and determined that they're finally going to crack the secrets of State sponsored extraterrestrial experimentation, the victims have frequently 'alienated' themselves from friends and family already. Frequently the fetches who amble back into town further the cause without even knowing it.

  • Realm: The Intruders star-like vessels ferry captives back to Arcadia, where nothing pleasant awaits. Experimentation, torture, deconstruction and reconfiguration. Those taken are toys and science projects, always used to further the opposing plans of the brothers. The theme is futuristic, industrial with furtive underground facilities cutting a maze through the rock of this uninviting place. Most apparent exits lead to the void of 'space', although it's no kind of universe that's ever familiar. In the real world the darkness doesn't move against itself in that way.
  • Common Seemings: Darkling, Ogre, Wizened
  • Uncommon Seemings: Fairest, Elemental
  • Escapees:Lymer

The Iron Biddy


xxxxxThe Iron Biddy is an absent-minded, doddering old matron, but only at first impressions. Within a matter of hours, her sadistic side emerges, revealed by degrees. Her house is immense, packed with survivors scurrying beneath the floors, inside of the walls, up in the rafters, hiding from the light of her eternal candle. She sleeps for what seems like decades, only to rouse from her slumber to perform random tasks, carrying on conversations with inanimate objects, hostages, and herself, remembering a golden age no other can recognize to a specific era in history.

  • Realm: The Chapel of Many is the quaint, cozy cottage with an endless supply of cupboards to hide in, floors to crawl beneath, and furniture scaled to fit the giant who resides there. There is no rhyme nor reason to her moods, which can blacken the fur off of any "cat" or "mouse" she happens to come across. Those who were once doted-upon like living treasures can rapidly lose favor, tossed in the cellar to fight for the remains of other, less-blessed creatures. Few creatures survive in the basement for long, succumbing to madness, hunger, thirst, or each other. The only way to survive long-term is to escape. Few can say how they did so.
  • Common Seemings: Beast (domesticated "pets" only), Darkling, Elementals (always a primary element, like fire, ice, air, etc.)
  • Uncommon Seemings: Fairest, Wizened, Ogres
  • Escapees:Calico

The Learned


xxxxxThe Learned is a remnant of what used to be a talented, capable surgeon who let pride lead his rise and summarily his own fall. During his descent, he retreated into his space in the Hedge and it began to warp into the nightmare realm as he saw failings in everyone except himself. What was once a hospital where people recovered from wounds and afflictions became a sick parody of it: kidnapped victims could expect to suffer from maladies over a thousand years gone and long-since cured, all in the name of The Cure For It All.

xxxxxDuring his search for The Cure For It All, The Learned began discarding more and more of his morals and even his logic, preferring to lean hard on advanced, Wyrd-based weavings to ensure life.. or bring it to an end nobody could envy. Those who died could experience it a hundred times over from the same injuries or conditions, only to suffer brand-new ideas, and more and more. No depravity, no condition, no set of circumstances was too far to take place.

  • Realm: The Grand Gallery is an immense hospital hidden away in a pocket all its own, surrounded by the vast, growing web of graves and charnel pits, filled to overflowing with a season's results. It reeks of cleaners or decay, depending on where one stands. Or more commonly, where one is fleeing.
  • Common Seemings: Beasts (for their endurance and similarity to lab animals), Fairest (as he sculpts them into new, refined ideas of beauty), Darklings (those lucky enough to find gaps in his attention).
  • Uncommon Seemings: Ogres (he dislikes resistance), Wizened (he loathes competition or sycophantic "helpers"), Elementals (they die too quickly and too often).
  • Escapees: Adarna

Legion of The Wasteland

Legion of The Wasteland

xxxxxLittle is known about Legion, other than he favors war above all things. The few times he appears himself, it's usually as a violent storm, as a young soldier (the uniform varies), or as a lone cowboy. Those he takes are commonly soldiers, violent criminals, or those who have persevered over the elements.

xxxxxLegion has not been seen since his realm was destroyed.

