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Changeling: Enchanted, Ensorcelled & Fae-Touched


Enchanted mortals are mortals who were born with different-coloured eyes (heterochromia) etc., or who have eaten/drunk in Arcadia, or experienced particularly traumatic events related to faerie/Faerie and those who dwell there. (HR)

  • They have no powers. This merit is not a template.
  • Their only difference from a regular mortal is that they can see through the Mask.
    Note: ONLY a mortal. Supers cannot be enchanted.
  • To be Enchanted, you...
A) must purchase the Enchanted Mortal (Equinox Road, p.107) merit in CG (xp is fine -- don't have to use merit points) or
B) have a PRP run once you're on grid to explain what traumatic situation you went through to tear at your brain and reveal the faerie world to you. Staff will be the final judge of whether an event is sufficiently traumatic.

If Changelings on grid find out you are Enchanted, expect them to try to pledge you to secrecy.


An Ensorcelled is a person who has made a pledge with a Changeling, using the ensorcellment task/boon.

To help integrate them into the sphere and afford more RP opportunities, Changeling staff has made a number of house rules (by the book, ensorcelled receive no special bonuses beyond seeing past the Mask), inspired in some cases by the Ghouls in Vampire, as the secrecy concerns are similar. In effect, think twice before ensorcelling someone, because if you do, they are more or less permanently going to require a Changeling to be pledged to them to uphold the secrecy/ensorcellment.

If the person pledging an Ensorcelled vanishes, another Changeling will be called upon to pick up the broken pledge. Ensorcelled are tracked, and must be announced to the Crown/be introduced to the freehold at the next Crown-held meeting, or the Changeling freeholder who made the pledge will be in violation of their fealty oath.

Ensorcelled who do not join the freehold may meet with high levels of suspicion.

Benefits to Changelings

  • Changelings with an Ensorcelled mortal get +1 to Clarity checks.
(This does not apply towards clarity checks involving mistreatment of the Ensorcelled or related things).
Note: this bonus only comes from mortals. You receive no Clarity bonus from ensorcelling another supernatural creature.

Ensorcelled Abilities

  • Join the Freehold (this will not eat up a Vow slot; fealty pledges are different)
  • Earn Court Goodwill
  • 1 Glamour, which can only be regained by entering into a pledge with a Changeling and/or eating goblin fruit (if they have the custom Goblin's Palate merit), which may be used to activate a Token (if they have the custom Token User merit) or open a Hedge Gate.
    To open a gate, spend the glamour, touch the gate, and verbally ask it to open. This can be as formal or informal as you or the changeling who teaches you wants it to be. Maybe they tell you they can only be opened if you speak to them in haiku (which is a fib, but wouldn't it be fun to watch your human try?).
  • +1 bonus to resist faerie magic/coercion to act against the Changeling who holds their Ensorcellment pledge.

Ensorcelled and Merits

  • Ensorcelled can take Court Goodwill
  • Ensorcelled have their own merits that are only available to ensorcelled, found here.

What Ensorcelled Cannot Do

  • Use Contracts
  • Purchase Changeling Merits unless otherwise stated
  • Create Pledges
  • Craft Tokens
  • Craft Hedgespun Items
  • Enter Mortal Dreams
  • Join Courts
  • Have a Seeming or Kith

Fae Touched (CLOSED)

Fae-Touched is a Minor (M+) Template. This is considered a partial transformation. Fae-Touched information is located in Equinox Roads, pg.106

A note on Durance Times: According to Equinox Road, pg.105, a Fae-Touched or 'partial transformation' concept cannot spend more than six months of 'waking world' time in Arcadia, regardless of how much time has passed for them to their own understanding.

Note: Fae-Touched count as having Wyrd 1 with regards to the number of pledges they can participate in. Thus, a Fae-Touched character can be a part of up to 4 pledges at once.

Fae-Touched Abilities

  • Regain Glamour by entering into a pledge with a Changeling and/or eating goblin fruit
  • Open Hedge Gates
  • Use/Purchase Tokens
  • Use/Purchase Hedgespun Items
  • Join the Freehold
  • Carry/maintain up to 3 Hedgefruit or Oddments at a time.

Fae-Touched and Merits

  • Fae-Touched can take:
Hob Kin
Court Goodwill
Market Sense
Market Familiarity
Goblin Merchant (Limit)
Brownie's Boon

What Fae-Touched Cannot Do

  • Be Psychic or Thaumaturge
  • Use Contracts
  • Purchase Changeling Merits (Unless stated otherwise above)
  • Create Pledges
  • Craft Tokens
  • Craft Hedgespun Items
  • Enter Mortal Dreams
  • Join Courts