Carson Folsom

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Carson Folsom


The Man

Date of Birth - February 8th, 1977
Apparent Age - Mid-late 30's
Occupation - Therapist
Virtue - Conviction

The Demon

Vice - I'm a big fan
Desires - Gluttony



Carson has been in Fallcoast most of his life. He left for a while in college, and returned. Neither his absence or his return was much noted. He lived an unremarkable life as a hypnotherapist. He helped others fix their lives, while living one of no count on his own.

That is until he decided to shape up and do something. Now he's filled with a 'can do' attitude, and it's reflected in his new found grasp on life. He's happy, successful, and altogether making a go at saying 'yes' to situations, and bending them to his enjoyment.


RP Hooks

Hypnotist - He has his own office and everything. Do you need help losing weigh? Quitting Smoking? Finding that spark with your significant other? Come and make an appointment.

Socialite - He's a man about town, hanging out in some of the nicer joints, the newest clubs, and more often than not finding himself in a VIP section some where, some how.

(Secret) Demons - He's a possessed Glutton. He's an appetite for fine things, food, clothing, women, and amasses and consumes then when he's able. (Which, granted, can be fun for all!)



Unwritten Law - Save Me [1]

Went to the doctor, and I asked her, to make it stop...
Got medication, a new addiction... Fucking thanks a lot!
Had a relapse, I'm outta rehab, it ruins everything...
So point your finger, at the singer, he's in the pharmacy.


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