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Changeling: Approved Contracts
The following tables list all Contracts approved for use on Fallcoast. Any custom Contracts are written in bold green text, and their book/page number is written as HR. For a full list of homebrew Contracts, please see the Changeling/Homebrew Contracts page.

Court Contracts

Eternal Autumn CtL p.159 Autumn Harvest blessings and curses of withering.
Fleeting Autumn CtL p.156 Autumn Powers to induce/ward against fear.
Spell-Bound Autumn LoS p.79 Autumn Sorcerous manipulations and ghost-speech.
Potential SaD p.138 Dawn Using potential to evoke/guide change.
Entropy DitD p.141 Dusk Breaking things down, manipulating Fate.
Four Directions WM p.134 Directional Powers to find one's way or lose it
Eternal Spring CtL p.151 Spring Powers for growth/rejuvenation/healing.
Fleeting Spring CtL p.149 Spring Powers to induce/use desires.
Verdant Spring LoS p.40 Spring Using strong passions to achieve goals.
Eternal Summer CtL p.155 Summer Powers of the sun, heat, vigor.
Fleeting Summer CtL p.153 Summer Powers to manipulate wrath.
Punishing Summer LoS p.59 Summer Powers of blistering heat/sun/blight.
Eternal Winter CtL p.162 Winter Contracts of snow and ice.
Fleeting Winter CtL p.160 Winter Powers to invoke and control sorrow.
Sorrow-Frozen Heart LoS p.99 Winter Sorrow's numbing, emotional emptiness.

Seeming Contracts

Animation WM p.52 Wizened Magically create, repair, destroy objects.
Artifice CtL p.134 Wizened Talent for supernatural craftsmanship.
Communion WM p.32 Elemental Communicate/relate to chosen elements.
Darkness CtL p.136 Darkling Powers of cunning and nocturnal witchery.
Den WM p.19 Beast Powers to protect/build/trick the home.
Elements CtL p.138 Elements Powers to command the elements.
Fang and Talon CtL p.142 Beast Emulating, speaking, commanding animals.
Forge RoS p.99 Wizened Alter/shape the mortal world or Hedge.
Night Terrors HR Darkling Creepy crawlies that go bump in the night.
Oath and Punishment WM p.47 Ogre Sense, pursue and punish oathbreakers.
Reflections ER p.34 Fairest Powers over mirrors, reflections.
Separation WM p.40 Fairest Circumvent reality/physics/solidity.
Stone CtL p.144 Ogre Blessings of might and brute force.
Vainglory CtL p.146 Fairest Mastery of supernatural beauty/splendor.
Wild RoS p.111 Beast / Elemental Control raw/wild natural powers.
Witch Woods HR Darkling / Elemental Powers over nature, illusion, intimidation.

Universal Contracts

Board SaD p.46 Power over strategy/world as a board game.
Colors HR Manipulation of color, trickery, play.
Dream CtL p.124 Entering and shaping the dreams of others.
Hearth CtL p.128 Traditional fae blessings of fortune.
Hours RoS p.102 Powers over time and age.
Lost and Found HR Power over losing/finding things and places.
Lucidity DitD p.69 Manipulation of sanity and clarity.
Mirror CtL p.129 Powers to alter one's appearance.
Moon RoS p.105 Powers over derangement and hysteria.
Omen RoS p.108 Powers to see into the past or future.
Raging Seas HR Powers over the sea and wild water.
Shade & Spirit WM p.26 Communication and travel to/with ghosts.
Smoke CtL p.132 Powers over stealth, invisibility.
Thorns and Brambles SaD p.49 Using the Hedge to your advantage in war.
Wind HR Wind finesses movement, safety, messages.