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Summer Court History

xxxxxSummer always faces its threats: threats of storm and sea, threats of hungry woods, the threat of betrayal and the summer-people who might be here for nefarious purposes. The threat of the Gentry and all their works and minions overall. The Sovereign Queen of Summer, Britta Sorenson, demands excellence from her people as she demands the most of herself, standing as the Red Victor of some years, a thunder-and-lightning monarch whose strike brings awe to onlookers and destruction to her enemies. If the Queen is the offense, her Second is the defense. Shel Bixby is the local high school gym teacher and defensive football coordinator -- and a turtle Beast whose stony skin and shell makes him a rather literal heavy. Summer in Sentinel Rock values preparedness for both battle and any other challenges that come, and espouses the ideal that actions often speak louder than words.

The above text is inaccurate. Nemo will be poking staff for what its replacement should be, since Britta is no longer Queen.

Getting Involved

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Active Members

Helpful Resources

  • Sentinel Rock - The local Freehold and its resources.
  • Summer Hollow - Summer's Hollow in New Redoubt.

Current Stats:

  Archive (Hedge Tactics)................ 1
  Hollow Amenities....................... 2
  Hollow Doors........................... 2
  Hollow Size............................ 2
  Hollow Wards........................... 5
  Hollow Workshop (Goblin Fruit)......... 1
  Hollow Workshop (Hedgespinning)........ 1

Summer Freehold Positions

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Summer Court Positions

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xxxxxThey serve as the go-to contact for newer members of the Summer Court, coordinate with their fellow Aldermembers on Freehold matters, disseminate information to their fellow Courtiers, and apply the will of the Court to the Crown's inquiries and demands.

  • Iron Adjutant: (Mantle ••••) TBD (Open to PCs!)

xxxxxThe Iron Adjutant stands as the right hand to the Summer Sovereign, acting as an advisor and figurehead. In many ways the Iron Adjutant runs the Summer Court on a day to day basis, handling the lesser tasks and seeing to the organization of the court. This title is renowned and well respected both in the season of fire and the other courts.

  • Red Victor: (Mantle •••••) TBD (Open to PCs!)

xxxxxChampion of the court. If they ever die, the whole Court suffers a loss to morale.

  • Wroth General Calescence: (Mantle •••••) Omar Thorn

xxxxxThe General for the Court. The military leader, for all intents and purposes. Some have more authority than the Crown. Strategists, even if they're martially skilled.

  • Red Victor: TBD (Open to PCs!)

xxxxxThe Champion of the Court of Rage, the Red Victor stands as a focal point and prized fighter among the Summer ranks. This position is awarded to the bravest and most honored of the court's members, and often to the most notable Summer participant in the Tournament of Flames. The Red Victor is often called upon to fight in trial-by-combat and other Hedge duels as the champion for the Summer Sovereign or worthy members of the Summer Court.

  • Hunter of the Longest Day: (Mantle ••••) TBD (Open to PCs!)

xxxxxThe Hunter of the Longest Day is something of an esteemed bounty hunter, a proud knight who isn’t valued so much for his prowess in a large fight but is used more as an “elite” tracker and hunter. Hunters of the Freehold are renowned trackers called upon to find rogue Lost who abandon the Freehold, seek out traitors and often are sent to find threats to the freehold. If they can't deal with it themselves, they call in the Summer army.

  • Arrayer of Distant Thunder: (Mantle •••) TBD (Open to PCs!)

xxxxxThe Arrayer is the one to draft people for War, including those outside of the Summer Court. They are known to convince, threaten or cajole people into service.

  • The Sun's Tongue: (Mantle •••) TBD (Open to PCs!)

xxxxxThe diplomat of the Summer Court. The Sun’s Tongue is tasked to meet and deal with the other Courts throughout the season, a thankless job within the Summer Court. However, it is a vital role within the Freehold when dealing with politics that have had a record of turning deadly.

  • Constable of Calefaction: (Mantle ••) TBD (Open to PCs!)

xxxxxActs as sheriff or investigator who helps keep the peace. Often acts only within the Summer Court.

  • Men-At-Arms: (Mantle ••) TBD (Open to PCs!)

xxxxxEssentially the Knights of the Court. Often better trained and equipped than the Grunts.

  • Mule Squires: TBD (Open to PCs!)

xxxxxIt comes down to this: carry this pack, push this broom, park this car, bury this body. The Mule Squire gets all the shit work. Mules are essentially non-people, treated like valets at best, three-legged dogs at worst. Unlike with the role of Sentry, nobody expects a Mule Squire to ascend the ranks. It’s a role that falls to what the higher-ups believe to be those who have already reached their peak: some poor-performing individual hits a plateau early and hard. It might very well be a false assumption, and a Mule who proves himself is notable, indeed, but the assumption exists regardless.

  • Mud Grunts: TBD (Open to PCs!)

xxxxxThe role of Mud Grunt is that of a foot soldier for the Summer Court. Some martial ability is necessary, as is a willingness to step to the front of the line and suffer the slings and arrows of whatever Hob, Loyalist, or Privateer waits behind that ring of Thorns. The one thing that clearly separates a Grunt from the Men-At-Arms is that a Grunt must supply his own weaponry and armor. The Court does not provide. This means that some Grunts enter the streets and Trods of battle armed with nice pistols and extra magazines, while others barrel forward holding little more than shovels and baseball bats.

  • Sentries of Summer's Vigil (or) Yard Bulls: TBD (Open to PCs!)

xxxxxAlso known as a “Yard Bull,” the Summer Court often includes several Sentries within its ranks. Sentries are little more than guards, bouncers, and bodyguards. Prized for physical ability over anything mental, the only requirements for the role is to either be able to hit something or to appear as if one can hit something. Seen largely as disposable and lacking anything resembling wits (regardless of the reality), Sentries rarely find themselves treated well. That said, it is a viable stepping stone to other, greater roles within the Iron Spear. Performing some heroic measure while on duty is a way to stand out. Making casual “suggestions” to the royal a Sentry is supposed to be guarding is most certainly not.

  • Sun's Shadow: (Summer Goodwill ••••) TBD (Open to PCs!)

xxxxxThis role is reserved for those outside the Court who have truly earned the respect of the local Crimson Courtiers. Someone with great Court Goodwill who is truly worthy of it. The Sun’s Shadow is a sibling to the courtiers, invited to all the Summer Court events, allowed to use the Mule Squires for their own purposes, able to call upon Iron Spear resources.

Facts About The Summer Court

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