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“I applied my heart to inquiring and exploring by wisdom concerning all that is done under the heavens.”

– Ecclesiastics 1:13


xxxxxCándida was born to anonymous parents who left her as an infant in the Catedral Metropolitana de la Asunción de la Santísima Virgen María a los Cielos in Mexico City. She was found there and delivered to the Baja Mission Orphanage, where she received her given name and was raised as a strict Catholic. At the age of 13, she returned with a group of nuns to the convent of Metropolitan Cathedral, where she lived and worked as a scullery maid for a small stipend, spending a large amount of her free time reading the books of the convent's modest library. Being small, female and employed by the archdiocese, she enjoyed a certain level of social invisibility (Merit: Unobtrusive) which she used to access places she would not normally be permitted, such as the rectory library and the library of the bishop, which contained a great many works that she read voraciously. Much of what she read was not meant for the eyes of the laity, or even of the priests, nuns or sisters; many of the bishop's ancient tomes challenged her notion of the world's cosmology ... there was much, it seemed, the Church was not telling us.

xxxxxAt the age of eighteen, Cándida took her temporary vows, and a year later, took her solemn vows and adopted the titular surname María Guadalupe. She continued her studies of Theology, but particularly of religious and mythological cultural beliefs and the written accounts of declared miracles, in which, it seemed, many ancient secrets obscured by the Church could be found. Sister Cándida came to Fallcoast for a "Year of Renewal," a diocese-approved sabbatical for the purposes of "spiritual renewal" and "ongoing education," although she intends to use the time to investigate whispers of strange occurrences in Fallcoast of Divine, Infernal and other natures, in order to prove her faith.

* There is something particularly saintly (Merit: Saintly) about Sister Cándida. Restless spirits do not like her presence and she tends to make them uncomfortable because of her extraordinary faith. So strong is her faith, in fact, that she has the power to abjure or exorcise them from places or human hosts (see the World of Darkness Core Rulebook, pp. 213–214). Restless spirits also tend to be unwilling to harm her or disrupt her life, and some are unwilling to involve themselves with her at all, although some are not unwilling to harm her, and may even see it as a challenge.

RP Hooks

These Are The Things We Can RP About:

  • Angels and Demons!
  • Investigation of supernatural occurrences around Fallcoast!
  • Relic hunting!
  • YOUR Morality!


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Sister Cándida María Guadalupe

Age: early 20s
Birth Place: Mexico (presumed)
Vocation: Roman Catholic Nun
Parish: Mary, Star of the Sea Church
Residence: Parish Convent
Merits: Unobtrusive, Saintly
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Pride


La Guadalupana

Desde el cielo una hermosa mañana
La Guadalupana bajó al Tepeyac
Suplicante juntaba sus manos
Y eran mexicanos su porte y su faz

Su llegada lleno de alegria de luz y armonia todo el Anahuac . . . .
«Este cerro elijo para hacer mi altar.»
Y en la tilma entre rosas pintada
Su imagen amada se dignó dejar.

Desde entonces para el Mexicano
Ser Guadalupano es algo esencial
En sus penas se postra de hinojos
Y eleva sus ojos hacia el Tepeyac
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