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This is the category for active characters.

  • To add your character to this list, use the Active PCs category tag.
  • See also our list of List of Already Used Actors and Actresses. There is no such thing as a 'face claim' or exclusive use of picture/pictures on Fallcoast unless they are pictures to which you personally hold the copyright.
  • You can tell people where your character has been, to find hooks with other PCs. Check Travel by Decade.
  • Also see our list of NPCs! You can use this page to create NPC pages.
  • If you need help with your page, don't be shy - please ask. We can help either via +req/web or via the Wiki channel in game.
  • Be sure to change your Category to Active PCs after your PC is approved. It defaults to Potential PCs and should remain like that until you're approved; after that, change away.
  • For other potential categories that fit your character, check Categories.
  • See Icons for Icons!
  • See Images for images (including a dot template) available for use by anyone.

  • Need an account? Use +req/web with 'Wiki Account' in the title! Please be sure to include a valid email address in your +request, and whatever login you'd like. Please include an alternate in case your first choice is unavailable. Thanks!

Building your page

xxxxxIf you're familiar with wikicode and the standards used on Fallcoast, you can try your hand at building a page from scratch. The easiest way, however, would be to input your desired page name in the box below and have a semi-comprehensive skeleton automatically created for you to fill in.

xxxxxLooking for a way to make a page for your RP group (cabal, motley, band)? Look below.

Things to keep in mind

  • Try not to put your gallery in its own table; just put all of the images together like in existing pages. This lets them flow and wrap correctly on narrow browsers like phones have.
  • Try not to overuse the lorem ipsum feature; it's just to help with layout and is not a replacement for real content. If it sounds strange and alien, read the Wikipedia article for more info.
  • Try to keep pages neat and clean; close every tag you open. If that doesn't make sense, ask for help!
  • There is a Wiki channel on the game where you can ask for help if needed. Just type addcom wiki=Wiki to add yourself to it.

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