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Maybe there's a God above but all I've ever learned from love
Was how to shoot somebody who outdrew ya

—– Leonard Cohen


RP Hooks
  • Musician/Teacher: Brand Walker is available by appointment to provide vocal and guitar lessons, provided the student can supply their own instrument. (Sorry, mutes.)
  • Tooth and Nail: Brand is the mastermind, lead singer, and rhythm guitarist for "Tooth and Nail", an aggressive rock act in the vein of Guns n' Roses. Come to a show? Seen a show? Own their self-titled album? SUPPORT LOCAL MUSIC NOW.
  • Nightlife Regular: Quite the BARFLY. There are few clubs, some exclusive, that Brand hasn't either been in or doesn't have the means to access. Have you seen Brand at a club or an exclusive event? Shared a conversation over a glass of expensive liquor? He's met so many...
  • Lost: Brand is one of the Lost. He arrived in Fallcoast a refugee of Arcadia in 2012. He doesn't speak - even with his own kind - about his experiences in Arcadia, which have remained a mystery to this day.
  • Courtless Ronin: After the devastation wrought by May Tennyson, Brand returned from six months of touring (and an undeclared stint fighting on behalf of another Freehold in the Hedge) a slightly changed man. He's visited the graves. He's turned his thoughts within, and there, his thoughts took him to the decision to leave the SPRING COURT. Now he's on an internal pilgrimage of the sorts, listening to the other courts, entitlements, and ways of life and considering them against the man he has become. Where he will go next is anyone's guess.
  • The Fallen Queen: Mere months before the tragedy took place, Brand Walker was the consort of the traitorous Spring Queen: May Tennyson. Seen often at her side and rumored to have spent plenty of time in her bed, Brand returns to Fallcoast the former lover of a woman who cost a number of Lost their lives, shook the Freehold to the core, and left to be the willing servant of Jack of the Green. Controversy? Definitely.
  • Resident Heartf*cker???: Plenty of people may have a good Brand Walker story. Plenty may outright dislike the man. For whatever reason, Brand has made sure to try to leave as many people he comes across with an opinion on the topic of Brand Walker. He's been rumored to have had many lovers, though rarely speaks on who they've been. He's been rumored to played pranks, both loving and cruel, citing a better vision in the end. If there is some deeper, cosmic reasoning behind some of his closer relationships or his actions, he doesn't often share what they are. Once the trick is explained in full detail, it becomes prestidigitation...and not magic. Whether or not Brand is who he presents himself to be, or who he presents himself to be is a mien atop a mien atop a mask remains to be seen. Or...he's simply a crazed, damaged refugee from Arcadia and terrible action yields terrible psychologies.
Date of Birth: October 20 1972
Apparent Age: Late-Twenties
Occupation: Recording Artist/Teacher
Virtue: Patience
Vice: Lust

Seeming: Fairest
Court: Free Agent
Kith: Muse/Bloodbrute
Entitlement: None
Motley Negative, Ghostrider
Keeper: The Countess Everwhite

Notable Stats
Subterfuge: ••• (Lies)
Expression: ••• (Performance)
Presence: •••
Fame: •• (Musician)
Striking Looks: •• (Magnetic)

The Alabaster Concubine, Her Majesty's Favored

xxxxxWhat am I? I think it's far easier to describe what I'm not. I'm not Brand. Brand Walker. The alias that I chose. I'm something different, something that was changed over time against his will. I don't speak often of who I was born as; I've spent far too long as I am now to really have any sort of tie to my old life. Everything else I am is a story, a concoction, a wilful fabrication. It's better this way. It is.

xxxxxBut what about her? The Countess Everwhite? ...or "She", or "My Eternal", or "My Countess". She's out there, still, I have no doubts about it. She's too beautiful and clever to allow herself to be killed off by the other monstrosities at the Shining Metropolis. She has her kept and her tortured, but she doesn't have me. Oh, no, she's not going to forget me. It might be vexing if she ever were to forget me. She sculpted me into what I am and she's not in the habit of losing her toys.

xxxxxShe had a dozen names over twenty years, and the rules always remained the same: I was to call her whatever she pleased. I've heard a hundred different tales from those who have escaped Arcadia. A hundred and one tales of torture, of sadness, of pain, of survival, of strength. Some people boast, as if surviving and escaping is a feat worthy of attention. Others live in fear of the return of their Keeper. Some - though they'd never admit it - wonder whether or not they'd have found happiness someday, had they never left.

xxxxxI suppose I'm a bit of 'all of the above'

xxxxxTrue cruelty is an art form that few people know how to endure. Cruelty isn't in the knife, but in the sorrow; the art of spilling a thousand gallons of blood without but a single prick of the knife. To slay with a disappointing look. To breed the reality that loneliness and absolute white, absolute silence, is a Hell in and of itself. Funny, the word 'Hell' inspires that Milton imagery, doesn't it? Flames and spears, long-tongued demons with loins that long to render you from your dignity for thousands of years? No. No. I assure you. Hell is white. Hell is pristine. Hell is love. Hell is jealousy. Hell is learning, over so many years, to spend the waking hours of your torture preparing yourself to be better. To love harder. To hope and pray that maybe one day, she'll love you, too.

xxxxxI can never tell them what I am, could I? To expose such a raw, raped, that simply could not do. They wouldn't understand. It's not sorrow that I feel. I'm not a fool. I saw the looks in the eyes of the Winter Court and their insightful, they felt the pull from me before I made the decision that the Spring Court would be mine. I know that they felt it. I know sometimes they feel it, still, but I've had enough sorrow. The Winter Court is a white room. A white room I have no intention, yet every, sentimental want, to return to.

xxxxxFor the first time in what feels like centuries, I am my own. I've a whole world to explore. SHE molded me into something that when lost from her hands could be beautiful, inspiring, terrible. Something that would be allowed to be less than perfect, and under the right circumstances, beloved for his flaws...

xxxxx...and I hope she's watching me fuck those other women and breathing life on my own. I really do.