  • Realm: The Wasteland once had another name, and was a lush and beautiful land. No one knows how or when Legion came to rule the realm, but he quickly made it his. The people of the realm began to fight amongst themselves. Soon, the land was rife with war. The land itself was burned, salted, soaked in blood. The animals were slaughtered to feed armies, the trees clear cut to make way for them. The realm began to wither. Soon, the soldiers were mutated, until the land couldn't support even that. It was down to the elements, clashing with one another, and eventually with the land itself. The realm was slowly destroyed, under wave after wave of warfare. In the final days, storms ruled the realm. A few managed to escape through them. The realm exists no longer.
  • Common Seemings: Elemental, Beast, Ogre
  • Uncommon Seemings: Wizened, Fairest (Very rare)
  • Escapees: Somebody, Wallace



xxxxxLeshy, Forest Lord, Forest Father, He of the Hunt are just a few of this Keeper's names. He is the beating heart of the wildest places in a fairy tale version of Siberia. He's many-named from fear that uttering his real name will get his attention. Massive, territorial, possessed of every wild instinct, he travels his woodlands accompanied by his faithful pack of hunting wolves and the most brutal and loyal of his children, the leshiye.

xxxxxHe's not called the Forest Father for nothing. Most of the time, it's children Leshy steals. He places them within a mother-tree, and when their transformation is complete, they come bursting out of her, killing her in the process. While they're not exactly trees, they are arboreal in nature and think/act a lot like trees. Their particular species is determined by the mother-tree that birthed them. In addition to being his sons, the leshiye are Leshy's scouts and spies, protecting his territory from interlopers, who they kill without mercy.

xxxxxWhile Leshy favors his children, he creates other Changelings to populate his territory. There are mother-trees, his wolves, the bitter snows that freeze the land and the icy winds that bite at skin. He creates the deer he hunts, the rusalki who haunt his rivers, and the beautiful niavki who lure wanderers into the woods to explore their baser instincts in deadly fertility rites, among others.

xxxxxLeshy loves to steal children and babies, but he'll also abduct grown mortals, though not for making leshiye. Whatever he creates, he demands loyalty and obedience, and the learning curve is pretty harsh. More of his creations die at his hands than fall victim to his enemies.

  • Realm: The this fairy tale Siberian wilderness is a cold, unforgiving landscape that doesn't do things in small measures. The trees are massive, towering into the sky, dwarfed only by the snow-capped mountains. Leshy himself is tall as a tree, his wolves the size of Clydesdales. If the leshiye don't get you, the weather will. It does have a feral beauty to it, though. It is as pristine and untouched as its real counterpart must have been before humans began to conquer nature.
  • Common Seemings: Beast, Elemental, Ogre
  • Uncommon Seemings: Wizened
  • Escapees: Yasen

The Lord Champion


xxxxxPanem et circenses. The thrill of combat, the bloody spectacle, the fight for life for no other reason than the amusement of others. That is what the Lord Champion represents. He himself is the king of the pits, the reigning lord of the colosseum. He takes those who know combat and competition: athletes, soldiers, fighters. What they were before doesn't matter to him, all that matters is if they can put on a show. Those that can't, well, death is as good a spectacle as any. Worst of all, he dangles the hope of escape before his captives like a carrot before a horse. Be victorious in the arena and you can challenge the Lord Champion himself. Win against him, and you can be free. No one has ever won, but that's not the only way out.

