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Changeling: The Courts

Court autumn.pngThe Autumn Court: The Ashen Court, affiliated with the emotion of Fear and the aspects of the Harvest and Decay; use stolen Faerie Magic (Contracts, Tokens, Oneiromancy, and Pledges) against their creators.

Court winter.pngThe Winter Court: The Onyx Court, affiliated with the emotion of Sorrow and the aspect of Cold; attempt to go "underground" and avoid the attentions of the True Fae.

Court spring.pngThe Spring Court: The Emerald Court, affiliated with the emotion of Desire and the aspect of New Growth and Rejuvenation; revel in delight and pure joy to turn away the True Fae.

Court summer.pngThe Summer Court: The Crimson Court, affiliated with the emotion of Wrath and the aspects of Heat and the Sun; seek to destroy the True Fae who come to earth with military might.

Court dawn.pngThe Dawn Court: The Auroral Court; anticipate change and see the good that comes from it even though everything seems lost. Creators of their own destinies and a better future. They thrive on Hope.

Court dusk.pngThe Dusk Court: The Umbral Court, accepting the fact the they are all doomed and must make the fullest of the time left. Accepting of their doomed fate, but not going down without a fight. They thrive on Fatalism.