Tooth & Nail
(click album covers to access playlists)

xxxxxxxxxxBrand Walker: Vocals, Guitar
xxxxxxxxxxAli McKenna: Bass, Backing Vocals
xxxxxxxxxxDominic Robards: Drums
xxxxxxxxxxMatt Germain: Guitar, Backing Vocals

xxxxxTOOTH AND NAIL appeared, seemingly out of nowhere, in the Spring of 2014. Composed of Fallcoast music scene veterans Matt Germain and Dominic Robards, the band simply appeared without warning. Their premiere show was booked at the Empire Auditorium as part of the Spring Break Music Showcase, and Fallcoast history was made. Since then, their locally produced and released self-titled EP has seen airplay on commercial and college stations, they've been interviewed by local art magazines, and have sunk their claws into being a mainstay of the local music scene.

xxxxxAs for the leader of the band and Fallcoast import? No one really knows where he came from before arriving in Fallcoast, only that since he's arrived he's been seen at many of the local clubs and bars, and has a private guitar-and-vocals teaching program he uses to bring in extra band money.

xxxxxDISCOGRAPHY is available via Fallen Road Entertainment

Friends of the band...

—– All are assumed to know the band as a whole in varying shades...

  • Owen - Bro-Force 4000. If anyone wonders, Owen WAS a member of the military, and he's got a bunch of stories about being there when things explode. So when things get crazy, I'm going to text the O-team for backup.
  • Kouri - My Last Vision. Oh, we put on quite a show, didn't we? Dueling with you was an absolute treat. I look forward to doing it once again.
  • Dottie Skinner - Ah, my favorite partner in crime for our little Project Mayhem. You're a clever thing, you know. You see more than you let on and you've got plenty of surprises to you, Dottie Skinner. I may have taken too long to become friends with you, but now that we are, I feel as if good things are coming.
  • Garnet - Garnet Abernathy is my girlfriend. She's great. Great is a small word that means a lot of things, but we take good care of each other and I'm happy. Oh. As a side note? If I fuck this up there's a 75% chance one of her family members will bury me alive.
  • Garnet - Sugary sweet and wide-eyed. You are beautiful and adorable, and remind me of all of the ways I've been chipped and scarred since escaping. I will never look at seaside Mexican food quite the same way, ever again.
  • Kilo - Four-thousand miles per hour of pure adrenaline and intoxicating glamour. In the end, I lost the will to lie. A lesson I learned the hard way.
  • Thury Rosmundsdottir - So polite, so thoughtful. Is there a wonderful part of you that wasn't destroyed? Like a doll, like a kept thing, I sense our damage to be similar. It gets better, truly, over time, I swear. We will speak often, and into the dark watches of the night.
  • Shell - Outgoing, vibrant, filled with life behind her topaz-colored eyes. Your confidence caught my eye as you walked straight to me, singling me out, noticing me. I can't wait to wear your threads for all to see.
  • Melody - She writes such sad, beautiful words. I can't wait to start writing song lyrics with her, or better yet, introducing her to Isrieal and the band.
  • Ginger - Macy came into my life like a boot to the throat. I met her by lying and our friendship has grown through it. Now, when the lies have ceased, will the connection be upheld?
  • Dora Skinner - There's a certain alien grace about this Skinner. I've yet to pick her brain the way that I intend to, because she knows her Indian food and she presents this fountain of augury knowledge. Tea, definitely tea. I look forward to these conversations, indeed.
  • Odie Skinner - Odie causes my skin to itch with this curiosity. Like some of the Skinner clan, he's quietly worded with plenty of facial and body language, but what I've learned about the Skinners in my last few years is to never, ever assume that this means that they're simple people. Oh? And the Mountain Dew cake Dottie made for him kind of terrified me.


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Army of Dolls, Delain

xxxxxDon’t you look into the mirror
xxxxxArmy of dolls made you so bitter
xxxxxMake-up magpul follow the leader
xxxxxNever have seen a face much sweeter

Amen, Halestorm

xxxxxBut I won't run, I'm not ashamed
xxxxxIt's gonna take more than this for me to break
xxxxxMy life
xxxxxMy love
xxxxxMy sex, my drug, my lust
xxxxxMy God, it ain't no sin
xxxxxCan I get it? Can I get an Amen?

Life is Beautiful, Sixx AM

xxxxxYou can't breathe until you choke
xxxxxYou gotta laugh when you're the joke
xxxxxThere's nothing like a funeral to make you feel alive

RP Logs

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