  • Realm: The Lord Champion's domain is a bustling ancient city, all built on the marvelous centerpiece of his colosseum. Lesser blood pits and arenas dot the cityscape, from spike-lined, dirt-floored holes to fenced-in cages. Everything is given over to the sport of bloodletting and combat.
  • Common Seemings: Ogre, Beast, Any combat inclined Kith
  • Uncommon Seemings: Wizened, Elemental
  • Escapees: Randolph

The Lord of the Streets Eternal


xxxxxThere exists a place where the cityscape never ends. In that place, far into Arcadia, the being in control has lost that very thing. A chaotic world of interchangeable avenues that link to perpetual alleys which cross over boulevards without boundaries, and it is populated by some of the most desperate creatures to have ever graced an urban landscape.

xxxxxThe survivors within the boundaries of the endless city must scavenge for food, navigate maze-like city streets, and become nimble climbers in order to avoid being smashed flat when a Changeover takes place. During a Changeover, entire swaths of territory morph into new formats, the occupants forced into new social classes, and the resources allocated according to a civic planner's nightmare. The Lord of the Streets Eternal loves his city and wants it to be the very best, if only he could get it right for a change.

xxxxxEscaping it is an endurance test, a battle of wits, and a fair sampling of sheer luck, making it a daunting task none can stop thinking of. The lucky ones make it out sane and alive. Most settle for one or the other.

  • Realm: The city is nowhere in specific, with elements of every major metropolitan area in the world, all mixed together without any concern for the flow of architectural style, sense of history, or appropriateness. Survivors can report memories of having lived in the Vatican, when it had a view of the New Jersey turnpike, bordering the Thames and Mississippi bridges. No two instances are the same for any survivor.
  • Common Seemings: There is a fair representation of all Seemings in the Streets Eternal.
  • Uncommon Seemings: Anything with a nature-theme (animals like horses, fish, or tropical birds for Beast Seemings, etc.)
  • Escapees:Twist

Contact Twist if you are interested in using this Keeper.

The Lying Maids


xxxxxThe Lying Maids lures people in with a flash of light and the scent of sweet smelling flowers. She's the regal, beautiful hostess that's known for her Garden Parties, events that Others will spend months waiting just to attend. She surrounds herself by beauty and her gardens are her prized possession, the living maze tended to at all hours of the day and night.

xxxxxThose she's taken that have angered her before part of the sun hat that she wears, the entire thing made of the blossoms of those that were carried around the garden, their cries of despair heard whenever one gets too close to her.

xxxxxShe takes the most beautiful, the ones talented in caring for gardens, bringing them back to her realm where they're made part of the landscape itself.

  • Note: Her name is intentionally a plural. Her first lie is about what her name is. She's a lot like that.
  • Realm: The estate of The Lying Maids is surrounded by a garden maze, the living walls easily 6 feet high. Within the maze, giant turtles wander through the paths, carrying the garden flowers on their backs, continually moving until they eventually venture into the same path and collide with one another, sending the flowers scurrying from the back of one turtle onto the next, mixing when they shouldn't. The colliding turtles signal the start of the Garden Party, an event that's eagerly awaited by the other Gentry, many of them staying at the estate for long periods of time, simply to attend one of these famed soirees.
  • Common Seemings: Fairest, particularly beautiful Beasts, and the odd Darklings are commonly found as captives or servants. The Lying Maids enjoys pretty things.
  • Uncommon Seemings: Elementals, Ogres, and non-socialized Wizened are rarely found, as they lack elegance to the standards required.
  • Escapees: Primrose

The Magistrate


xxxxxTo those unlucky enough to cross paths with The Magistrate's 'Baliffs', they can expect a speedy, often-mocking trial, in which they will be sentenced first and given a chance to plead down their sentencing - to date, no one knows how that is supposed to work. Regardless, those in custody of The Magistrate are then taken to The Dock.

xxxxxThose who can demonstrate skill enough to dodge the threats, burrow deep enough, or simply elect to serve The Magistrate, escape or relief are options. The bravest just keep digging. Well, the brave and the desperate. There are not very many of either who complete this task.

