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Birthday: October 29, 1979
Family: None
Virtue: Charity
Vice: Sloth

Seeming: Beast
Kiths: Runnerswift
Court: Winter (**)
Position: Bookstore Owner
Keeper: The Earl of the Hunt
Motley: None
Entitlement: None


A woman named Kaitlyn Westinghouse went missing for almost two days while camping with friends in western Washington during the summer of 2000. She was found safe, and was reunited with friends and family with no incident, and returned home to Portland to begin the career in law enforcement she had always dreamt of, following in her father's footsteps.

This is not her story.

Over a decade later, a woman looking just like Kait, exhausted and nearly starving to death, emerged from the wilderness of northern Maine 2400 miles away. She made the trek south to Fallcoast on foot, eventually. For a time, she made a home out of the local homeless shelter. In time she would come to work at the shelter, and in time it would be revealed that she was a long-lost relative to an elderly man named Charles Winters. A local man with no other known relatives, Charles spent his weekends volunteering at the shelter and his other days running the used bookstore that he owned.

This woman's name was Cecily. Cecily Winters. When Charles passed on, she took control of the book shop, and renamed it Grandfather's Attic in honor of the man. She continues to donate books to the homeless shelter and provide her services on a weekly basis.


  • Homeless Shelter: I'm a volunteer and I provide books. I used to live there. A kind man once said to me: "Long may those lost without a home find sanctuary."
  • Grandfather's Attic: Used books still have a lot of love to give, much like used people. Buy, sell, trade, donate. Always taking books for the local shelter.
  • Changeling: I am one, after all. Just don't tell anyone...
  • Waffle House: Open 24/7, waffles. Good place for a late night meal when you don't want to be at home.
  • On Foot: Don't have a car, or a bike. Might just run into me walking on the street. Please don't literally run into me.



Long, black hair. Fair skin. Glasses. The archetypical 'librarian' or 'teacher' in anime and popular media. Five foot seven, pleasant curves, and looks to be in her mid twenties. She's got a nice smile if one gets a chance to see it. Even despite her good looks, she generally dresses conservatively. Despite the tank top, anyway. Her clothes all seem second-hand, but she knows how to keep warm at the least.


Her connection to the fae isn't deep enough for any particularly dramatic changes. But her Winter mantle compliments the fox ears she has, instead of human ears. They're white, furry, and the tips appear to be dipped in black ink. She's got nine fluffy fox tails, too. There are wickedly sharp, retractable claws on her fingertips as well. Aside from the ears and tails, though, her skin is also quite pallid. Ghostly, even. Just something to match her colorations.


She is touched by the breath of winter wherever she goes, Her clothes edged gently in ice rime that crumbles when she moves but seems to gather slowly if she is still, her skin is delicately chilled, making you want to touch her fingers to warm them, even her breath has that soft puff of fog that smells of roasted food and spiced drinks meant to warm you. Her hair, ears, and tails though always have a gentle frosting of snow hidden in them, dusting the area around her delicately and making her sparkle gently in the light but oddly she doesn't seem to always be damp with the mess of this melting ice.


  • Grace: Words can't describe how... amazing she is. So kind, so wonderful, and her craft is peerless.
  • Tessa: 'Enchanting' and 'Radiant' and 'Captivating' still can't do this intelligent beauty justice... Even if she feels off.
  • Tea: A beautiful and wonderful artist and gallery owner. She treats me so well, I could just sink into her arms forever.
  • Isadora: Strong but gentle. Such a sweetheart! Friend of Tea's, and my friend now, too.
  • Shu: She's so adorable and we have such similar tastes. I don't mind sharing my den with her now and again.

Notable Skills

  • Allies (Local Homeless): (***)
  • Anonymity: (****)
  • Contract of Fang and Talon (Vulpines): (*****)
  • Flaw - Poor Sight: (*)
  • Fleet of Foot: (***)
  • Harvest (Emotions): (**)
  • Hidden Life: (***)
  • Unobtrusive: (***)


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