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Changeling: Becomings
So you've apped in a mortal, or perhaps even a mortal+, and you've sniffed around, and you'd like to see how green the grass is on the Changeling side of the fence. You're in luck, because our kool-aid is for anybody who cares to take a sip of it! There are a few things we'd like you to be aware of before you follow through with your IC Becoming, and a few pieces of information we'll need from you as well.

First, and this is a no-brainer, but we have to say it anyway: be certain that Changeling is what you really want to play, because there's no going back from an IC Becoming. Please be familiar with the "Changeling: The Lost" core rulebook at the very least, prior to requesting your Becoming.

Most importantly: remember that the Durance your PC will endure to Become a Changeling is a traumatic experience, and your character will not be the same person when she or he emerges from the Hedge. S/he will have broken places, and sharp edges that don't quite fit together, and s/he will no longer be human, not in any way that counts, and s/he will not remember why or how it happened. There are problems that come along with that, and exploring those problems and how your character learns to cope with them, move past them -- or doesn't -- is a significant part of the Changeling theme. Fairy tales, real fairy tales, are not nice stories, and the people in them often suffer horribly, and that is the raw stuff of Changeling: the Lost.

Things To Do

If you've decided you wish to Become a Changeling using an existing Mortal/Mortal+ PC, please follow the below process:

  • Submit a job to Changeling staff to let us know you want to do this thing (+request/FAE - IC Becoming= I can be fairy plz? your words go here). Use this +request to pitch your Changeling character concept, including any predetermined information such as Seeming, Kith, Court, Entitlement, etc. If you have any preconceived wishes for what your Keeper and Durance should be like, please include that as well. (Note: if you're going with an original Keeper, please include a basic writeup about the Gentry in question, comparable to the info available on the Keepers pages on the wiki.) Staff will review and natter with you a bit over your concept to make sure you've got all your ducks in a row.
  • Once your concept is approved, you'll need to find an ST. If you already have someone in mind, now's the time to ask them! :D If not, Staff will help you find someone to run the Becoming.
  • Your ST will then submit a separate +request to Staff to confirm they are going to run your Becoming, and detailing their plans for the Taking and Durance. This is separate because SPOILERS, SWEETIE. We would like to see a minimum of three scenes: one to be Taken, one while off-grid for the Durance, and one to escape Arcadia. More is encouraged!
  • Your ST should post logs as they are completed, and add the log links to her/his pitch +job, to give Staff opportunity to keep up with the story as it progresses.
  • Your ST should notify staff that your Durance is complete. At that point, your PC bit will be placed back into chargen to respec as a Changeling.
  • Once respec is completed and approved, you're done! Welcome to the crazy. :)

Things To Avoid

In case you need it, here are a few examples of stuff Staff doesn't want to see and won't let through the Prickly Gates:

  • A fresh-from-your-Durance PC with high Wyrd (more than 3).
    • Wyrd increases with time spent in Arcadia, and leaving Arcadia diminishes a Changeling's connection with the Wyrd. It's something that should be re-built gradually, over time.
  • A fresh-from-your-Durance PC who clearly remembers what s/he just went through.
    • Memories of one's Durance are directly proportional to her/his Wyrd, and a newly-Lost PC should not be a high-Wyrd one (see above). Dreaming is the best way to remember once's Durance, and sustained dreaming of Arcadia is a Clarity break.
  • Currently-Loyalist or Privateer PCs. These concepts are not allowed in chargen, and they are not allowed for a Becoming.
  • A PC which returns from her/his Durance and resumes her/his old life as though nothing has changed. This is directly antithematic to the C:tL game as a whole, and will be stepped on quite firmly.
    • This is not to say that a PC should not try. Longing for what one has irretrievably lost is natural, and part of the core game's theme -- it's even in the name. The PC should not, however, succeed, not entirely. A significant part of the reason for this is that your PC is not the same person. S/he can't be. That's the whole point of the Becoming.
    • There are several Changeling-only Milestone Merits that address this theme. See: Autumn Nightmares, pp. 103, 25