  • Realm: The Dock, wherein The Magistrate is the embodiment of the law itself, is a maze of cells, corridors, and galleries carved from ancient stone and rusted iron cage doors, sealed away with limited food and no defense against other, sometimes predatory fellow prisoners.
  • Common Seemings: Darklings, Wizened, and Ogres.
  • Uncommon Seemings: Fairest are unknown, if ever present.
  • Escapees: Lilian

The Marquis of Webs


xxxxxThe Marquis of Webs is one of the more horrifying creatures of the fae, taking the form of a gargantuan albino spider with red eyes and dripping fangs. It makes it's lair in a disused library at the heart of the Palace of Whispers. The entire place is thick with dust and smells faintly of rot, with cobwebs hanging from every conceivable surface. Here and there man-sized parcels wrapped up in spider silk wriggle faintly, shrieks of desperation and horror emanating from within. The Marquis eats those of his servants who displease him.

xxxxxThe Marquis is locked in a constant power struggle with the other Gentry who occupy the Palace of Whispers, his chief nemeses being The Deceitful Empress and the Lord of Mourning. Though they play at deadly intrigue between themselves, the ancient laws of their game prevent them from acting against one another directly, hence the need for skillful servants to act as spies their spies and assassins.

xxxxxThe Marquis has a particular interest in mortals with dark secrets as his servants, feeling them well suited for the games he plays, or simply easier to change to the sort of creature that suits his purposes. His privateers leave the hedge looking for such individuals, watching them sometimes for years before abducting them in the cruelest of ways; often taking advantage of the very secrets the mortal has fought so hard to keep hidden.

  • Realm: The Palace of Whispers is an immense island fortress, a labyrinthine maze of gardens, ballrooms, twisting corridors, dank dungeons and towering battlements. The sky above is eternally night and filled with countless stars that are reflected in the still and glassy waters that surrounded the castle. A deathly hush hangs over the entire realm, the twisting corridors are filled with whispers and courtiers waltz to unheard music in the ballroom. Occasionally a maddening shriek will pierce the night, though they are nearly all silenced prematurely.
xxxxxHorrible things with knives for fingers lurk in the shadows of every hallway and twisted gargoyles soar noiselessly between the towers and battlements. Pale servants and courtiers glide through the passages and the waters are filled with shadowy monsters that lurk unseen beneath the surface.
xxxxxThe fae who live there are locked in a constant battle of intrigue with one another and their servants and spies are everywhere. Treacheries are commonplace, murders only slightly less so and alliances are made and broken and made again so quickly that by the time the whispers reach you, they're already wrong.
  • Common Seemings: Darkling, Beast, Wizened
  • Uncommon Seemings: Fairest, Ogre, Elemental
  • Escapees:Leander, Finn Talbot
You're very welcome to use the Marquis (or one of his nemeses) as your keeper! Contact Leander if you want more details.

Mr. Unlucky


xxxxxMr. Unlucky is a Gentry who steals the drunk and disheveled from anywhere one can find the drunk and disheveled. When he's angered, he looks like a monstrous man with shredded playing cards for hair, dice for eyes, and pool felt for skin. Each of his fingernails is a different Ryder tarot card's major arcana. Presumably, so are his toes. He reeks of cigars, sweat, and burnt food. If he's not actively angered, he looks like a portly gambler, circa 1890, and is always drinking some sort of alcoholic beverage or the equivalent.

xxxxxThose in service to Mr. Unlucky can expect to be put to task doing the menial labor of his perpetually-filled parlors: sweeping up discarded tokens, collecting wagers, issuing payments, or recording the goings-on somewhere. Hosts and hostesses are also present, often abused freely, and nobody is able to trust a fellow captive for long, as even a small bonding event can result in being turned into the subject of another wager: how long until one betrays the other.

xxxxxThe people who are taken most often are the emotionally drained, destitute, or those experiencing a streak of natural good luck. A few Powerball winners have been taken, because irony is totally a thing.

