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Changeling: Applications

Please see App Standards for game-wide application standards.

Things to keep in mind:

  • Use this format -
  • Please try to ensure your stats support your character's concept.
  • Please be sure to include your Keeper and durance in your background.
  • Don't forget to set your desc and your mien (see "+help changeling" for how to set your mien).

For players new to Changeling: the Lost, particularly in a MU*, the Changeling Newbie Guide is a good resource.

Background Questions

Please include the following information in your application, as appropriate:

  • Court (optional)
  • Seeming
  • Kith
  • Entitlement (optional)
  • Beginning Contracts (5 dots: 2 must be affinity for Seeming and/or Court. 4 dots max in any single contract.)
  • Free Specialty (Athletics, Brawl or Stealth ONLY)
  • 50 Starting XP + any incentives (list incentives claimed in your application job)
  • Mantle * (1) is free for Court PCs.
  • Language: Mourning Cant * (1) for Winter Court PCs.
  • Set all appropriate notes (tokens, fae mounts, hedge beast companions, retainers etc.)
  • Confirm you meet all prerequisites for Merits, Entitlements, etc. as needed.

Background Information

The following must be included in your background:

  • Life prior to being taken.
  • When you were taken.
  • Your Keeper's information including the name of your Keeper.
  • Your Durance. What was your purpose during your durance?
  • When and how you escaped.
  • Your life since your escape.
  • Any connection to other PCs by blood or marriage.
  • PCs you shared a durance with.
  • How you gained your entitlement (if you have one).
  • How you make a living. Do you have a new identity? A fake ID? Homeless?
  • If you were able to retain your previous Identity, in what other ways has your life changed/gone down the drain?
  • Is your fetch still alive?
  • Why did you join your Court? How do you represent it?


The default status for PCs that are not fresh from the Hedge and/or brand new to the area is "member of the Sentinel Rock Freehold". Those Lost PCs who are not new may assume freehold membership without needing to RP out their pledge.

PCs who are either fresh from the Hedge and/or brand new to the area can be assumed to have been investigated on the quiet by the Freehold, and can engage with Freehold members with an eye to pledging.

PCs of either stripe may choose not to pledge to the freehold. Anyone who does so should understand that anyone who chooses not to pledge will be viewed with significant suspicion locally. We regard this as a part of theme.


At the moment, Changelings may claim up to 6 additional XP at chargen from the following incentives, which do stack:

  • Member of a motley: 3 xp
  • Local PC: 2 xp
  • Wiki page: 1 xp

Restricted Concepts

At this time, the following concepts are restricted. Please talk to Staff prior to applying:

  • Solstice Court
  • Goblin Merchant
  • Token Limb

Nope. Verboten.

The following concepts are currently not available to PCs:

  • Sun, Moon Courts
  • Court Goodwill in chargen (Determined by +vote by PCs)
  • Slave Merit in chargen (PrP required)
  • Wyrd higher than 3 using merit dots (this is a corebook rule)
  • Starting with Relics (Please take Tokens instead.)
  • Directional Courts
  • More than one Attribute at 1.
  • PCs born more than 200 years ago.
  • Current Loyalists/Privateers (Note: this can be part of your character's background; be sure you are willing to RP the consequences if PCs discover this.)
  • True Fae
  • Exiled/Banished Fae
  • Talecrafting

Things To Bear In Mind

Changelings do not have very clear memories of their time in Arcadia. Everything is vague and jumbled, and is likelier to be recalled in dreams, rather than waking life. There may be fragmentary flashbacks under stress. Remember that you are playing a traumatized, escaped slave who is trying to find her or his place in a world s/he left behind, a world s/he no longer quite fits into, and who would do anything to avoid another trip to Arcadia. As Wyrd increases - 6 or above - the dreams become a little more lucid, the glimpses horrifyingly clear, but prior to that, the memories are cloudy at best.

Please do not try to play a fresh-from-your-Durance PC with high Wyrd (defined here as higher than 3).

  • Wyrd increases with time spent in Arcadia, and leaving Arcadia diminishes a Changeling's connection with the Wyrd. It's something that should be re-built gradually, over time.

Please do not try to play a fresh-from-your-Durance PC who clearly remembers what s/he just went through.

  • Memories of one's Durance are directly proportional to her/his Wyrd, and a newly-Lost PC should not be a high-Wyrd one (see above). Dreaming is the best way to remember once's Durance, and sustained dreaming of Arcadia is a Clarity break.

Please do not try to play a PC which returns from her/his Durance and resumes her/his old life as though nothing has changed. This is directly antithematic to the C:tL game as a whole, and will be stepped on quite firmly.

  • This is not to say that a PC should not try. Longing for what one has irretrievably lost is natural, and part of the core game's theme -- it's even in the name. The PC should not, however, succeed, not entirely. A significant part of the reason for this is that your PC is not the same person. S/he can't be. That's the whole point of the Becoming.
    • Note: There are several Changeling-only Milestone Merits that address this theme. See: Autumn Nightmares, pp. 103, 25

If you are apping a fresh-from-the-Hedge PC, please keep in mind that it is not the responsibility of other players to teach you the game and its systems. While there's nothing wrong with asking for help, please don't expect other players or Staff to guide you OOCly through the process of learning how it all works.