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“Going to war without France is like going hunting without an accordion.”

– Norman Schwarzkopf


xxxxx An Arcadian with a long history of military service, Brigitte's life fell apart when she learned of the death of her sister and her sister's family. Spending the next decade as little more than a mercenary in the French Foreign Legion, she gained an unhealthy reputation as more thug than soldier.

xxxxx Her return to humanity began with rumors that her nieces were still alive. That led her back to Canada and into the world of the Hunter. Finally, Brigitte has found what is left of her sister's family and together with her nieces has started a cell to protect Fallcoast.

RP Hooks
  • Arcadian - Oh Canada! But more French than North American. Speaks French.
  • Ex-Military - Canadian Army. French Foreign Legion. Dishonorable discharge. Speaks Arabic. If you've been in a war over the last fifteen years then she was probably there. The dirtier the war the better.
  • Thug - Though a trained soldier, it seems the only parts she remembers are the yelling and the violence.
  • Hunter - She has finally found a home, and family, worthy enough of being protected. A member of The Union.
  • Unexpected Family - She finds herself looking after her dead sister's daughters...years after they were also thought to be dead. It's not a sitcom situation.


The Cell

Magda - Mute...but when you look like her you don't need words. Still getting used to the new world and hopefully I can help.

The Vigil

Alessa - They're getting younger and younger...but she's got history in the Union and is a cop so she should be okay. Call anytime you need something.

Amanda - She can't be natural.

Aurore - Native Hunter. She's one of the clever therefore a stripper.

Kian - Big business and eager to reap the crops of the Vigil.

Kyani - Trespasser and local guide. Showed me some interesting places for a while. He left but I heard he was back.

Ludlow - Might be someone I can compare scars with.

The Innocent

The Gone

Aislinn - The paperwork expert. Never underestimate the power of filling in forms. Sorry for your loss but you seemed to be bouncing back but wherever you have gone I hope you find peace.

Alora - Brain with a safehouse...and organiser of fun trips. Taking a break but hopefully she will be back. She has more books than I knew existed.

Aniella - More than meets the eye. Disappeared.

Artemis - Not the friendliest or most outgoing but she seems the real deal.

Beatrix - Niece. Still so full of life and optimism. I hope it lasts. Mad Max has nothing on her. She left the nest and I miss her.

Bowie - Friend of Beatrix. Quite the little firebrand.

Butcher - What it says on the tin. Unfortunately the Church thought he was needed elsewhere.

Carla - Very classy. If she's part monster then she hides it well...and I've looked. Haven't seen her in a while though.

Chase - Might be the first one of us to lose it. Maybe he did?

Eliza - TFV...but also knows how to take care of herself.

Elly - Tough and knows her way around a gun. And backs it up with common sense.

Eloise - Tough and not as innocent as she a good way.

Hawker - Proof there is no such thing as an innocent.

Hope - What it says on the tin. Hopefully she's found what she was after.

Ira - Makes films. And for once it's not those kind of films...or are they? Probably off making a movie.

Jaclyn - She might actually be able to drink me under the table. We shall see! Or not.

Jack - Niece. I hope she's happy wherever she is.

Johannes - Can I trust a German? To disappear...yes.

Jolene - I was so going to make a fool of myself here but I never really got the chance. She's back!

Lauren - We knew each other back in the shit (Africa and the Middle East). She's still got the swagger. It was nice to hook up again until she was posted elsewhere.

Mira - Librarian. Butter definitely melts in her mouth.

Miyo - Another cop though this one has a bit more of the Devil in her.

Nicholai - Russian driver. Does well even if on the wrong side of the road. Drove off.

Samara - New but learning quick and she certainly had some moves.

Sascha - The dog woman. Go to her if you want a fanged companion that doesn't need a stake through its heart. Reassigned.

Seth - Another brain...but with a fascination for traps. Maybe one of them got him?

Webb - Ira's groupie.

Woody - Angry high school teacher (is there any other kind) but was one of us.

The Fallen

Anya - Doctor and Aislinn's wife. Sacrificed herself to save others. R.I.P.



Brigitte Chasseur 
In game as: Brigitte
Date of Birth: June 11, 1979
Apparent Age: Mid-thirties
Occupation: Crash and Burn Junkyard Owner
Virtue: Fortitude
Vice: Wrath

Professional Training: ***** Thug
Compact: The Union
Cell: Cerberus
Played By: Jill Wagner

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No tears for the creatures of the night
No tears
My eyes are dry
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