  • Realm: An enormous paddle-style steamboat with over a dozen floors, complete with gambling opportunities of every stripe and type, from dice to pool to a series of racetracks. It's seemingly-endless corridors are filled with despondent gamblers, broken souls who have lost everything and then found even more to lose, and those who are trapped in service to the odds-maker himself, Mr. Unlucky. It's styled after a riverboat casino from the golden age of steam in America, possibly tied to the origin of its owner.
xxxxxMr. Unlucky, and those in his debt and service, could find almost anyone an opportune target. All it ever takes is the wrong turn of luck.
  • Common Seemings: Beast: Among other things, Mr. Unlucky has races, contests of strength, and similar competitions on the regular; Darkling: Those who have adopted the darkened areas tend to be this, and the smart ones use it to their advantage avoiding focused attention; Wizened: Extremely common - Drudges, Artists, and Chatelaine abound; Fairest: common with the host and hostess crowd. Unlikely to be treated very well and likely worst of all.
  • Uncommon Seemings: Elemental: Rare, not entirely unheard of. Themes include serving as illumination, heat, cold, and anything destructive; Ogre: Less-common, tend to be used as guards, enforcers, and trainers for incoming "employees".
  • Escapees: Sigil

The Narrator


xxxxxThe Narrator is a powerful being obsessed with stories. His realm is a grand theater with innumerable doors. Through each one, a story is playing out. Not his own stories, but human stories. Fairy tales, plays, fantasy novels, anything that he finds inspiring in the human world. As creative as he tries to be, his own stories lack the vitality and originality of human stories, so he is constantly hunting for new stories to tell. He steals them, and he steals people to act them out. He seeks out people for each role, and casts them in a story spanning years in the telling--trying to create the world as completely as possible and letting things play out.

xxxxxOnce they are cast and the story begins, he allows it to play out, directing it from the shadows, manipulating everything to get the results he desires. If things go off script, terrible things happen. Villains must suffer and fall. Heroes cannot fail--no matter the cost. Or the story is ruined. Sometimes this has lead to stories being entirely purged and recast completely from the ground up, if he can't save it. More often the story simply begins anew, and repeats over and over until it plays out the way he likes.

  • Realm: It presents itself as a theater with innumerable doors, and through each is a story playing out, years in the telling. The narrator particularly likes love stories, and stories of great sacrifice or heroism.
  • Common/Uncommon Seemings: They're all appropriate, as long as they fit the theme of epic story-telling. Each will be weighed individually.
  • Escapees: Tabitha, Landon

One Fury Bright


xxxxxOne Fury Bright finds the lost souls who are escaping captivity underground and continues their sentences, regardless of legal authorities involved. She sees it as a sacred obligation to contain anyone who ever eluded a captor who stashed them beneath the earth and simply can't get enough of it for her taste.

xxxxxAnyone she captures, if they're lucky, will be forced to exist in the dark tunnels of her maze-like realm, enduring random earthquakes, periodic torment of any number of sources, and deprivation of food, water, and sleep. The unlucky ones get to enjoy her company for a week or so, and emerge from her care as monstrosities that hunt and prey upon the others.

xxxxxNo real idea exists of how far beneath the ground her realm is, other than it is a lifetime's worth of digging to escape upward, and those escapes are few and far between, to be sure. Vermin of all sizes and sources are just a few of the wildlife that thrive in her special place, and they often assist, through a number of means, the survivors in continuing their exhausting lives - some captives learn to monitor them for signs of approaching Montage, the informal name for the brutal creations made by One Fury Bright, while others learn how to see in darkness, pick up auditory cues most miss, or blend into their surroundings.

xxxxxA fear of darkness is the single-most common thread among the escapees - and a deep, abiding fear of being buried alive.

  • Realm: The World Reversed is her home and the prison for her captives. It bears the signs of occupation dating back anywhere from the 18th century all the way to the Korean War, at last awareness, at least. Tunnels lead in all directions with no clear pattern, no sense of safety considered, or meaningful mapping possible - every step is in a random direction, and the only way out is up, which is one of the only things survivors can agree upon, on the rare moments that they meet again.
  • Common Seemings:

Beast: Anything themed around burrowing or camouflaging animals. Echolocation is also a popular exhibited trait. Flight, less-so.
Darkling: Practically any and all could qualify as viable opportunities.
Elemental: Themes of earth, stone, metal, and the weird chemicals in the soil are all common options. Air, water, fire, or others like it, not so much.
Ogres: Survivors who have the traits of conflict, endurance, or brute strength are most common.

