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The Courtless
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Life Outside the Courts

Most will call us indecisive, and maybe some of us are, but there's more to it than that. Some of us prefer to live outside the politics and play-acting of the courts. Some of us wish to give our loyalty only to the freehold, unmuddied by the ties of court affiliation and fondness. Some of us feel no pull toward one court or another, no strong connection with any of their driving emotions... or, perhaps, too much affinity for more than one. Some of us are still trying to figure out where we fit. Whatever the reason we choose to stay outside the courts, one thing is clear: we value our independence, our right to choose, to forge our own paths.

Active Courtless Characters Courtless Resources

Entitlements for Courtless Characters
While any entitlement which is not directly tied to a specific court is open to Courtless characters, these entitlements are specifically geared toward those on the fringes.

  • Margravate of the Brim - Courtless sworn to protect the borders of the freehold's territory from threats which otherwise might get missed. (Prerequisites: Mantle 0, Wyrd 2, Clarity 5+)
  • Court of the Solstice - Idealists seeking to shape a new court venerating the transitions between seasons, the power of the in-betweens. (Prerequisites: Mantle 0, Wyrd 3, Staff Approval (Restricted))
  • Knights of the Widow's Walk - Changelings able to infiltrate any court or faction to perform whatever task they've been given by the Spymaster to guard the safety of all Lost. (Mantle 2 or Less, Wyrd 6, Subterfuge 4)

Inactive Courtless Characters Courtless Logs

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