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The Cavanaugh Family

The Cavanaugh family are something like reverse carpetbaggers. Originally wealthy landowners in the antebellum South - with everything that entails - they were one of the few plantation families to see the writing on the wall and get the hell out before the war could ruin them, settling in Fallcoast in 1859. They are Old Money, and they know it. Long-time members in good standing of the country club; private berth at the marina for the family yacht; donors to political campaigns statewide and sometimes beyond.

Cavanaugh PCs should include the family's moneyed history in their backgrounds and RP, as well as the less-than-savory way they made their initial fortune.

Family Holdings

  • Seven Bridges Manor (C01) - The family home, a sprawling house in the style of antebellum plantation houses located just off Ocean Drive, was built when the family fled South Carolina for the North just prior to the American Civil War. The estate's official name is Seven Bridges, named for the seven bridges that spanned various roads leading into the family's original indigo plantation property. Unofficially but more commonly, the place is called the Magnolia House, for the huge and garish painting of a blooming magnolia tree that hangs in the foyer.
  • Cavanaugh Security (C02) - A high-end security company providing both security systems and personnel for elite businesses and homes. If you'd like to work for or manage this business, contact Evangeline Cavanaugh.
  • Hotel Cavanaugh (B01) - Reopened under Cavanaugh Family ownership in April 2017, Hotel Cavanaugh mixes the best parts of Fallcoast's old world charm with the luxury and sensibility of the modern world. The hotel provides stunning sea-side views and excellent five-star service to its wealthy patrons. Rumor has it that permanent rooms can be requested from Scarlet Cavanaugh.
  • Heart's Desires (C01) - Heart's Desires is a club that encourages people to give into temptation. If the staff can figure out your vice, your desires, they will cater to it and push you deeper into it. Owned by Nalla Cavanaugh.

Family Factoids

  • The Cavanaugh family has a ghostly secret: they have a lot of them. Ghosts and spooks, that is, and not in an Abernathy way where one might investigate and make friends. Cavanaugh ghosts HATE their family, and are generally troublemakers. You don't get to the top of the heap of society first in the American South and then in a small town without making enemies so potent they last unto death and even beyond. Most Cavanaughs keep this skeleton in the closet, but their houses more often have the kind of trouble that comes of being on top of the native burial ground and their gatherings are more likely to create poltergeist activity than most.
  • Not all Cavanaughs make good, of course. It seems inevitable that there will be one branch of every family that belies the trend, and for the Cavanaughs, that's the descendants of Wilson James Cavanaugh III, a cousin of the main branch of the family just prior to the Civil War. A plantation foreman and fervent supporter of the Confederacy, Jim stayed behind when the family abandoned the plantations for New England, and joined the Pinkertons, focusing on trying to identify and shut down the Underground Railroad. Jim was killed in the War, and his descendants since then have harbored a grudge against the rest of the family, viewing them as cowards who chose to save their assets and their hides, rather than stay in the South and fight for their rights and livelihood. This branch, still living in rural Georgia, shares none of the Cavanaugh wealth, but consider themselves the true heirs to the Cavanaugh name.
  • Celia Skinner's garden was one of the Skinner family's few claims to fame and legitimacy within the last century. Celia was that rare Skinner who achieved far above the family standard: a Northeastern poet of some renown, her house's garden and grounds became a pilgrimage point for the literati of her time. Not quite Paris of the 1920s, but she certainly made a splash among the Modernists of the twentieth century. Rumor has it she hosted Gertrude Stein and Alice B. Toklas, and entertained a number of New York writers who wanted to go on country expeditions. In a family of trailer-trash, Celia Skinner became an eccentric, the better class of her family's niche.
  • After her death, the family couldn't hang onto her land. And the Cavanaugh family bought it, and despite pleas to preserve it, they paved paradise and put up a parking lot.
    The Skinner family loved their Auntie Cee. The Cavanaugh clan barely noticed when they bulldozed her memory. While the Cavanaughs generally couldn't care less about this incident and overlook the Skinners, plenty of older Skinner family members have a grudge that's still fresh enough and reason to cause those rich bastards trouble.
  • Lieutenant Allan James Cavanaugh, a famed World War II hero, is supposed to have earned his fame during the Battle of the Bulge, in which he and his men fought viciously to defend the line. Despite losing nearly three quarters of his squad, they held out until reinforcements arrived, with Lieutenant Cavanaugh himself finally forced by a superior to seek medical attention for a severe leg wound. The battle earned him both a Purple Heart and a Distinguished Service Cross. Of course, there are rumors that the Lieutenant wasn't quite so brave in sticking to his location as the reports might say... but that's probably just the jealousy of other men. The event hall of Hotel Cavanaugh is named after him, and a portrait of the man hangs up on the wall.
  • Active Family Members


    OOC Family Information

    Associated Sphere All
    Staff Contact Teuton
    Family Contact Evangeline
    Recruiting Status Open
    Family Benefit +1 to Socialize rolls

    IC Family Information

    Family Head Evangeline
    Fallcoast Status Old Money
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    Recruiting Status

    We're always open to new members and concepts. At this time we'd prefer to have more members that fit the family theme of old money and high society.

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