  • Uncommon Seemings:

Wizened: Not common at all. Few, when any, beyond Soldiers or the odd Miner.
Fairest: None recorded, though it is possible - see Beast, Darkling, and Elemental.

The Pied Piper

Pied piper.jpg

xxxxxThe Pied Piper is a jaunty, musically gifted fellow who enjoys good company, grand games and fine entertainment. He is also a fickle, predatory bastard with a special affinity for children and animals. When he first began appearing on Earth, in Europe during the Dark Ages, he did so as a man in remarkably colourful clothing, but since then he has shed "pied" for a more fashionably monochromatic approach, and is nowadays mostly referred to as simply "The Piper".

xxxxxThe Piper doesn't bother with fetches, and he prefers to collect his charges in bulk, enjoying the dramatic effect it creates. When he plays his flute, children who hear it are drawn to him as if hypnotized, and it is in this way that he spirits them away, merrily dancing and playing, into his own realm. Once there, they are either turned into animals to populate his enchanted forest, or forced to work as servants in the large castle where he dwells.

  • Realm: Like so many things in Arcadia, the great forest that makes up the Piper's realm is a place of wondrous beauty and terrible danger. To the Beasts that populate it, the Piper is an elusive figure, keeping to his castle on the edge of the woods to entertain his many and frequent guests with games and revelry. Every now and then, though, he will venture into his forest, and with the enchanted trill of his flute call upon his Lost to join him in the human world, where they are forced to help lure new victims into Arcadia. Those who catch his eye earn positions as his favoured pets, sometimes granted the honour of coming to stay in the castle to keep their Keeper company.
xxxxxWhat takes place in the castle, no one ever speaks of.
  • Common Seemings: Beast, Darkling, Wizened, Fairest
  • Uncommon Seemings: The others
  • Escapees: Stray

The Princess


xxxxxThe Princess wasn't meant to be in charge, but she had a job to do and it required that standards be maintained. It was never her fault that the castle was crumbling, but it was her responsibility to see to it being maintained, and if a few servants died doing it, well.. these things happen, don't they? The orchards require immense amounts of backbreaking work, of course, and it wouldn't be her back that broke; that's what servants are for, isn't it? If those servants happened to starve to death, well.. these things happen, don't they? And, of course, the floors need polishing, the walls need scrubbing, and dissent wasn't tolerated for long, not unless it was a brief, on-point tirade from the perfect Keeper; the Princess maintains her smile through other people's tears. These things happen, don't they?

  • Realm: Perfection in a bottle, sealed for eternity with a cruel, heartless taskmistress who brooks no sass and has no problem with doling out cruel punishments for failure. It's a castle, orchard, tiny hamlet, and quaint river with dozens of cottages, and it's a place where the standards are as high as possible and the punishments of hell itself pale in comparison to those who can't maintain them forever.
  • Common Seemings: Beasts, Elementals, Wizened
  • Uncommon Seemings: Anything "ugly" (she doesn't like ugly things)
  • Proscribed Seemings: Fairests (she doesn't like anything that might compete with her beauty)
  • Escapees: Zoe Skinner

Shade of Fear Dearg


xxxxxShade of Fear Dearg is the counterpart to Fear Dearg, a Gentry first encountered in Ireland that's known for stealing children and leaving behind nightmares. As Gentry cannot create, themselves, Fear Dearg charges Shade of Fear Dearg to acquire those nightmares, in return for some of the stolen souls. Shade of Fear Dearg does so by capturing those who are already lost - intoxicated, down on their luck, affected by mental or physical conditions, or escaping something.

