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Full Name: Candela Carita
Birthdate: March 05 1998
Apparent Age: Twenties
Occupation: Courtesan
Virtue: Faith
Vice: Lust

Sphere: Mage
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Silver Ladder
Shadow Name: Ecstatica


xxxxxCandela is a relative newcomer to the area. She hails from New York, and from vague hints she might drop here and there, she seems to have fled some sort of problematic relationship, though it's unclear why she came to Fallcoast of all places. Among the Awakened, she is known to be a Thyrsus and a Bene Ashmedai, but beyond that, she does not have much of a reputation.

RP Hooks.

  • Silver Ladder - She's a Thearch, but does her best not to be the insufferable kind. She believes in working for Awakened Society as a whole, and always seeks to network with Mages of all kinds and persuasions. Apparently she's particularly interested in anyone who might help her studies of the Mind Arcanum.
  • Thyrsus - She's an Ecstatic who seeks Supernal truth through the hunt for sensation. While she's mostly fond of the city and the Spirits to be found there, she is enough of a Shaman to seek out the wilderness at times.
  • Bene Ashmedai - She is a Diabolist, believing that vice can be a source of strength and wisdom, both for herself and others. This is a teaching she seeks to share with Mages and Sleepers alike.
  • Demons - One of the Mysteries Candela studies is the exact relationship between goetic demons, infernal demons, and the being that supposedly founded her Legacy. This has given her a strange kind of fascination with the Possessed.
  • Fitness - She seems to have a downright unfair knack for staying healthy and fit with relatively little effort. But she still spends a lot of time at the gym or just on long hikes or walks.
  • Prostitution - Her official job is masseuse, but it's not hard to find out she offers more than that. She considers herself a rather high-class escort, however. This is partly a source of income, partly a way to follow the teachings of her Legacy.
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