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Try Something New is currently: OPEN! Try Something New was last reset on: 8/26/2015

Try Something New is a way to encourage people to break out of their comfort zone and meet new people to roleplay with. Fallcoast gets new players virtually every day and with the amount of people on the game it is very likely that you have not roleplayed with them all! Here are the guidelines, when Try Something New is opened by Headstaff:

You will receive .5 XP if you go out and roleplay with a character that you have never roleplayed with before. A good way to find someone is on the TSN channel. Here are the parameters:

   You have never played with this character before (this has changed, it is usually a *player*).
   You have not accumulated this bonus more than 3 times since a TSN reset. Last reset: 8/26/2015
   You are not trying to claim this bonus for more than one person PER scene. Have more scenes! It's about getting to know people personally or just through RPing. Please only claim this incentive through meaningful (subjective, we know) RP, not just because you happened to be in the same room.
   'Person you have not played with' is also subjective. It means *on this game*. You don't have to ask someone their RP history or what not. This is totally honor system! If you're not using it to find cool new people, the joke is on you.
   The RP HAS to take place after the announcement goes up that it has restarted.
   Use THIS FORMAT: +req/tsn Name of person=Hi! I roleplayed with this person for the first time ever today. Please give us XP! 

People not using the format and correct bucket will have their jobs denied.