  • Realm: Shade of Fear Dearg's realm is ever-changing, a thing that flows and shifts with the nightmares it produces. The realm itself exists to create nightmares, and is forged by what it creates. One moment it may be a single torture chamber and another moment it's a vast forest with skeletal mountains in the distance. Captives of the Shade of Fear Dearg become either those tormented by the nightmares, or those who create them. Who becomes who is based on what makes them most uncomfortable - a sadist would most likely become a victim, while a do-gooder would be forced to orchestrate suffering.
  • Common Seemings: All Seemings can be found in the realm in some form. Beasts, Darklings, Ogres, and Wizened are most common. Fairest are less common but do exist.
  • Uncommon Seemings: Elementals are very rare.
  • Escapees: Salem

Shadow of Whispers

Shadow of Whispers

xxxxxNo one has ever seen what the Shadow of Whispers looks like other than a pair of glowing eyes in the darkness. It has been felt -- metaphorically via a sense of dread and physically by boney, clawed hands that grasp and tear at flesh. It has been heard -- a malevolent voice, mocking laughter, cruel, cold commands. It is a collector of secrets and a thief of many things although it does not do the dirty work itself. Shadow of Whispers happens upon vulnerable people caught in tragic circumstances -- an abused spouse the moment after they murdered their abuser, a parent helplessly watching their child die -- and offers to make everything better. When the person accepts, they quickly discover that such favors are not done freely; they are promptly spirited away to the Shadow's realm, the Bleak Valley, to spend a never ending lifetime of servitude stealing secrets and trinkets from the Shadows' enemies and rivals. What it does with these things is unclear -- it might send its victims out to retrieve them simply for the amusement of their suffering. For the task is always difficult and grievous injury is always a byproduct; they come back with their life slipping away only to be repaired before they can be given the release of death. When they aren't out stealing on the Shadows' behalf, it keeps them locked in the moment it 'saved' them from, forcing them relive the worst time from their mortal lives over and over and over again.

  • Realm: The Bleak Valley is a place of darkness and despair. There is no sun. There is no moon. There are no stars. It is bordered by mountains of black, jagged glass. Beasts live in the reflections, lying in wait for those foolish enough to try to escape along the dangerous pathways. There are poisonous marshlands. There are dead forests. There are deserts of ebony sand. In the center is a gothic-as-fuck looking castle; you'd think that is where Shadow of Whispers lives but it could be anywhere. Anywhere at all.
  • Common Seemings: Beast (hunting animals), Darkling, Fairest (larcenists in particular)
  • Uncommon Seemings: Elemental, Ogres, Wizened
  • Escapees: Simone, Wilhelm, January

The Son So Fair

Son So Fair.jpg

xxxxxAt the onset, he's nothing but the perfect gentleman-scholar. Very, very soon, that fades, and those captured by the Son So Far can pray for a death that won't arrive quick enough. If it's not his pompous nature or wicked wit, sooner or later, some aspect of him will bring about the despair all of his courtiers experience. The luckiest get the honor of being socially ostracized from the perpetual courtly politics held in praise of their Keeper, while those who fall from favor can expect something utterly terrible to happen to them or their social circle almost at random. There's no rhyme nor reason to what the Son So Fair considers to be acceptable praises and behaviors: a polite gesture can be construed as obscenely insulting one day after it becomes fashionable, leaving the victim in the cross-hairs of someone with neither mercy nor restraint.

xxxxxHostages of his court have a limited amount of autonomy: they must serve as his cheerleaders, fan club, and advisors, yet no cohesive system will function when it pertains to understanding the needs of the Son So Fair. He delights in the pure chaos of his realm, forcing his prisoners to engage in debauchery, decadence, and passionate scenes he devises, all serving some hidden agenda that later sees them snared in the same traps they will always fall victim to. If there's a way out, disgraced enough to fall beneath notice but not so offensive as to earn the Son So Fair's punishments. Those who have made their escape find the notion of being returned utterly repellent, if not cause for severe panic attacks, haunted by the memories of his angelic voice raised in laughter.

