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xxxxxBoris is a 'Faceless' Guardian of the Veil. He serves as Councilor to the Fallcoast and Hanging Hills Council of Mages. He wears many different identities and many different faces, often opting to chose a new face to solve problems. This isn't meant to express some eagerness to deceive other players, but rather, exploring a fun aspect of a very unique kind of character that lacks identity and self. When in doubt, '+finger Eidolon'. If you have any questions or concerns, or some ideas about stories we can tell with each other, don't hesitate to reach out to me!

Occultation: Boris has Occultation at level three, meaning it is very difficult for folks to remember him.
Incognito Presence: As a Reality Stalker attainment, Boris has access to and often uses 'Incognito Presence', reinforcing how easy it is to forget or ignore him.

Sense the Threads: Boris possesses the requisite levels of Arcanum to sense when someone is scrutinizing or attempting to dispel his spellwork.
Spell Cloaking: Boris often cloaks any lasting spells.



  • Name: Edmund Roland
  • Scene: Parties, Clubs, Social Events.
  • Bright Mantle: The Bright Mantle loves the appearance of luxury. He's a happy sybarite whose social confidence comes from assuming that a better party is just around the corner. The fact that he devotes his life to play makes him appear to be a self-centered fop, but he's capable of surprising tenacity when something threatens his whimsical lifestyle. He believes fate will throw him more enjoyment as long as he's relaxed enough to accept it.


  • Name: Special Agent Natascha Ilyan
  • Scene: National Parks, Law Enforcement
  • Sighing Tower: The Sighing Tower holds an important office. She's competant, but beneath that exterior, she has formidable--And distracting--Sensual appetites. Just as the Wounded Monk, her lusts might be fodder for blackmail, but she doesn't shrink from them. She uses her power to sate them, so it's more likely that she instigates blackmail, instead of suffers it. She often chooses lovers from the ranks of underlings. In love and work, she believes in a job well-done. She does her best to balance her appetites and roles that have considerable social, political and economic power.


  • Name: Edward Byrne
  • Scene: Libraries, the Occult, Schools
  • Runehold: In ancient times, the Runehold Masque was associated with scholar-monks and sages. Runeholds are smart, but passive. Nowadays, a Runehold is likely to be a professor, engineer or technician. Runeholds prefer research and tinkering to the practical aspects of their fields. They're happy to talk about what they know, but hate the pressure of a workplace, a client or anything else that constrains their private studies.


  • Name: Unknown
  • Scene: The Battlefield
  • Eye of Mars: An Eye of Mars is a professional warrior. In his jaded view, violence is inevitable. He's ready to take up arms when he needs to, but he pays close attention to the less spectacular aspects of war (a term that, for this Masque, can include gang violence, policing and more). He studies logistics, morale and political concerns. All of this training cannot be an end in and of itself - he wants to use it. Thus, an Eye of Mars pushes for violent solutions when he can, so he can test his skills in real combat.


  • Name: Mitsuki "Jessica" Sato
  • Scene: Anywhere there's new experiences
  • The Innocent: An Innocent is childlike -- even an actual child. He looks forward to getting older, learning more and discovering more about the world. On the other hand, he demands parenting. He wants constant attention and has poor impulse control. If he doesn?t get what he wants, he might scream, run off or steal. He'll do reckless things to get what he wants because he expects others to bear the consequences.


  • Intelligence Operative
    Eidolon is a Spy.
    He spies on everyone; sleepers, awakened, 'others'.
    Information is the only currency of value.
  • The Exoteric Tenets
    Paradoxes strengthen the abyss as punishment answers pride.
    Sins for a just end grant Wisdom to the Awakened.
    Merit must guide the Fallen world.
  • The Esoteric Tenets
    All thrones are false; all souls are flawed.
    There is a secret hierarchy of souls.
    The Hieromagus will fulfill the Diamond Wheel.
I wear this crown of thorns...
Upon my liar's chair.
Full of broken thoughts...
I cannot repair.
About them.
About them.
Hazy Notions
Could Be Anyone

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<center>Mage the awakening.pngPath mastigos.pngOrder guardians of the veil.png</center>
“When I discover who I am, I’ll be free."
― Ralph Ellison; Invisible Man
vital statistics
Full Name: Boris Aleksandrov
Appears As: Boris
Birthdate: September 26, 1980
Apparent Age: Thirties
Occupation: Classified
Virtue: Classified
Vice: Classified
Sphere: Mage
Path: Mastigos
Order: Guardians of the Veil
Shadowname: Eidolan
Cabal: TBD
“ “We know what we are, but not what we may be.”
― William Shakespeare
notable stats
Mind •••••
Space •••••
Prime •••••
Occult ••••
Athletics •••••
Brawl ••••
Stealth ••••
Intimidation •••••
Subterfuge ••••
“Nothing of me is original. I am the combined effort of everyone I've ever known.”
― Chuck Palahniuk, Invisible Monsters
Investigation Rote
Stealth Rote
Subterfuge Rote
Firearms Rifles
Subterfuge Disguise
Stealth Sneaking
“Help was not promised, lovely girl. Only death.”
― Jaqen H'ghar; Game of Thrones (HBO)

Des Roc - It's Killing Time

I know pain, I know dread
Wicked veins they turn to lead
Tears won’t stop the fire
It's killing time
Back from the dead
See their eyes got nothing left
Kiss me I am the cobra
It’s killing time