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“Every cookie has a little salt to round it out. The emphasis is on the word little.”

– Celestyna


xxxxxHephaestus is not originally from the local area. Instead, she awakened in Poland during a mountain climbing event gone wrong. That there was an entire organization to mages took her by surprise. That none of them were cool (she was 15 at the time) bummed her out heavily. It is for this reason she has always been an apostate. The orders never appealed to her, all of them either too rigid with their protocols or too focused on what she found boring. Age has never changed that opinion and induction into the Sodality of the Tor coven only made all the orders seem super boring by comparison.

xxxxxTime brought her to Fallcoast, where a friend had recently immigrated and suggested they open a bake shop together. It took her a year to make it through America's immigration system and by that point her friend had moved on, but since she was already in Fallcoast with few options on where to go, she began the process of opening Muffintop Bakery in the Commercial District. Muffintop Bakery is a respected bake shop now, a place where people know they can get decent baked goods and get a glance at the bakery's good looking owner in the same purchase.

xxxxxBut mages care little about what Hephaestus does as a baker, peddling her goods to the people of the city to scrape out a mediocre living in America. They care about the mage Hephaestus who was introduced to this community fourteen years ago. What has she done?

xxxxxThe most well known story concerning the Hellflame Queen of Granite Coast is how she earned the title to begin with. It's common knowledge at this point that she drew down a supernal and forced it to claim her body. Opinions on this vary, though it's right up the Sodality's wheelhouse to do just that. What makes her the Hellflame Queen is that she convinced a Supernal Agent of the Primal Realm representing fire to inhabit her and allow her the use of its powers. Thus, the Hellflame Queen. Everyone still has a tick though, that chip they can't quite forget: what did she promise it? A fact that she covetously protects and that the Supernal was less than happy to part with when attempts were made. As far as any of the great mages of the Consilium can tell, however, it has no control over her and she has in fact managed to claim a Supernal and use it for her own purposes.

xxxxxBeing an apostate leaves her out of most of the important discussions, though where she can help she has. Her focus tends to be on the spirit broods of the area, having made allies among them and even established herself as a member of the spirit court in some parts of the city. Due to the nature of the Coven, she has knowledge of older rituals and more ancient forms of magic, making her a contact for anyone needing to do research on particularly archaic forms of magic use.

xxxxxMore so than that, her bakery is a safe house open to all the mages. It's protected and nothing said inside ever reaches outside. All electronic devices inside are cut off from the outside world. It's as safe as one could be given that she's a power player in the local spirit hierarchy, so even spirits are hardpressed to spy on her territory.

Goals (You can treat this as IC)
  • Establish an official Consilium Safe House
  • Settle the Government, Elect Provosts
  • Capture the wayward necromancer
  • Pen the Lex Magica for Granite Coast (Finally)
  • Resolve pending Lex Magica modifications
    • Boris is in Charge (With Teuton helping with coordination)
  • Healing Jet Injectors for Everyone
Celestyna Lange
Run By: Mage Staff (Teuton Currently)
Shadowname: Hephaestus
Date of Birth: Mar 15, 1986
Apparent Age: 34
Occupation: Baker, Shop Owner
Virtue: Patience
Vice: Egotistical

Path: Thyrsus
Order: Apostate
Legacy: Sodality of the Tor
Position: Hierarch
Fame: 2 (Hellflame Queen of Granite Coast)

UPSAHL - People I Don't Like

Hello it’s so good to see you
We met before but nice to meet you
What’s my name do you remember
I’m pretty sure you have my number

Klass - The Way (Original Mix)

Come on in
I'll show you the way to go

City Wolf - Protector

When you're tired of hiding
And you've gotta run, hop right in
Sit shotgun, I'm driving
I'll be your protector
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