  • Realm: The Exquisite Everlasting is the palatial estate owned by the Son So Fair, where the beloved are kept close at hand and the ones who have displeased him vanish from sight ever after, until such time as he sees fit to inflict a horrific punishment on them for the "amusement" of his courtiers. It's a grand castle, with flowing tapestries depicting victories both mundane and vulgar, in all manner of experiences. It's somewhere between violent propaganda and degrading pornography, all of it starring the Son So Fair as the perpetual hero, his ego the ruler of all he surveys.
  • Common Seemings: Wizened, Fairest, and Beasts are the most commonly seen outcomes.
  • Uncommon Seemings: Darklings, Ogres, and Elements are rare, if not unique.
  • Escapees: Jimena

The Talon-Crowned Monarch

The Talon-Crowned Monarch

xxxxxIts form is malleable, for it views flesh as a canvas upon which to paint its many images. It does not feel as you or I do, for it views the body as an instrument upon which to play its beautiful music. It is the Talon-Crowned Monarch, a creature obsessed with form and figure. It delights in the many varied shapes of life on Earth, and is always seeking to improve or combine features within its own figure as well as the creatures with which it surrounds itself. It can appear as male or female, large or small, beautiful or horrifying, graceful or brutal. Only one constant remains: the diadem set with a single talon, the instrument with which it carves its will upon the flesh of its subjects. Humans are a particular delight for the Monarch, and it is fond of stealing away those who capture its fancy, replacing the unfortunate abductee with a cunningly-crafted fetch. Once it has its subject safely in its realm, the 'improvements' begin. Once satisfied with its work, it will place its creation within one of its many fighting pits to test it against others. Periods of refinement will follow, as it seeks to perfect its new creation. Invariably, the human identity of its subjects is lost forever, as thought and reason are pared away to make room for instinct. But once in a great while, one of the Monarch's subjects will manage to retain some shred of their memory, and use that as a lifeline to escape Arcadia and return to Earth. The Monarch will often allow these escapes, seeing Earth as simply another testing ground for its work. After all, human life has no particular value. It can always find more, if it needs them.

  • Realm: The Menagerie Fantastique is a vast warren of dens, kennels, slaughterhouses, and fighting pits found deep beneath the Vermillion Wood in one of Arcadia's wilder regions. True silence is rare here, for the Talon-Crowned Monarch has many pets in varying stages of development. The sounds of feeding, fighting, wailing, rutting, and other less identifiable noises fill the air, making true peace and quiet a rare blessing. The stink of rotting meat, heavy musk, dried blood, and spoor of an infinite variety fills the air. Any one of the crawling, slithering, skittering, flying, or lumbering creatures within the Menagerie Fantastique could be the Monarch, prowling through its domain in search of one of its pets to improve.
  • Common Seemings: Beasts (of all kinds), Ogres, Darklings
  • Uncommon Seemings: Fairest, Elementals
  • Escapees: Kodiak, Ree

The Ten-Garden King

The TGK.jpg

xxxxxThe Ten-Garden King, keeper of the infamous Glass Rose Gardens, collects wayward souls who find their way too close to his minions, the Blossoms Nine, who grab stragglers from anywhere books can be found in large numbers and people in smaller increments - libraries, book fairs, and even the odd warehouse, so long as print on the page is numerous and people aren't.

xxxxxHis loathing of the written word is near complete - once someone is snared and stationed in his Garden, an escape attempt is worth being mutilated, whereas trying to write meaningful words or phrases is worth being exiled to The Salt Shed, where nothing returns sane nor intact. Even in a nightmare realm, there are basements few dwell close to, it seems.

xxxxxHis prized plants, though, are only free to move around when he turns out the overhead lamps and the grand gardens turn into a hellish landscape as the hungry seek out the slow, wounded, and even willing - and the bravest try to write a suicide note, and the insane try to leave.

xxxxxLess than ten have ever escaped.

  • Realm: - TBD
  • Common Seemings:
  • Uncommon Seemings:
  • Escapees: Emilie Emerson